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Anyway, corporations are not organisms. August 9, at 8:

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Projects - Operations

Is the National Identification Center, then, a fulfillment of prophecy? I believe the answer is yes. But, of course, it is only one component of a wider system of Antichrist control now being put in place. Jesus our Saviour toId us of the signs to expect as His return draws nigh.

He admonished us to "watch" and take note. Well, my friends, I'm watching these things closely and all I can say is, "Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

A Spider's Web of Connected Databases. It shouId be noted that, since my revelations in , Congressman Neal Smith and his office staff refuse to answer inquiries about the National Identification Center. Law enforcement agencies across the federal government have poured money into information technology programs. According to the Government Market Services Division, federal agencies will spent 5. The common link in these programs is to build an information substructure: The federal government's goal is to bring random pieces of data together to get a more complete picture-what some call intelligence.

Indeed, a coordinating command post has been set up to buiIld this system, benignly called the Federal Law Enforcement Wireless Users Group. Ominously, the article in Federal Computer Week states that the computerized system couId be used in "fieId operations,' through handheId instruments and devices connecting by satellite with the central brains of the computer network. Equally revolting is the revelation that, "Federal agencies are extending these links to state and local law enforcement organizations.

In other words, once Project L. A Big Brother colossus will replace a rich, years-plus heritage of separated police powers. Clark Matthews, writing in Mondo , sums up our current, precarious situation.

America and the worI. D, Matthews says, are racing wiI. Dly into the arms of a malevolent Big Brother: Almost from the day President Clinton assumed office, it became obvious. The secret guardians of national security and public order were fully prepared to pervert the new generation of information technologies into a monstrously sophisticated, digitotalitarian police state.

The Total Surveillance State taking shape under his leadership appears to have three broad components: A Smart Card is literally a computer on a credit card, complete with large amounts of digital storage, and even potential wireless communications capabilities.

Once Smart Cards and digital cash come into wide use, there is no doubt that this system can be designed to function with ruthless effectiveness. This year, for example, numerous federal agencies suddenly announced virtually complete plans to restrict access to their services to Smart Cards only. A Clear and Present Danger. Matthews' analysis is keenly on target. Everything, obviously, is being orchestrated from the top.

All federal agencies are being integrated into L. These police state agencies constitute a clear and present danger, not only to the privacy and constitutional rights of Americans but to our very lives! Through the assistance of scores of new "alphabet" police agencies and systems created in recent decades, Project L.

A Hitler, a Pol Pot, or a Stalin wouId have loved to have had the microchips, surveillance cameras, lasers, computers, satellites, electromagnetic wave, mind control weapons, wiretap circuits, and communications gadgetry of today's Dick Tracy police state. Dick Tracy, of course, was a good guy. But what we shall discover is that the bad guys are now in charge.

They have installed in America and around the globe a comprehensive, Orwellian system that a Dick Tracy wouId have recognized as unconstitutional and rejected as a menace to true law and order.

For more than a quarter of a century, hidden elements in American society, working closely with foreign powers, have built up this nightmarish, octopus-like system of total human control. Now, finally, as we draw near to the dawning of the 21st century and a new millennium, the nation that has given the worId so much-from the telephone to the jet and the television-can boast once more that we are planet earth's premier inventor.

We, the astute, brilliant, and ingenious Americans, have constructed the most sophisticated, revolutionary and technologically capable SS Gestapo establishment in the annals of mankind. Carefully and prayerfully read the following chapter, which outlines the L. Read and understand, for the time, truly, is short. No Place Left To Hide. Many will no doubt seek to short-circuit the system in one way or another.

