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Maybe give it more of a chance than just zooming through on I next time, as the Cornhusker State can be a lot more than just endless amber waves of grain. Near the Colorado border, Harrison, NE keeps the small town vibes going, and the Harrison City Park offers camping on a donation basis and rumor has it, they even have water and electric hookups! Both are riding decent Verizon cell reception waves, too. Had your heart set on freeway-ing Nebraska by as quickly as possible?

If you want to be as close as possible to the glammy glitter as possible, The Orleans Hotel and Casino offers free camping within a couple of miles of the Las Vegas Strip.

Stewarts Point will put you as far away from the city out of all of them, or Valley of Fire West gets you within a 45 minute commute back to town. Should you be more inclined to find a spot somewhat near civilization, but still looking for some of that high desert solitude, Eldorado Valley Dry Lake Bed , 8 Mile Road and Government Wash are all within 30 miles of downtown Las Vegas, and Champion Road on the west side of town is still relatively close, too.

Not a fan of high priced cabins in the woods? So, can we blame you for not placing New Mexico—Land of Enchantment—on your to do list when visiting the Southwest? Once you get hooked on free camping in New Mexico, you may wonder why you took so long to slow down along I when buzzing across this part of the country. A fifteen minute sandwich between Carlsbad and Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Dark Canyon Road is BLM land that provides the rare experience of free camping just outside of a national park, while still having access to decent services in a nearby town.

On the opposite corner of the state, more BLM land—home to Joe Skeen Campground —goes out of its way to not only offer spectacular sunsets, but amenities like picnic tables, a concrete pad and vault toilets to boot. Just a bit further west, El Morro National Monument has camping jam-packed with history, more delectable sunsets, and even the chance of hearing the elk bugling if you show up in season.

All of these places have cell service, too, mind you. Once again, all of these free campgrounds have some amount of cell service. New Mexico also has an unusually good if mathematically interesting state parks pass. So, with your pass, that means you get those sites for free. For an entire year , except for the limit on how long you can stay at any one spot or park. Eight dollars worth of flushing toilets, air conditioning and quite often cell service…in a state that is too often overlooked by the traveling kind.

From endless desert BLM land to the temperature rainforests on the coast, small towns packed with charm and local persuasion to lush growth and myriad snowy peaks in the Cascades, the Beaver State brings their A game in the PNW. Regardless of what corner, what climate or what region you prefer to call the ideal setting for a perfect and perfectly free campground, Oregon has something offer…around fifty free places to pitch your tent or drop your leveling jacks.

The road less traveled in Oregon, the northeastern corner of the state is home to Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and charming small towns like La Grande and Joseph, Oregon…but without the crowds the warmer half of the state draws all summer long. For the adventurous tent camper, Saddle Creek Campground offers something more akin to what your grandpa called camping, with a view of Hells Canyon an impressively beautiful and remote valley offering a decidedly more serene location than the name might imply.

While Bend is equally becoming one of the coolest places to live in the US, and one of the fastest growing, there is still plenty of opportunity to find free camping in the area. Crater Lake is one of those quintessential National Parks: On the southern end of the coast, three campgrounds—Sunshine Bar, Butler Bar and Laird Lake—put you similarly far out about an hour from Port Orford and back long forest roads.

Luckily, the Oregon Coast has a slew of state parks that can offer you something on the water…just not for free. One of the hippest cities on the planet, Ashland, Oregon, can also be one of the most expensive to find lodging. This southwestern corner of the state is also where most of the free camping can be found. Residents of the Lone Star State—from ranchers in West Texas to hipsters in Austin—are well known for their desire to hold onto their personal freedoms, and free camping can be found in nearly every corner of the state.

Near Houston, you can find a variety of free camping that ranges from a waterfront park on Trinity Bay by the name of Fort Anahuac to free full hookups in a county park only half an hour if traffic cooperates north of downtown Houston proper at Spring Creek Park.

A four hour drive south—much of it along the Gulf Coast itself—to Matagorda Bay, Magnolia Beach offers no questions asked free camping right on the water. Onward along our journey to the tip of where Texas meets old Mexico, the fabled Padre Island National Seashore plays host to North Beach and South Beach , both offering free camping for up to 14 days.

If you can look beyond the horseheads and the wafting breeze rolling through, though, there is plenty of free camping in the Texas Panhandle. The Silverton Municipal Park offers free hookups 50amp and water in a small town setting.

Further southwest is a park that any outlaw country lover should stay at least once in their life, the Waylon Jennings RV Park more free hookups, for up to four days before they ask for a donation.

The bulk of free camping in the Texas Panhandle is nestled around Lake Meredith, with at least nine places to pull in, park and play. Pecos Picnic Area is just one example of how Texas tends toward leniency when it comes to who can do what, where, when and why…and this is some of the most beautiful country west of the, well, Pecos. One of the more interesting spots to camp, and another freebie, is the Marfa Lights Viewing Center , where in addition to paying no rent for the night, you may be visited by a peculiar phenomena in the sky which some say is proof of alien life, others claim to be the spirits of native peoples from long ago.

Utah, especially the southern half of the state, is one of the most stunning places in all of the U. Oh, and US 50 into Nevada is every bit as beautiful. If Moab is your destination, Willow Springs Trail is just one of many free spots in the area, and one of the best when it comes to epic mountain views amidst a sage brush high desert setting, close to town and still holding on to a few bars of cell service. At the other end of the slew of National Parks, Monuments and Forests that is Southern Utah, Virgin Dam BLM land is said to be holier to boondockers than Freebird is to a Skynyrd fan, and just a glimpse at the stunning lush green hanging from red rock cliffs seems to set that opinion into the stone of hard cold camping fact.

