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These are SOME government and private programs that offer healthcare assistance and wellness assistance to those who need it. There are plenty of places and things to see within the United States.

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You have to apply, apply, and keep applying — sometimes for many, many different grants. You need to find grants you may qualify for, spend the time cooking up a quality application for it, find another grant, apply for that, and rinse and repeat.

Outside of school grants — grants that offer rent help, business help, or direct financial aid — often are very difficult to get. If you are looking for emergency cash or assistance, look elsewhere because grants are often a LONG term process. There are different grants.

Most of the grants out there — at least the big ones — are given to non profit organizations, schools, or researchers who are working in areas that government are targeting to make improvements. Individual grants for financial help are not so commonly given by the government outside of a few specific areas Food Stamp help, Housing Assistance, etc.

Mostly actual grant money for individuals is found in the education sector — i. So when it comes to Government or Federal Grants, your options are limited and generally to just the low income assistance programs also called public benefits or low income benefits or school grants.

Some private companies corporations , non profits may offer grant funding that you could qualify for. So, your best options are the low income assistance programs offered by the government, the federal grants for school, and grants offered by private companies and non profits. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when searching for and applying for a grant. Because of the volume of people applying for them, and the limit of how many people can receive a certain grant, it can be tough to get one.

You may have to wait, and wait a long time — even if you qualify and get approval. So since applying can be a lengthy process, you need to weigh up your options and go with the best one for you. After quite a bit of research we have put together the following list of grants that are legit with no BS attached, to the best of our knowledge.

To apply for any of these grants is free , you should never have to pay to apply. You will have to meet certain criteria which we have included where possible, to help you choose the right one for you. It might be helpful to look at the list below with an eye on your children and community as well. There are grants and programs aimed specifically at helping children that may help to take some of the financial burden off your shoulders.

We list some government assistance programs and scholarships that do specifically target women in need. SO yes, grants for single moms do exist, of sorts. Just keep in mind this is not a major category. Chances are a grant that a single mom in need will qualify can be applied for by any person regardless of gender — unless the grant states it is only for WOMEN.

This type of grant is specifically for gaining access to safe, proper housing and a good, supportive environment. Some of the grants are federal grants and aimed at low income households. Keep in mind these federal housing grants have a very long waiting list — it can be a couple years before you actually get the grant after you apply, should you qualify. This grant is a community grant given by the government to help communities with their developmental needs.

There are other criteria that you can read up on by following the link if this grant is something you are interested in. The government has set aside money specifically to help families, seniors and the disabled find and afford safe housing. With this grant you can choose where you want to live, in an apartment, townhouse or a single family home. Once again, those in most need will be helped before others.

This program aids the applicant by paying either one or both of the major extra costs for first time home buyers; the down payments and closing costs.

This money can be used to buy a house, condominium, co-operative unit or a manufactured home. This program helps people to work with their money better. It provides counselling to help people to rent or buy a home, by teaching them how to budget to make their payments each month.

These services are offered through a HUD approved counselling agency. Your health and well being, as well as that of your family, is important. Below is a list of grants that can help you with nutrition, medicine and other costly services. It also provides training about nutrition and breastfeeding. Read our article how to apply for WIC.

Read about applying for WIC here: State agencies help low income individuals and their families gain access to the means to get nutritious foods. There is a formula that is then applied to each applicant to determine the level of assistance that they will receive. You can find out exactly how to work it out by following the link below: One such organization is the National Giving Program.

This program helps fund other programs like the Mobile Food Pantry Program. They also supply food to Food Banks and can be contacted through their website. As a single parent it can seem like a daunting extra cost to have to supply your child with a packed lunch, or money for lunch at school. NSLP helps parents to be able to afford school lunch for their children. If awarded the child will only be able to buy lunch at school for the price awarded. Read our article on how to apply for the National School Lunch Program.

For more info, read about it here: These are SOME government and private programs that offer healthcare assistance and wellness assistance to those who need it. These two programs work together to provide low cost or free health care for low income earners and children who qualify. Each state can generate its own program as long as it does so by offering certain mandatory benefits and adding in other optional extras.

To find out more about these programs and how to apply for them follow the links below. This supplies child care assistance for single parents.

This program is aimed at low-income families who are working, or if they are under 18 years of age, they must be in school working towards their high school diploma. The money provided is strictly for child care, and the amount received depends on what the child care centers involved in this program charge. Naturally the costs differ from place to place.

Note that this program works along with the CCDF program below. This program helps to fund child care centers and after school programs in impoverished areas to help parents find good, affordable child care. They also help individuals looking for assistance affording child care. To qualify the individual has to prove financial need. Child care centers need to provide a proposal showing how the grant money will be used to improve their facilities. Note this program can work with the CCAP program listed above.

These grants are handed out to women involved in projects that benefit women in the United States. The projects must be aimed at bettering the lives of women and girls. They have been awarded for projects helping victims of abuse and domestic violence, or those unable to afford medical assistance. These projects also often help with providing job skills for the disabled. All women in the United States can apply for these grants. The monies are awarded based on the merits of the program they are going to be used for.

Making ends meet is never easy, especially when there is only one breadwinner in the house. Below are a few grants that help you pay your bills. The Federal government supplies each state with a block grant to help families in need. Each state then has their own criteria when determining which families need financial aid, but the basic requirements are that the applicants must have dependent children, or be in their last three months of pregnancy. All applicants also have to live in the United States.

The aim of this grant is to help families become financially self-sufficient. To that end they supply job training, counselling, education and emergency funding. Eligibility for this is determined by how much you earned in the last year and how many dependent children you have. There are other criteria that you can take a look at by following the link: Utility bills always seem to be higher than you expect or budget for.

The services they pay for are necessary but the cost is often so high that people are left wondering what happened to cause the bill to spike so. For those earning a low income paying these bills can take money away from other, equally important bills that must be paid, like groceries and rent. LIHEAP can help in this instance by greatly reducing the burden of paying for heating, cooling or electricity. The money can even be used for home repairs that will help to decrease energy costs.

The amount of money given to the recipient depends on their financial need and the amount of the bills or repairs. WAP is the program the federal government uses to provide grants to states, territories, and some Indian tribes, to help low income families in those areas, reduce their energy bills.

For more information check out the links below:. This program is made up of non-profit and for-profit entities that serve those sections of society that have not been supported by traditional finance sectors. They supply capital and finance in the form of loans that can be used by applicants to buy their first home, start a business or develop low cost housing for the community.

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