Ingenious computer hackers will do their utmost to unlock the keys to its electronic, silicon brain. But it is so constructed, with so many fail-safe, layered structures, and is designed with such intricate and complex, cryptological coding, that avoidance will be impossible. There will be no place left to hide! In a strange quirk of occultic fate, with his L. The Bible tells us that when the Lord returns, men shall not be able to flee His great wrath. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

Lucifer, in a pale imitation of almighty God, is attempting to establish a well-ordered, closed, planetary system of human control. To grasp just how expertly planned and conceived Lucifer's system is, we turn our attention to the special features of the L. Surprisingly, though much of what L. Jean-Paul Creusat, have provided us a bird's eye view of the system in two, key articles published in Narc Officer magazine. The magazine is read mostly by federal agents but also by many state and local law enforcement authorities and by foreign and corporate intelligence and police interests.

Thus, the publication of these articles in Narc Officer graphically indicates that L. Let us then go straight to these explanatory articles by the two authors, Creusat and Halaris, to examine what L. First, we discover that the name, L. The implications of their law enforcement tracking and identification system enjoying trademark protection can only be guessed at.

We must conclude, however, that under existing copyright and trademark laws, no private company will be allowed in the future to use the acronym L. It is implied that L. The universal and comprehensive nature of the L. In plain English, this means that data and information will stream into the L. Thus, all information will be "fused," that is, collected, consolidated, analyzed, and acted upon, by L.

This will be the single point, the command center and global brain for the surveillance of every person on earth. It will deposit every transaction, every piece of gossip, and every bit of information available on all the 5. The fact that L. It is to become the consolidated and unified registry for Universal Biometrics Cards issued globally to citizens and all the data contained by the cards' integrated microchips.

Most significant, all computers on earth-the entire Information Superhighway-will be networked into L. It will be the planet's primary, core, "common communications network,' linking all other computer networks and data systems. In sum, who can doubt that L. The beast nature of L. Ponder and contemplate each word in the title: The implications and importance of L. Yet another vital clue to the earth-shattering significance of L. Interactive means that Gestapo units across the globe granted access by a special, restricted entry code will be using the system to track and control individuals and their every movement.

Instantaneous means instant data served upon request. The system is described by Creusat and Halaris as providing " 24 hour service, 7 days a week. The global scope of L. In other words, this means the end of American sovereignty. We can, of course, as a consequence, kiss the Tenth Amendment to the U.

Now, it's "Hello world, goodbye U. We are further advised that L. What is implied by "alias criminals? In other words, L. Massive quantities of intelligence and personal information will be acquired, stored, and accessed on the L. The demented brains who want to cram L. Thus, we read that L. The magnitude of this computerized endeavor boggles the imagination.

Detailed dossiers are to be established and maintained on 5. It is simply incalculable how many transactions will be processed under L. This is virtually total control over the human population. The adage that information translates into power will certainly be proven correct when this heinous, intrusive system is operating at its full capacity, sometime before the advent of the 21st century. Gateway to the Beast: The Universal Biometrics Card. It is through the Universal Biometrics I.

Card, that the Beast Universal Human Control System is to achieve its ultimate power and authority over the world's populations. According to the L. Meade, Maryland or wherever. Meanwhile, police and other government agents anywhere in the world are able to request and receive "an instantaneous readout of individualized updated data. This is the dark and dreadful future of high tech control awaiting each of us when what the designers proudly term the "Universal Computerized Identification Clearinghouse Resource Center" via L.

It will mean the end of human freedom and dignity. To make sure they've got you identified, and targeted, and can constantly keep track of your whereabouts and activities, the L. Essentially, biometrics means the "measurement of biological factors. Sophisticated sensors are now capable of identifying you by the shape of your hand, foot, or head.

They can measure and identify the iris of your eye and the topography of your fingerprint. There is also your blood type and your unique DNA code. Machines have also been invented that can identify you by your distinctive voice. In a recent issue of the excellent, prophetic newspaper, The Omega Times, published by New Zealand author and evangelist Barry Smith, editor John Koutsimanis explained how, today, biometrics are finding common use by government and industry to identify individuals: Biometrics may sound a little like a company which sells skin care products, but it isn't.

It is the word used to describe identification by human characteristics. Listed below are some ways that biometrics are already in use around the worId. There is no doubt that biometrics technology will be standardized globally in the near future. The backs of ATMs are controlled by fingerprint biometrics. When bank personnel are dispatched to a machine, the authorized person's fingerprints are downloaded on the computer to give access to the person based on positive identification.

