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There is no other way to put it, FlirtBuddies offers a hollow user experience.


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And of course the emails we receive are also fraudulent. These emails are automatically sent to free members who have not actually purchase a paid membership on the site yet. Uknowing members receive these emails and they think that women on the site are interested in communicating with them. This of course is completely false and the emails are sent using computer software programs that have zero human involvement with them.

We personally received over 20 to 30 emails in a short period of time. And of course like we mentioned all these emails are not sent from real women. This part of a scam is that if you try to communicate back or reply to the woman sending you the email you get redirected to the upgrade page where you are asked to purchase a paid monthly membership. And buying a paid monthly subscription is completely useless since any women emailing you are not even real to start with.

After using the site for a period of months we must emphasize that this is site is not operating in a legitimate matter. With that evience we cannot and will not recommend this site for anyone looking to meet real local women.

The facts are the facts and they speak for themselves. We hope you found this review before you got conned yourself. Please share this information and warn others about about how this site operates.

I would like to report this site is a scam unfortunately I had to pay for it twice. But hey leasoned learned. For all those single males do not fall for this bullshit lying deceiving fucking website. Watch this video to cancel you account For FlirtBuddies. The link in your article takes me to two websites which are identical in layout and navigation. Only the name is different. And both of these sites start charging you just to look at profiles and they have the same pricing structure — no surprise.

Had my bank account hacked. They always say lets talk more but thier profile says lets hook right up. So I have a question….. The reason they get away with this scam, and yes I fell prey to this site as well, is because in their terms of service, one of the paragraphs clearly reads, like we all read all that legal jargon, that many if not all of the women are fantasy girls and each profile has a gold star with fc in it.

I got curious about that and clicked on the link and another window popped up with an explanation. Please allow business days for the credit to reflect on the account. I do appreciate the company refunding my money from one of their online processors.

Their other online processor has been billing me as well and would like that money refunded as well. Because the member was unhappy with his membership, we have refunded him for all money paid for his membership. Have you had any experience with this company? Share it by adding a review! Mark as useful Marked as useful 0 votes. Empty reviews don't really do much! Mark as useful Marked as useful 0 votes Reply Satisfaction rating: Regards, [redacted] Mark as useful Marked as useful 0 votes Reply Satisfaction rating: Reviewer Because the member was unhappy with his membership, we have refunded him for all money paid for his membership.

Mark as useful Marked as useful 0 votes Reply Empty reviews don't really do much! Once you click on the verification link you are able to access FlirtBuddies as a member. The features offered on FlirtBuddies are what you would expect from most run of the mill hookup sites — a search function and an internal messaging platform. There is an extra feature that allows members to make contact via SMS text messages.

This feature allows you to use your cell phone to exchange messages without releasing your cell phone number. On the surface, you will get the impression that this hookup site might have some real possibilities — Unfortunately, everything falls apart once you spend a few minutes on the site. Each was from stunningly beautiful women. In other words — all fake, not flesh and blood. If you decide to sign up for the 3-day trial, be aware of the fact that you will be automatically billed for full membership at the end of the trial unless you cancel on time.

Hookup sites come in varying degrees of quality. Recently we took an in-depth look at FlirtBuddies. We immediately wondered, is it true? Once we got a look at the inside of FlirtBuddies we were shocked by what we found. Read on to discover what you can expect if you join FlirtBuddies. FlirtBuddies is a catchy name. It is easy to remember and definitely gets your imagination going with regards to finding a partner to hookup with ASAP.

When you visit the site, that impression is reinforced further. As we always tell our readers, when it comes to sites such as FlirtBuddies — those that offer a ton of eye-candy up front — make sure to kick the tires and take it for a spin before you commit to buy.

In this case, we took care of the test drive for you. This is what you can expect from FlirtBuddies. Registering on FlirtBuddies starts on the welcome page. Immediately to the right of the large image of the buxom blonde, you will find a registration box that indicates that it is a short four-step process. The first step requires you to state your gender along with that of the match that you are seeking.

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