Free camping in Washington State comes, typically, in three varieties: It also comes in troves, with over places to boondock, dry camp or otherwise pay nothing for an overnight or more sans price tag. Olympic National Park is a tower of a wonder that can be seen from Seattle and is aptly named for the original home of the Greek gods. The handful of campgrounds surrounding the national park—all of which come with, surprisingly, some cell service—could theoretically provide you with months of time to explore the park and peninsula.

When it comes to Seattle, two casinos sandwich the Emerald City, Tulalip Casino to the north, and Muckleshoot Casino to the south, considerably closer to Tacoma, should that be your destination. Let us get back to what really shines about Washington though, shall we? Enter the North Cascades. They hold vastly more beauty than simply what can be seen from the national park which goes by the same name. For a somewhat surreally alternative experience, Leavenworth, Washington is a town all dressed up like it was born in Germany, and abundant free camping in the area to boot, of which Napeequa Crossing Campground stands out.

There is ample free camping east of the Cascades in Washington, some of the best of which can be found outside of the Old Wild West towns of Winthrop and Twist. Last on our list of states with an abundance of free camping, Wyoming not only lives up to the Wild West nature of its legend and license plate in scenic vistas that are mountain desert mixes of seemingly endless wild expanses, but the people tend to have a more cowboy attitude as well when it comes to how things should be…and how much you should pay for them.

One episode has a teenage faith healer who seemingly manages to cure one of Wilson's cancer patients. It later turned out that the faith healer just happened to have an infection that he transmitted to the cancer patient, and the infection attacked the cancer cells in the patient's body. In one episode Foreman is late for work and claims that his car broke down. House does this in the series finale sacrificing everything about his life up to that point, rendering him unable to become a doctor ever again without exposing himself.

The only people who learn he's faked are Wilson and Foreman, but he and Wilson get to spend Wilson's dying months together and House himself ultimately gets to start over again realizing he's capable of changing.

Cuddy, Cameron, and Thirteen each have some blatant moments. For Cuddy, House's hallucination of her in a Catholic schoolgirl uniform doing a striptease. For Cameron, House using a medical robot to partially strip her. For Thirteen, her workout outfit in one episode, and pretty much any time she's making out with a woman. This is actually invoked in-universe.

Thirteen scores an invitation to Chase's bachelor party in season 5 by suggesting she may "get drunk and make out with the stripper". The episode "Lockdown" had a fair few, namely: Dava Krause who played Daria a minor character who rarely, if ever gets credited, let alone, speaks. Also, Nurse Brenda played by Stephanie Venditto. On fansites, she is more popular than Thirteen. Martha Masters' wardrobe of mini-skirts.

Amy Landecker 's appearance as Darrien. In later seasons, they love to play up Chase's manwhore ways, including showing him in various states of undress.

The man is pretty. House has an injured leg and is addicted to painkillers, though most characters agree that he was just as much of a miserable jerk before he suffered the injury and developed the addiction. In Season 5, House eventually refuses methadone treatment that cures his pain, because he believes that he needs to be a Jerk Ass in order to be a good doctor; otherwise he becomes clean-shaven and accommodating, which jeopardizes the life of a Mosaic child. A rare dramatic example in "Instant Karma" when Foreman and Chase desperately try to keep secret the fact that Chase killed President Dibala.

Finger in the Mail: Wilson "kidnaps" House's guitar in order to force him to make a decision Cuddy requested that he's been intentionally avoiding. He sends him "threatening" voice messages actually, just speaking through a desk fan and anonymously sending him the pick. But as House says, "I don't negotiate with terrorists! House's underlings forge close bonds while working under difficult conditions, though they don't necessarily consider each other friends.

Chase begins to develop feelings for Cameron halfway through season three, and they eventually start a monogamous relationship at the end of season three. Once season four starts, both Chase and Cameron seem to be friends with Foreman. In the later seasons, Kutner and Taub have a friendship. Later in the series, we see Taub and Foreman develop a close friendship and eventually move in together.

In the first three seasons. House leads the team and enjoys the power. Foreman is constantly challenging House's conclusions. Cuddy is the only person that can control House. Chase uses deductive reasoning to be House's yes-man. Cameron has high moral standards. Five Stages of Grief: Cameron went through them in "Acceptance," at least according to House. It's hard to remember now, but in the first season House was for the most part a cynical yet mature person.

He didn't suffer fools gladly, and often got into trouble for not abiding by conventional medical ethics, but this was shown to be because House had his own well-thought-out ethical principles, which is quite different from his later "I'm a genius so I do what I want" attitude.

He also didn't meddle with his colleagues' lives so much, or torment them for his own pleasure, or play childish pranks on Cuddy and Wilson. He gradually evolved into an attention hungry manchild with sociopathic tendencies and eventually into a full on sociopath.

Chase drags his feet regarding the paperwork after Cameron divorces him. It came up in "Lockdown. Cameron - feels sorry for dying people. House the Cynic treats patients like puzzles, Cameron the Optimist has high moral standards, Foreman the Realist takes life too seriously, Chase the Apathetic is the easygoing deductive reasoner. Chase and Cameron, at first. It ends when Chase decides he wants more and Cameron refuses, and then progresses to a Relationship Upgrade in that season's finale.