The San Francisco International Airport has more than 80 hand geometry machines which identify the people who work there and allows them access. Los Angeles County Welfare System uses automated fingerprint searches to make sure that people are not double dipping into welfare benefits.

This service has also been extended into other states. The Colombian Government has installed hand geometry machines by every seat in the Senate and House of Representatives to ensure that when representatives vote on legislation it is really them. Some state and local governments in developed countries use voice verification to identify low-risk offenders who are confined to their homes.

The computer calls at random times of the day. Russia has begun using hand geometry and fingerprint verification on the Card Based Bank Accounts. With crime running wild there, it is important that the person carrying the card be identified with more than just a PIN number.

The Lotus Corporation has a day care centre for its employees. If the children are not feeling well, or if they don't go to school, Lotus Corp. When time comes for picking up the child, the parent must be verified by re-checking their hand geometry. The world's immigration authorities have realized that one of the easiest ways to reduce lines at major airports is to process frequent international travellers via an automated system.

These travellers are given a Smartcard and, along with their hand geometry and fingerprint verification, they are processed quickly. The above are only a handful of examples of identification by human characteristics.

The world will soon be filled with this kind of technology, and cheating the law will become almost obsolete. The downside to all of this is the fact that no matter where you go, you can always be tracked down via this multi-web of modern technology. In their article in Narc Officer, L.

Jean-Paul Creusat and Dr. Anthony Halaris outline the types of biometric information that will be acquired from people to be programmed on their individual Universal Biometrics Card as a means of identification: The research and development of L. System will demonstrate its feasibility and practicality The design will transmit encrypted coded data through L.

All of these methods have been developed through the use of Artificial Intelligence AI software, described in by R. Sherman in his article entitled "Biometric Futures" in Computers and Security. The technology will provide methods for positive identification, although observing current civil rights and civil liberties legislative guidelines, by recording human features such as photos, fingerprints, footprints, iris scans, textual data These milestone data updates, via non-invasive devices, will involve only a touch of a sensor for fingerprinting, footprinting and for iris scan by a computerized pen-like camera fiber-optic done simply by having a subject stand in front of the camera.

Independent tests conducted by Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico, have verified that reliable fingerprint and iris scan systems are now available for research and other uses.

Permanent digitized templates will correspond to fingerprints, footprints, and iris scans. Facial photograph digitized templates, only, will be updated and stamped during periodic milestones" According to Creusat and Halaris, the following identification techniques will be secured in the memory of the "L. System Universal Biometrics Card" as digitized templates.

The words and explanations are theirs: DNA genotyping and Human Leukocyte Antigen will be available and represent excellent technologies for determining probable identity DNA genotyping is the process of establishing probable individual identity through scientific analysis of DNA contained in some human cellular material.

Human Leukocyte Antigen tests can establish probable individual identity through scientific analysis of hereditary protein material. Iris scan technology is a new, non-intrusive personal identifier. The Greek word iris means "a rainbom. Every iris has a unique, stable, and highly detailed texture. Leonard Flom and Dr. Aran Safir patented the concept of using the iris for personal identification.

Clearly visible iris features include striations, pits, rings, freckles, contraction furrows, coronas, collagenous fibers and filaments. As a whole, these diverse sources of angular and radial variation form a unique pattern. Because the iris is an internal part of the eye, it is protected from the exterior environment. Surgical alteration of the iris cannot be accomplished without a permanent impairment of vision. Also, the iris and the pupil have an automatic physiological response to light variations.

The irises of identical twins are different, and even more interesting, each iris of an individual is unique. These factors all contribute to the effectiveness of the iris as the most reliable form to ascertain an individual's identity when the iris is exposed to distant public biometrics sensors.

Software and hardware have been developed and tested for the iris scan. A byte image or Iriscode is analyzed in about a tenth of a second. The software compares up to 4, complete Iriscodes per second with an indicated error rate of one in , System has been designed to ensure a comfortable and non-physical contact identification through use of an iris scan. The Footprint of newborns is a reliable, expeditious and cost-efficient method for establishing personal identity.

