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Felicia being the dumbest. I found myself rushing through the novel so my head would stop aching. The book itself was good though. Miss Hampton penned a book that I would never forget, and if I felt like my head wouldn't hurt I would rush to read the sequel, but chile I will wait lol.

Some things were predictable, but they weren't twists and turns so I'm not bugging about it. I understand why it got the title it did and I wouldn't have it any other way. I recommend this steamy novel but please have a BC or some Aspirin in your reach lmao. By Casey Johnson on April 27, Nia Forrester is one of my favorite authors. I learned from her website that she was reading your book. This book was awesome. The characters were so believable; the story line evolved interestingly; and, there were more twists and turns constantly.

I will be starting to read Naughty 2 today. You have a real rhythm with your writing. Thank you for helping me to find another outstanding author. After I read this book, I was at the point I could not put the book down.

It was Hot, Suspense, and the Characters made you feel like you knew them.. Jaylin is too much also his cousin. I just completed the book today and so mad that my mail order is taking so long..

I want to read the second book I suggest everyone start with this book and continue with the next 3 to complete the sequence You will want to finish the book in one day..

When I reached the end, I was upset cause I want to know what happened next The book is that good.. It is off the hook A must read book May continue to be bless Brenda Hampton I have suggested this book to many others to read Get The Whole Series!

By Angelyn Williams on June 24, This book will have you talking to yourself out loud saying things like "Now nobody's that stupid" and then thinking of someone you know personally who is. I kept insisting that this book had to have been written by a man. Hampton captured dead-on the playa's heart. And Jaylin is something else. You find you hate him for his ways but you got to give him his due for having it going on.

After reading this one, I had to get the next one, and then I got my friends involved. We were discussing these characters like they were real people in our lives. I got to the third book and thought that was it for the series, and then found out there were others. I called by girls to tell them, and we couldn't get the next book fast enough. We were doing a city wide search from bookstore to bookstore to find the fastest way to get a copy of course Amazon-next day service was a must.

By the time we finished the last book in the series, we felt lost and empty, like someone had died in our lives. The dialog and character interaction was so real you thought you were setting right there with them, listening to the conversation instead of reading it. Our only complaint, was the pictures of Jaylin that was in some of the books Messed it up for us!! There are twists, turns and secrets that will make your head spin. This book is, Naughty and Nice!! By Amazedebster52 on December 18, Another hit from author Sarah Brooks!

This book shows how Sarah as an author always surpasses her previous work. She is becoming excellent with bringing her characters to life which she has been doing for some time now and with her mastery of the plot development. I have been following this author for some time now and just cant wait for each new book to be published. I couldn't put this book down and read it in two sittings. Believe me you will want to keep reading to learn what comes next.

The story isnt just a romance, which it certainly is, but a mystery. Sarah does an excellent job unfolding the mystery and keeping the reader engaged. I will just comment on the framework of the story so it is not a spoiler.

The two major characters, Lillie and Christopher, meet during the Christam season when Christopher is Santa for a benefit and the temp agency send s Lillie to be an elf. Christopher funds the benefit. He is a billionairte entrpreneur and Lillie is totally down on her luck surrounded by arson to her familiy's livelihood, a thriving bakery. Now the mystery begins.

Chris's business partner, Steves, is involved in lots of shady deals, unknown to Chris. Chris becomes increasingly suspicious. He and Lilie fall in love then enter Chris's cheating brother, his wife and their precious ten year old daughter.

Chris is honest with Lilie that he never wants to marry or father children, however he is not totally honest with Lillie in many ways. I admire Lillie as even though she is destitute and she loves Chris, she maintains her dignity and walks away from Chris's offer to be a kept woman.

Now just read the book to find out how the mystery unfolds and how complicated the events become leading to the HEA. The sumptuous scenes in Paris at Christmas are a delight! The hot romantic primal sex sizzles. By BelleReader on December 17, Lillie and Chris are making the holidays oh so merry and bright with their heartwarming and sizzling HEA!

Forced to find other means of employment she applies with temp agency and gets a call to temp as an Elf at a community center. Lillie loves kids and something about the Santa was so captivating so all in all it was a fun gig. Santa it turns out is actually handsome and charming Chris Tolliver and their connection is instantaneous and powerful.

Chris has been so busy with creativity side of his business that when he finally starts to question the actions of partner Steve and whether it's all on the up and up he fears that Steve may have been making some pretty nefarious deals. The latest and most incriminating in a long line comes when Chris mentions he would like to buy out the Flemming property and suddenly it goes up in flames.

When Chris meets Lillie he is shocked by how instant their connection is, but he can't risk divulging his identity as the bidder on her property or he may lose out on his chance.

Chris will have to figure out a way for him, Lillie, and Marga to get their hearts desires - but it is Christmas so miracles are abound. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy if this book.

By AM Kipp on December 23, Lillie has found herself in new territory. The daughter of bakery owners, she went to college for business, in preparation of taking over the family business when her parents retire. When the building goes up in flames, so does Lillie's future.

About the time she has to figure out living and work, she meets Chris, and is immediately caught up in romantic winter magic. Chris owns a chain of boutique stores. A business mogul with an unsavory partner, he's good at what he does. He's starting to question that partner's doing and actions, however, after the latest turn of events. When he meets Lillie, he's put in an even more uncomfortable situation, taken with her and yet at odds with who she is.

There's also the matter of his brother's failing marriage, and the niece he is trying to protect. A sweet and fun "meet-cute" has the two in each other's arms faster than they could say "Merry Christmas. When all the cards are laid on the table, will there be a Christmas miracle, or a big lump of coal? In full disclosure, I read this in exchange for an honest review. BeNaughty keeps things simple in terms of its tools, features, and interface. Its stimulating layout is one the things that makes it stand out to users.

BeNaughty profiles showcase the bare minimum of personal information including age, orientation, hair color, ethnicity, body type, and marital status. Free members can browse the site, using its advanced search filters, for an unlimited period of time, but they cannot send messages.

Only monthly subscribers can message one another on BeNaughty. BeNaughty is the king of short-term commitments, so it makes sense that it only offers one-month subscription plans to online daters. It has three premium packages and that include different features to help you get the most bang for your buck, so to speak. While a lot of hookup sites are plagued with fake profiles and scammy behavior, BeNaughty has worked hard to keep its online environment a safe, secure, and trustworthy place for all its users.

BeNaughty uses SSL encryption technology to protect its user information and ensure members can retain their privacy while on the site. The dating site encourages its users to report or block anyone exhibiting unwanted, harmful, or suspicious behavior. The team responds to these reports and complaints with swift and effective actions.

BeNaughty even goes so far as to verify the identity of users through a text or phone call. Overall, we give BeNaughty 3. You can create an account and start browsing for sexy partnersw without paying anything. As a monthly subscriber, you can send messages and chat people up as much as you please. Sign up to BeNaughty to let go of your inhibitions and arrange a hot date in no time. Stay safe and enjoy! Ready to try online dating for yourself?

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