House fires "Foreteen" if they don't end their relationship, and so they have to keep it secret; and Chase even agrees that he and Cameron were a long-shot i. George Jetson Job Security: Every main character, including House. Getting Crap Past the Radar: Season 4, Episode 7, "Ugly": Where did you get those keys? His name is Lou! I owe him an apology. Season 6, 'Epic Fail", Thirteen's comments on House's cooking: In-universe example in "Epic Fail".

Wilson and House, respectively— to the audience , not the patients. House, no matter how much the writers try to balance his flaws by saving people, playing pranks etc. Good Doc, Bad Doc: House doesn't seem to care as much about his patients as he does solving the puzzle, he still hates to lose anybody under his care; he runs into a number of obstructive bureaucrat types Vogler being one who only care about the hospital's reputation. Cuddy, as dean of medicine, has to balance these objectives.

Good Is Not Nice: House is manipulative, cruel, so suspicious that "Everybody Lies" is one of his catchphrases, and willing to cause people unnecessary pain to get the job done.

But he does get the job done, he does save lives, and shows more caring than he's willing to admit. Hugh Laurie said "I have always thought House is unquestionably on the side of the angels, but that doesn't mean he is an angel. You don't have to be an angel to be on the side of the angels. Some of the cases can get pretty graphic. Bonus points go to the crazy case in season two's finale, which includes a swollen tongue, an eyeball that gets pushed out of its socket by itself!

House, near the end of season seven, performing open leg surgery on his own thigh. Even with painkillers, the operation was too much for him to bear. The patient in the episode "Locked In" makes some hilariously accurate observations about the main characters as he watches them interact with one another. All these observations are only uttered in his own mind, since he has locked in syndrome and can't control anything but his eyes.

House pushed one recently widowed person a little too far. There are times that Cuddy or Wilson or, later, Foreman join House's team for a particular case for one reason or another. House is not fond of physical contact and often will refuse handshakes, regardless of who they're from. Happens Once an Episode , or very nearly. Usually because the doctors administered a treatment for an early diagnosis, which triggers symptoms that make it turn out to be wrong.

In 'Everybody Dies', House fakes his own death, ending his ability to practice medicine, so that he can be with Wilson during the latter's last 5 months alive. See Break the Cutie above. In Real Life House would be in prison with dozens of malpractice suits pending. This gets lampshaded in one episode where Cuddy mentions that the hospital has a budget for dealing with suits against House - and that he's under budget.

Because he's Crazy Awesome. As reckless as he is, most of his stuff works, and most patients aren't inclined to sue the guy who just saved their lives, even if he had to torture them to do it. Also because House almost always only ever takes patients who have been through the mill already, who have seen multiple doctors who failed to diagnose their conditions.

In other words, they're desperate. However, in Real Life, the number one predictor of medical lawsuits is bedside manner, by far. How that would affect House is pretty obvious And that's why he avoids seeing the POTW as much as possible. Higher Understanding Through Drugs: House fully encourages the use of drugs in some cases in order to reach an epiphany he thinks is already trapped in his mind. Well, drugs, and in one case, electric shock therapy.

Hired for Their Looks: House hired Cameron because it's like having a nice piece of art in the lobby even though she she was in the top of her class But not THE top and did an internship at the Mayo Clinic but she insists that she worked very hard to get where she is. In a subversion, House points out that Cameron, as a beautiful woman, could have easily done well for herself in life without resorting to working her ass off to become a doctor. Since she for some reason chose a difficult path when she could have had an easy one, House knew that she would have Hidden Depths.

House is sardonically critical of any expression of religious belief, although in some of his more reflective moments , he takes a much less confrontational view, explaining that in the absence of definitive proof one way or another, a belief is ultimately a choice between what gives more comfort.

House himself simply happens to find it more comforting to think that God doesn't exist - in a Godless universe, even the most irrational events can be ultimately quantified; Magic A Is Magic A. And then sometimes House behaves as Nay-Theist could, as if he believed in God and saw Him as his competitor. At one point he shouted at a patient's family member before performing surgery on said patient.

I don't want to fight over credit for this. Multiple ones to Sherlock Holmes. Wilson's name and role echo those of Dr. Watson; House's Vicodin addiction parallels Holmes' cocaine use; House's soap operas are a nod to Holmes' monographs; both Holmes and House live at number B Baker street; both stories involve a character named "Irene Adler", and both House and Holmes have had a guy named "Moriarty" try to kill them.

Also, it's theorized that Watson had three wives the stories are unclear and Doyle is somewhat vague on this point , mirroring Wilson's three divorces. And in a rather self-conscious homage, Wilson's present to House is a book on Dr. Joseph Bell "You remind me of him" , who was the real-life physician Holmes' deductive ability was based on.

Also, one of the members of his team gives him a "first-edition Conan Doyle" in the fourth season Christmas episode. Most of all, House's "sleuthing" manner of curing an illness, is similar to Holmes's logical scrutiny of every situation if a snide, sarcastic and cynical version pertaining to a crime, observing and breaking down every minute detail, and analyzing it expertly with deductive reasoning.

House is also an avid musician like Holmes, playing mostly piano and some guitar while Holmes played violin. Taken to its logical conclusion in the series finale, with House faking his death, just like Holmes did. It seems Wilson is the only person who is willing to ride out all of House's quirks, and thereby his only real friend.

Later, when Wilson accepted that his relationship with Amber was perfect largely because of her similarities with House: Why not date you? We've known each other for years, we've put up with all kinds of crap from each other, and we keep coming back! Are we still speaking hypothetically?