Stapleton advocated in his article, "Best Foot Forward," the justification of infant footprints for personal identification. The clear friction ridge minutiae recordings are an electronic easy method of footprinting the ball of the newborn foot because this area contains sufficient ridge detail to make an identification.

In addition, including the fingerprinting of the mother on the infant's footprint document links the child to the mother within two hours of birth, preferably before the infant is removed from the delivery room, eliminating any doubt of parentage. This method is supported by the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in their infant abduction prevention guidelines issued to medical facilities nationwide.

The Fingerprint is a physical characteristic currently available throughout various database programs kept at the NCIC and nonprofit organizations such as the National Fingerprint Program for Child Identification located at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois. Electronic fingerprinting will be the biometrics technology used in the L. System as a convenient and practical way to ascertain an individual's identity. They're Watching You Every Minute. If you think the new Universal Biometrics Card will merely be a convenient tool you and I use to have banks, food and department stores, and others verify we are who we say we are, you're sadly mistaken.

This is our wake-up call, telling us that the gory eyes and long, sucking tentacles of the electronic, octopus beast will literally be everywhere. You and I are to be watched, measured, evaluated, and watched again. Via distant surveillance, monitoring, and tracking sensors, no doubt hidden in locations and sites we could not possibly envision. In Vietnam, sensors were dropped from IJ. These sensors detected people who came into close proximity and sent back the messages to computers at U.

The process resulted in fighter and bomber aircraft being dispatched to rain down fire and destruction on unwitting victims. Today, biometrics sensors are being "seeded" across the United States, Canada, Europe, and in many other countries. Such a massive, centralized collecting and processing of untold trillions of bits of information daily by sophisticated, computerized sensors is unprecedented.

It means the death knell for privacy of the people and the demise of our long cherished constitutional rights. A conspiratorial elite who would order this Gestapo beast system into operation must truly despise the Bill of Rights, and especially the Fourth Amendment to the U.

Constitution, intended to preserve the right of American citizens to be safe, secure, and protected against unreasonable searches and seizures. After all, with its legions of sensors, L. The technological capability is exploding. We are fast becoming 'lucid;' that is, clear and transparent, to government agents and agencies.

Again, I emphasize, there is now nowhere to hide. They'll Have Your Face Digitized. Consider, for example, a technology called "Face Recognition. The system works even if you attempt to fool it by wearing glasses or makeup. Intelligent Video, a system developed by Integrated Systems, Inc.

It is programmed to look not only for facial characteristics, but also body language unique to the individual being tracked and monitored. Thousands of these video cameras distantly controlled by computer can be covertly installed in buildings and on streets to watch for specific people. When a "match" is made, the computer immediately notifies authorities. So wherever we go, we are to be watched and our movements reported to Big Brother's data reporting agency. In places like Singapore, in Asia, and in Great Britain,.

These nations are being turned into video-monitored bird cages. But instead of birds, it is men and women who are trapped inside electronic cages. How many realized that, as they watched these sporting events, they, too, were being watched?

Satellite technology is paramount in the brave, new technetronic world being built for our prison-like lifestyles.

When the Cold War ended in or so we were told! After all, tens of billions of defense dollars were being spent annually to launch and maintain an intensive global surveillance capability. The Illumined Ones have always had big, big plans for satellite tattletalers.

Satellite cameras are so advanced that, from space, they can take recognizable 35mm-type images of golf balls on earth below. They can tell whether a person has long hair or is baI. Nowhere on earth is there any privacy because of these spy-in-the-sky invaders.

When you carry your brand new Universal Biometrics Card UBC in your wallet or purse, a satellite can be tracking your movements. They are able to do so thanks to a system of 24 global positioning satellites GPS orbiting the earth at all times. But then, we may not be able to buy or sell without it.