Taub and Foreman appear to be heading that way, considering they're living together now. The last two episodes of Season 5. Cuddy helps House detox in record time so his hallucinations go away.

They do and Cuddy and House make sweet sweet love, which makes our beloved Dr. Jerk the happiest he's been in ages. Then, House gets Cuddy so angry she talks about how she overreacted to his latest insult and walked out of her office leaving him behind Cue the montage of what he thought happened and what did. No Cuddy helping him detox, so he was popping pills like crazy instead.

This means, of course, no sweet sweet love. And the lipstick he was nursing the whole episode turns out to be a pill bottle. Not only is he still hallucinating, he can't even tell the difference anymore. Season ends with "Crazy House" being both his personality and his destination.

Hospital Paradiso House Rules: Just for Pun , but seriously, House gets away with stuff in Princeton Plainsbro Teaching Hospital because the local gamemaster i. When Foreman did something similar at another hospital, he was fired for it despite the fact that his action saved the patient's life. One of the signature shots early in the series.

People with this have shown up in a few episodes. Again, in the Pilot, where Cuddy says she won't take his cane to stop him getting away because it would be juvenile, then follows him into the lift to stop him getting away. Plenty of the patients of the week. Also Chase, after he gets stabbed. The reason that patients not hiding a Big Secret fail to provide critical information.

A major attack of stupidity prevents them from realizing that a particular fact is relevant to their condition, despite the obvious connection, and being repeatedly asked about it by House or his team. House would argue that any patient willing to die to keep the Big Secret is holding onto the Idiot Ball. The Eureka Moment in "Last Resort". It sticks out more due to the circumstances. House himself gets a rare case of the Idiot Ball in "Frozen", resulting in a case being much tougher than it needed to be.

Special note to the clinic patient who got an infection Let's not forget the one who was using her inhaler by spraying it on her neck. Or the one with the broken finger who complained of joint pain because it hurt when he poked any of his joints. Even the nurses called him a moron. Almost all clinic patients we see are examples of this, mirroring House's low opinion of clinic duty.

I Got You a Drawer: Denied with Chase and Cameron. If Jesus, Then Aliens: Averted with House himself. Like most non-Hollywood atheists, he simply doesn't believe in God because he hasn't seen any proof. Played straight with Chase, a former seminarian and the most credulous when it comes to supernatural causes of illnesses.

Cuddy's mom to House. In season one, Wilson gives one to Cameron in regards to House. Given the pilot episode is titled "Everybody Lies," it requires a separate page for a comprehensive list. The story arc where House lies to Cuddy about a malaria test finishes with House telling Wilson that to repair their relationship he lied.

The homeless patient in the episode "Fall from Grace" turns out to be a cannibalistic serial killer when his presence in the hospital got through to the FBI, but he remains on the loose.

Those weren't animal bones he confessed to have eaten A stage magician manages to pull off some amazing tricks, that impressed and stumped even House himself. One such trick was a simple "pick a card" trick. Then he threw the deck at a window, where a card stuck to the glass. When House took the card and told him it wasn't his card If the guy wanted to make a convincing case for "magic is real" then he has certainly done so.

Coupled with his implausible diagnostic skills, House is able to recognize things that entire teams of forensic pathologists couldn't, using either minute samples or none at all; the inevitable explanation is either convoluted and implausible, or else "they were looking in the wrong place. How House confirms that a mystery illness is really mass hysteria.

House himself, as well as Amber. Also the patient of the week in Season 5's "The Greater Good" self-diagnoses her spontaneously collapsed lung.

See Once a Season. Other examples pop up too like season 7's "Two Stories". House pretends to play this trope straight with Thirteen in one scene of the season 4 episode "Don't Ever Change", but subverts it at the end. You do it both ways , right? The ultrasound, standing up and lying down. What else would I mean? House pauses; then, as Thirteen starts to leave with the patient, he smiles and winks at her. Cutthroat Bitch or CB for short - Amber. Thirteen - Remy Hadley. Big Love - Cole.

Mini Stud - Taub. House Lite - Foreman. The Oncologist Boy Wonder - Wilson. Instant Drama, Just Add Tracheotomy: Seen once every episode or so, especially in earlier seasons. House, and the patient of The Jerk. House says to a female patient he dislikes, "If you're gonna kill me and rape me, please do it in that order.

A running theme in the show- House is both brilliant and self-isolating. Though he can be charming and charismatic, he finds most people to be moronic, and rarely makes an effort to form relationships. Even his only friend, Wilson, attempts to end their friendship on at least two occasions throughout the course of the show. Martha Masters- She was smart enough to start college at age Unlike House, she strives to make friends but is rejected for being socially awkward.

Interestingly, in one episode Cuddy mentions that Masters and House have a combined IQ of over we can deduce that they each have an IQ of about remarkable considering less than 0. Being at that rare a level of intelligence can explain why they have trouble relating to other people. I'm going to stop you from killing your patient. And later on in the episode, House: It Never Gets Any Easier: Also done with Foreman in the Season 3 arc involving his resignation.

Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: Parodied in "The Down Low" which involves a patient and his friend who are drug dealers: I need the drugs. Works for Jack Bauer. As Wilson puts it in one episode, House has a Rubik's Complex - he doesn't care about the well-being or happiness of his patients, just that he solves the puzzle, and his patients surviving is a happy coincidence, or to quote House verbatim, "I solve puzzles.