We can't operate an automobile, or get a job. We won't be able to cash a check or obtain medical care. This is bad enough, but in just a few more years, if Big Brother's Plan succeeds, we'll all have the translucent biochip cards imbedded under our skin! The Universal Biometrics Card will be an alien part of our very bodies.

We really won't be able to leave home without it. In the early s, our huge, Star Wars fleet of orbiting spy satellites, complete with their Top Secret NASA missions and their links to ground-based sensors and to the developing, computer, personal spy net, fell under the authority of a newly organized Gestapo organization called the National Reconnaissance Office.

A gargantuan spy facility, this complex has been built outside the Washington, D. All this at a time when the Russians are said to be a faded, virtually nonexistent threat and the military justification for this system is nil. Of course, containment of the Russians and other foreign enemies, really, never was the reason for our global-watching space vehicles.

The real reason all along has been to set up the capability for the soon coming Beast Universal Human Control System. How many Americans have even the vaguest notion that so-called "Smart Highway' surveillance cameras are now in operation on major highways, roads, and bridges? More frightening are alarming reports that the newer, "interactive" television sets are being fitted with hidden, miniaturized cameras and microchips to permit your voice and image to be transmitted back to the watchers at Big Brother's data reporting agency.

The Eyes Have It. Newer and better ways to spy on and keep track of us are constantly being found. Corporations know there are huge profits to be made from selling government and industry these human control systems. In The New York Post recently was a prime example of how close we are to being required to submit to the new Iris Scan technology.

After that, he or she will never need re-scanning. This will be a permanent means of identification. But future advances will enable the iris to be checked from across a room or street.

So the iris-scanning devices are here, now! How close are we to universally implementing this police state technique to identify and track the citizenry? Well, several years ago, in , a feature story by the Knight-Ridder news syndicate ran in scores of newspapers across the U. Here's a portion of what was revealed: Thanks to the O. Simpson case, just about everyone knows a substance called DNA can identify criminal suspects with unusual accuracy.

What most people don't know is that a nationwide system of DNA databanks is rapidly being built. It already contains blood samples from millions of Americans, whether or not they have been involved in a crime Someday, these growing collections might cover every citizen However, some scientists, doctors, and lawyers fear these genetic fingerprints pose an unprecedented threat to individual privacy.

The three major sources of DNA databanks are: Since the s, blood has been taken from newborn children as part of mandatory state screening programs for hereditary diseases such as mental retardation, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and sickle cell anemia. Since June , blood and saliva samples have been collected from every recruit. Almost , samples-known informally as "DNA dog tags"-are already on file.

Since , the FBI has been building a national catalog of DNA samples collected by state and local law enforcement agencies. Do you think it mere chance that the government has, for some years now, been furiously collecting DNA samples? Is this not part of the great, prophetically revealed Master Plan to construct a Luciferian identification control system so that "no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name?

When we combine these new, SS Gestapo-like innovations with the federal government's recent successes in policing the Internet and dominating its on-line message bulletin board systems, we begin to realize the monumental changes occurring in American society. Thus, Privacy International's Simon Davies points out that because of the boom in surveillance technologies, "An intimacy without parallel will mean that areas of life traditionally considered private, will be comprehensively revealed.

Davies is speaking only of the technological capability of government to intrude into our private lives with its spy and surveillance wizardry. Antony Sutton, author and former fellow of the Hoover Institution, emphasizes: The identification techniques used by L. It was the Englishman, A. Chesterton, who once declared the existence of a conspiracy so immense and so diabolical that the end result would be the imprisonment of mankind and a One World tyranny. In his The New Unhappy Lords: An Exposure of Power Politics, he declared: I claim the existence of a conspiracy for the destruction of the Western World as the prelude for shepherding mankind into a sheep's pen run as a prelude to One World tyranny.

How astute and prophetic were the words of Chesterton. N ational Citizen I. Reporting from Washington, D. This announcement of a pending national I. A veritable firestorm of protest flooded congressional phone and fax lines. Stunned by the negative response, the Jordan Commission backtracked, announcing that the I. Instead, the Commission proposes that "a national data base" be established. The federals have not given up on their idea of a national I. They need this to control the citizen peons.