Saving people is collateral damage. Eventually, he gets his solution Jerkass Has a Point: House's tendancy to shoot down uninteresting cases and throw out simple solutions is because his department specializes in solving the unsolvable. Hampering them with someone who has an easily diagnosable disease just because they are rich makes the department less able to handle the mysteries that come they're way.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: In the end, House's patients' lives are his top priority, despite his very rough personality. He also clearly places great value in his friendship with Wilson. One example of this is an episode where he was able to diagnose a year-old patient before the half-way point, but the patient needed a new heart.

His age and risk factor meant there was no chance of getting one through the normal red-tape, so House made a plan to acquire the heart from an overweight lady brain-dead from a car crash whose organs would have been rejected for general use anyway. It ended up a little more complicated than that and House said some very mean and cruel things to the grieving husband "We're talking about meat" but his goals were to save someone who could be saved because of her.

In the S4 finale House risks his life by undergoing deep-brain stimulation at Wilson't request. He remembers, but the diagnosis is fatal. All this from a man who claims that he doesn't care about anyone. In the S6 finale he practically risks his life going into the ruins alone and later helping the fireman trying to set the woman she found there free and to save her leg even though her case is pretty straightforward. When the patient dies of complications in the ambulance, he becomes extremely upset.

In one occasion he lies to a transplant committee, risking his whole career, in order to save his patient. When the patient asks him why he did that, he merely states "you're my patient".

In the series finale House fakes his own death, risking jail time and a lifetime ban on returning to medicine, so that he can be with Wilson for his final 5 months alive. Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: Edward Vogler, the first villain House comes across, appears to be at least somewhat interested in the hospital and the patient 's interests at first.

But we then find out he's merely a patronizing, self-satisfied bastard who's just trying to make money while conning everyone at the hospital into being submissive workers. Fortunately, House wins in the end. House once asked for a differential diagnosis on Jesus, and Martha comes up with schizophrenia.

The episode itself was about a patient that was very religious, and House believed that the strong convictions was caused by a medical problem.

This would be unremarkable Cuddy is, after all, Jewish , except that she converted. Used abundantly in "Both Sides Now" as a hint that House's mental state is not quite what it seems. Invoked Literally - at the beginning of "Here Kitty", House built a racetrack in the clinic, put a toy shark under the ramp at the end of the track, and then tried to make a toy car jump the shark. Cuddy caught the car in midair though, before it reached the shark. House is the poster child.

That being said, he has been physically assaulted by patients, their relatives, and even his own fellows, and once he was even shot in his office. The man who shot House was never caught, nor were the real reasons behind it ever revealed. The cannibal serial killer whom the team treated also escaped punishment and was never heard from again. Tritter uses a sick and blatantly illegal mixture of bribery and coercion on Wilson and House's fellows, doesn't keep his word regarding a plea bargain , and doesn't even get a slap on the wrist.

Despite being in his mid-forties, 5'6" and balding with an egg-shaped head, Taub seems to attract younger women pretty easily. House pulls a few of these, usually when he's been deprived of Vicodin and feeling really out of sorts. One of the worst was a shot at Cuddy. After gunning for an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner with Cuddy for half the episode she gives him an address. House suspects it's phony, but has it checked out and excitedly prepares for dinner.

He makes the three-hour drive to find an empty house and a house-sitter who says she was told to offer him a turkey sandwich. Granted, House's plan was to try to split Cuddy and Lucas up, but he still seemed very hurt by the deception.

Wilson certainly thought so. In "Wilson", he buys the condo Cuddy and Lucas were about to buy right out from under them, and tells House he doesn't regret it, because Cuddy "hurt my friend". Foreman gets one when not only the patient he couldn't help but see as himself having made wrong choices dies, but tries to ask his mom for help and she's forgotten who he is but offers comfort anyway.

Kick the Son of a Bitch: Tritter probably didn't expect tripping House and complaining about waiting times to earn him 2 hours with a rectal thermometer. Similarly, House probably didn't expect abusing Tritter, a police detective, to result in him trying to ruin House's life with a drug investigation in response.

In "Half-Wit", Cameron kisses House to distract him while drawing blood, but he catches her. Tritter really believes he's doing the right thing with his investigation and prosecution of House. House captures a wild rat in a co-worker's home, and decides to keep it as a pet, naming it "Steve McQueen.

House gets a phone call updating him on what has happened to the patient, but he's not asked to do anything. He sums it up by saying that it is basically an exposition call. A more blatant one comes in an episode with a case of what appears to be smallpox that survived in in a glass bottle.

Taub points out that this scenario is almost impossible so House calls up the CDC. Also counts as It's for a Book. Hello, I'm a screen writer working on a film and I was wondering is it possible for smallpox to have survived underwater in a glass bottle for years. The show itself uses this technique practically every episode. Walks look good on camera.

They give the illusion of the story moving forward. After years of sleeping around, Taub gets his ex-wife and a nurse pregnant at the end of season 7, and is stuck raising his daughters Sophie and Sofia in season 8. All characters are referred to only by last names, except Thirteen, Stacy and Amber, whose name became a plot point in one episode.

House is only referred to as "Greg" by his mother and Stacy, and on one occasion, Wilson. Stacy is the only one who approaches this the way a normal person might — she calls the series' main character "House" during hospital business but in less formal situations and when addressing him directly she refers to him as "Greg. He seems to resent being called by his first name most of the time, whether because he perceives it as patronizing or overly familiar.

Oddly, he didn't object to being called Greg in the mental hospital in the first couple of Season 6 episodes. And yet in that semi-infamous first season speech to the waiting room: In the interests of saving time and avoiding a lot of boring chit-chat later, I'm Dr.

You can call me Greg. I'm one of three doctors staffing this clinic this morning. This ray of sunshine is Dr. Cuddy runs this whole hospital, so unfortunately she's much too busy to deal with you.

I'm also the only doctor currently employed at this clinic who's forced to be here against his will. That is true, isn't it? But not to worry, because for most of you this job could be done by a monkey with a bottle of Motrin.

Speaking of which, if you're particularly annoying you may see me reach for this. It's Vicodin — it's mine, you can't have any. And no, I do not have a pain-management problem, I have a pain problem. But who knows — maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm too stoned to tell.

So, who wants me? For instance, when Foreman thinks he's dying in Euphoria part two , he calls Cameron Allison. Thirteen is, if anything, a direct inversion to this. Everyone calls her by her nickname. The first time her actual surname is used, by Cuddy, it's so bizarre that House actually calls it out jokingly, it would seem as wrong.

The Season 4 DVD has pictures of the candidates who win the season long competition, as well as giving the actors' names. The winners aren't decided until almost the end of the season. The show began two of the last three seasons with Two Part Episodes dedicated to the title character escaping a mental institution and prison, respectively.

He also ended up in a romantic relationship with Dr. Cuddy , who was completely absent for the final season along with most of the original cast. Law of Inverse Paternity: Comes up every so often. Being House, he finds a way to amp up the stakes: I know when my Vicodin isn't Vicodin. Do you know when your birth control pills aren't birth control pills?

Patients with relatively mild symptoms tend to get spectacularly worse once diagnosed - even though the diagnosis is usually wrong. A cellphone game, notable for having a "Blind Idiot" Translation , in part likely due to being made by a Spanish company then translated. See a Let's Play of it here. House once used a Cat scan as a lie detector, observing which parts of the patient's brain were active to tell when he was lying. Life Will Kill You: Invoked in almost every episode, and far from always subverted by the doctor somehow managing to save the patient anyway.

Like an Old Married Couple: Like Parent, Like Spouse: Pointed out by House as the reason why Chase is attracted to a doctor he was responsible for hiring as part of House's diagnostics team, demonstrating this with a side-by-side photo projection which shows an uncanny physical resemblance between the woman and Chase's late mother. Like You Were Dying: Subverted in an episode where Wilson finds out that he had earlier misdiagnosed a patient with terminal cancer. When telling the man that he is in fact perfectly healthy, he is surprised to find the man is outraged: He then promises to sue Wilson for malpractice.

Made funnier when House gives the man the name of a good lawyer. Played straight in a different episode. A young girl with terminal cancer who has an astonishing bravery and dedication to enjoying the little time she has left. Despite his best efforts as misanthropy, the girl's zest for life rubs of on House and he ends up buying a motorcycle. The series' last shot is of House and a terminally ill Wilson going touring on motorcycles.

Wilson, when House revealed that he replaced the wall between their offices with a remote-controlled garage door. The patient from the episode "Autopsy".

House was the only person who didn't seem to sympathize with her for the most part; at the end of the episode, he seemed to warm up to her as well,. This all becomes a bit too saccharinely sweet at the very end, since no other patient was ever hugged by the whole damn staff! House talking about the iPhone: Someone on the writing team must have had a really terrible relationship at some point. This comes to head in a Season 7 episode when 2 relationships end up almost breaking at a wedding and one actually does, due to severe trust issues: Taub's marriage, House and Cuddy, and Wilson's relationship with his first wife.

However, only Wilson's relationship trouble is permanent in this case. House has been shot in the body and neck at point-blank range, with zero long-term effects; he walks away from bus-crashes which kill co-stars, and from motorcycle-accidents which barely faze him; he gets beaten up various times with very little effect, and he downs bottles of prescription-painkillers daily for years with no long-term impact, just a few short-term hallucinations that 2 months of rehab cure entirely.

In "Everybody Dies" he somehow survives an explosion in a burning building by heading out the back. Each week's patient suffers a life-threatening illness from some trace-substance they encounter— even coming from within their own bodies— and even the minutest exposure was months or years beforehand. House is better at this than most medical dramas, getting the paddles for a v-tach or v-fib and whipping out the drugs for an asystole. But the writers still get this wrong enough that the guy who does the Medical Reviews of House has adopted a catch phrase of "You don't shock a flatline.

On multiple occasions, he would use the defibrillators and something would go horribly wrong, such as zapping himself or lighting the patient on fire.

House gets all the strange cases because that's what he specializes in, and other doctors will send their patients to him and some patients will swim across an ocean, literally. However, this still doesn't account for the rarity of most of the diseases on the show.

His awful bedside manner could also play into this. Second of all, does anyone not know that the "chips" in fish and chips are fries? If that was the only instance of that kind of "helpful tip" in the book, I would have just ignored it.

But the narrative of the book is sprinkled with "snippets" from a fake guidebook that includes tips like these. Ones that literally made me wonder whether this book was some kind of satire for the stereotypical American tourist. I kid you not, I legit wondered that because the characters are so unlikeable and so shocked that things aren't the way they are at home that I felt like I might be imposing some kind of Canadian snobbery or something. Those issues last through the entire book and just made my reading experience really painful.

And they were exacerbated by Sydney's enabling of her mom, who is being cared for by her year old sister. Sydney has been taking care of her mom for 7 years, and she's essentially allowed her mom to dictate her own treatment to the point where it's gotten impossible to go outside and Sydney has no life.

I wont go into spoilers on how this all gets dealt with, but let's just say that it feels way too easy. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I just really felt like it was too light a take on this issue. Because I wasn't invested in the characters, I wasn't at all invested in their relationships or love interests.

I will say that towards the middle of the book, we meet a couple characters I liked better. But for the most part, the romance was light and fluffy and frankly not that interesting.

Overall, I'm hugely disappointed in this book. It needed a really good edit. At pages, it really should have had some substance or at least some decent travel writing.

But I never felt like I was in any of the places with the characters because their experiences were so limited to just touristy spots and dealing with their own drama. I don't think I've sighed in frustration more over a book than this one. I actually can't believe there's a sequel. You can bet I won't be reading it. Sep 05, Shannon rated it really liked it Shelves: This was such a great story about backpacking, and I definitely liked the plot.

It was fun to read about travelling through Europe when you live in Europe yourself. Leela was so egocentric sometimes, it was just so annoying at some points. If you love travel, or have been on a similar European tour, then this will feel like a Travel Diary and send you right back to your own adventures. As someone who likes the idea of travelling but knows it's definitely not for me, I have to admit I was bored at times. This is also from someone who loves DCOMs where travel is a huge part.

And let's not forget my obsession with the old Mary-Kate and Ashley films. My favourite place the girls went to was probably Monte Carlo, only because I love the film 'Monte Carlo' and it reminded me how much I needed to rematch it. So, it's not like I can't enjoy travel stories, but this wasn't the right one. I don't think the girls went through any character development. The ones that were in relationships ended up single and the girls not in relationships, found one.

That was the only change. Personality wise, and friendship wise, they still seemed to be the same as page one. The friendship in general, though probably realistic, felt very imbalances. Leela had double standards and I wish the disconnect they were having could have been more of the centre rather than this Jackson guy who Leela kept calling a 'Man Whore' You don't get to judge someone based on how much sex they have!

And they'd never even met! So, that was annoying. I really liked what was going on with Sydney's mother back home - her being agoraphobic and Sydney becoming the primary carer - and I would have much preferred to know more about that than their summer holidays.

It felt like the most unique part of the story was happening outside of what we were being told. I feel like their travels become a little dull, and kept hitting the same note. They'd struggle with money but somehow get through it, meet up with really kind people and sort of pick them up as they went along. Even though there was this weird kissing contest that seemed to present itself at random times But there were no real stakes.

We didn't see the consequences of anything bad happening, so any sort of tension was completely lacking. Sydney and Leela had a few hiccups but nothing to stress over. I guess that's because they were building this whole 'perfect summer' vibe, but maybe one instance of them having nowhere to sleep because they couldn't afford it rather than some rich guy who fancies one of them coming in to save the day.

I am loving all the summery travel stories that has thrown at us. I live in Europe, but I've never been Yesssss. I've never even considered it. In The Girl's Guide.. Come to think of it, it seems like the perfect road trip for someone who gets car sick I particularly loved experiencing London through Sydney and Leela's eyes and may have shouted at them a few times when they forgot to get travel money and didn't check when they could check into a hostel.

I also enjoyed reading about the places I've never been to. With such freedom — and only a few weeks — comes exhaustion and drama. I constantly feared for Leena and Sydney's friendship! Ex-boyfriends, new boyfriends, tense friendships The Girl's Guide to Summer has it all. I also reviewed this book over on Pretty Books. If you like a book with a definitive happily ever after, this is not the book for you.

Most of the time, I'm okay with that, but considering Sydney's trip and the implications of her summer romance, I need some sort of closure. More than a few words in a text, at any rate. Beyond that, this book was fun. I've always wanted to backpack across Europe, and though I could have used way more description, it kind of felt like I was on said trip.

And some of Syd's travel tips just might come in handy i If you like a book with a definitive happily ever after, this is not the book for you. And some of Syd's travel tips just might come in handy if I ever do get to make this trip one day. Jul 22, Crystal rated it it was ok. I did it i finished this book i really was gnna give up lol but i did it! There was so much about this book i didnt like. First of hated Leela so whinny and wanted to babyed and wanted everything to change just cause she said so.

Hated Matt the douchiest of exs. Annoyed as hell by Sydney i did not feel at all bad for her like seriously. The only one I actually found tolerable and didnt wanna rip out my hair was Kat. Also the romance with Sydney and Jackson was not even insta love it Im freeee!!! Also the romance with Sydney and Jackson was not even insta love it was more like insta lust i guess but like juvenille not adulty. Idk if that made sense but seriously this doesnt happen in real life you dont see an attractive person and be like omg hes so hott i must have sex with him like um no its called actually developing their relationship either as friends first or at least letting them get to know each other first like damn.

Anyway this is the second disappointing book ive read this year One of the first things I love about this book is the title of the book and the cover! The overall representation of the book just sucked me into my own little book vortex and I just had to gobble it up asap!

The writing of this book is light and fluffy without a lot of descriptions. The way that Mlynowski describes all the shenanigans that Sydney and Leela get into is all in good fun that will just make you laugh out loud! When I picked up this book I was excited about it because of the traveling around Europe part and anybody that knows me know that I am obsessed with all things Europe!

I left not caring so much about the characters once I was done reading the story. Usually, when I finish reading a story that I love, I usually get attached to the characters and I just want to have them be a part of my world! But Sydney and Leela just left a bland taste in my mouth in the end.

Catnopsis The book starts with Sydney who goes to college and takes care of her mom who suffers from acrophobia and she lives with her younger sister who has a stuttering problem. Her best friend Leela originally planned a trip around Europe with Sydney who is her best friend but Sydney feels guilty leaving her mom who suffers from the mental illness agoraphobia. Instead, Leela decided to go with her asshole boyfriend Matt. When Leela and Matt break up, she convinces Sydney to jump on this once in a lifetime opportunity and they go on a whirlwind trip all around Europe.

I was so jelly and I would have gladly kicked off Leela and gladly taken her place on this amazing adventure! More about Leela in a min!

Meet Sydney played by Maia Mitchell Sydney is a year old girl that is just trying to do right by her family by taking care of her divorced mother who suffers from agoraphobia. Sydney is a natural caretaker and a nurturer because of her mom and because of this she is always there to take to pick up the pieces for her best friend Leela.

Although her nurturing side gets used and abused by Leela and there were many times where Sydney was made out to be a pushover. I felt that Leela is a manipulative and selfish person who only cares about herself and Sydney should have dumped her butt somewhere in Europe a long time ago! Meet Kat played by Serena van der Woodson Even though Kat was a minor character in the story she was one of my favorite characters in the book!

Kat also became good friends with Sydney and this made Leela crazy jealous and possessive like a typical Blair and Serena relationship… Kat is described as a New Yorker that comes from money and is always partying it up whenever she has the opportunity! She made a fun and accessible read overall. Also, I enjoyed the parts where she added the tips that Sydney learned from each country that she traveled.

Mlynowski also had Sydney be the narrator in the story but it felt like it was written as a voiceover and it reminded of something out of the Wonder Years… When Mlynowski had Sydney play the narrator the writing of it felt out of place and awkward at times… Even though I loved the story I felt that there needed to be more character development and in the end, the characters fell very flat for me.

I felt that there were so many things lacking with the characters and I just wanted more from them. This story gets three stinky slices of cheese in Europe out of five for me! Please read this book review on my blog www. There is a giveaway on my blog right now!

Read my blog post to find out the details! View all 6 comments. Dec 22, Jen rated it really liked it. But with less angst and more laughs. Sydney is nineteen, has just finished her first year of college, and is traveling through Europe on a last-minute trip with her childhood BFF Leela. She struggles to balance her need for a break from life and worrying about her mother and sister back home. Leela is no walk in the park either. Seriously, girlfriend is a Drama Queen with a capital D.

Even fictional me wanted to lose her accidentally on purpose several times along the way. I enjoyed seeing Sydney's growth from beginning to end, and even if I didn't agree with some of the choices she made, I understood why she was making them. I do wish we'd gotten a glimpse about what happens after the summer is over though. Sarah's books never disappoint me and I'm looking forward to what comes next! Feb 24, Fleurine rated it liked it.

Het idee is erg leuk alleen waren er veel punten waardoor ik het boek niet uit wilde lezen. Stereotypering, vooroordelen, standaard dingen doen in de landen en Leela die ik wel kon verbranden. Daarnaast werd het wel leuker op ten duur. Wel zin om te reizen nu though. Jul 30, Princessofbookaholics rated it it was amazing. Sydney is spending the summer traveling around Europe with her best friend Leela.

The places they see and the things they do are all described in this book. Sydney is a total sucker for planning and travelling and she plans everything for the two of them.

They go on and meet a few Australians whom they befriend and they too seem like fun people. All in all the characters in this book were perfectly described and I had a lot of fun travelling with them. Uh-huh yes it felt just as if I was travelling with them which made the book all the more fun to read. I felt the need to travel to Europe!

Not only the travelers, but even non-travelers are going to enjoy this book. It is so awesome and I loved everything about it. I am traveling around Europe with my best friend for four and a half weeks. Apr 11, Anatea Oroz rated it really liked it Shelves: If you're like me and all you want to do is travel the world and you have this epic dose of Wanderlust, this book will be a perfect read for you! I mean who doesn't want to spend a summer in Europe?! I am lucky enough to live in Europe so I travel all around, all the time See my Instagram , but Sydney and Leela only have one summer to do it.

To spend a month traveling around Europe, where they visit some of the most If you're like me and all you want to do is travel the world and you have this epic dose of Wanderlust, this book will be a perfect read for you!

To spend a month traveling around Europe, where they visit some of the most amazing cities, meet amazing people and have lots of fun. This book describes backpacking so well. I really enjoyed following Sydney's adventures. Maybe this way of traveling won't be appealing for some, but this is how it really is.

You will meet the most random people from all around the world. You will meet the hot guys you'll want to hook up with. You will make the most spontaneous plans and will probably go with the flow. You will be disappointed in some places and you'll be in love with other.

I definitely recommend this book for all the travel-loving people! Blog Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest College-age Leela was hoping to spend the summer in Europe with her boyfriend, but plans change when her boyfriend cheats on her.

Leela then asks Sydney, her best friend, to go and before they know it, they have planned an incredible summer. They are going to Europe for over a month and visiting all the places they have dreamt about. But things don't always go smoothly. For starters, Leela's ex-boyfriend is on their flight to London leaving them wondering why he is still going to Europe?

Sydney College-age Leela was hoping to spend the summer in Europe with her boyfriend, but plans change when her boyfriend cheats on her. Sydney can't help but feel a spark for Leela's ex-boyfriend's friend, which obviously makes things complicated.

Mlynowski gets that traveling with someone, even if it's with your best friend, can be a challenge at times, but in the end traveling is an experience that won't easily be forgotten. Read the rest of my review here: Jul 30, Cristi-Lael rated it really liked it Shelves:

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