Their master plan calls, first, for a photographic, bar coded, biometrics I. However, once the populace gets used to their spiffy new I. Under Step 2, the government will inform the duped masses that the Smart I. Card is no longer useful. In fact, the bureaucrats will lament, the card is an onerous burden. It takes up room in one's wallet or purse. It can be lost or stolen. Wouldn't it be easier and more convenient and efficient for us to just insert a tiny microchip in the forehead or right hand of everyone?

Then you really cannot "leave home without it! The government, therefore, will first try to convince us that we need the national I. To accomplish this propaganda feat, a score of experimental tests are underway. The money came, I believe, from a secret, CIA "spook" banking account.

Now, if you believe that this I. While the CIA and the Mexicanos are using the citizenry down South for experimental purposes, here in the good. This time, our nation's soldiers are unwittingly being used as psychological guinea pigs.

These troops are enrolled in a program for what is revealingly being called the MARC. Yes, you read it correctly. They don't even describe it as a "card. The Purpose is Control. The government's real purpose is control. A central database and a computer I. As Rupert Butler wrote in his book, An Illustrated History of the Gestapo, under Nazism, "All German citizens had to carry identification and could be stopped at any time by either civilian or military police.

The Communist police states followed the same pattern as the Nazis. All tyrannical governments are consumed with the same obsessive urge to control their citizenry with I. In all communist countries, the citizens or slaves must carry identification papers on their person at all times and must be ready to present their papers to communist authorities at all times-at border check points, at train or bus stations, airports, road blocks, etc.

Every such citizen fears the ominous words "show me your papers. But those papers were not computerized. The new National Identification Card being pushed by the Clintonistas will ultimately be a computerized smartcard that can carry hundreds of pages of data up to pages on each American citizen. To vividly illustrate the truth of what Don McAlvany is saying, we have the bloody example of what happened in Rwanda, the country in Africa, where, in , up to a million men, women, and children were bludgeoned, shot, and hacked to death in mass killings by military forces and by rival, tribal groups.

Victims were picked out because of the information reported on their mandatory I. As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle: Rwanda will no longer distinguish between Hutus and Tutsis when it issues new identity cards, ending a practice that helped Hutu militiamen to select their victims in last year's genocide, officials said yesterday.

They said residency cards are being issued this week in Kigali and they will be distributed in the rest of Rwanda later. During last year's genocide, Hutu militiamen demanded the identity cards of civilians they stopped.

If they were listed as members of the Tutsi minority, they were. Setting Up of the Mark of the Beast. Baker believes that what is planned is nothing less than "the setting up of the mark of the beast system.

Cards," coded with personal information, Baker warns: The universal requirement that everybody carry such "Smart Cards," will help the federal government create a Marxist Satanic dictatorship, and signals End Times events predicted in Revelation And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name" It is interesting that Baker mentions the prophetic forecast found in the book of Revelation of a universal identification system to be mandated for the whole world.

At the time the Apostle John was given this prophetic vision, Rome ruled western civilization. In that era, to identify their soldiers and slaves, the Roman authorities issued them a piece of a Mosaic. The Mosaic, called "tesserea," was a form of I. How fascinating that this very same term, tesserea, has been suggested by the National Security Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency as the code name for the proposed, new citizens' I.

Meanwhile, the plan to introduce the tesserea card and require its use universally is known as Project Mosaic. As if this were not enough to cause those of us with discernment to understand the ominous intentions of our controllers, the actual chip that will go into the I.

This use of the term Capstone dredges up two, related objectives of the plan of today's SS establishment to control us with computerized I. First, the computerized system will serve as the capstone of the New World Order, also called the New Civilization. Second, the separation now illustrated on our U.

The capstone is descending and will be joined to the pyramid by the Illuminati's Masonic builders. The Illuminati's conspiracy of the ages will be culminated with L. The Hunger to Control Us. What other conclusion can we come to than that the New World Order's insatiable hunger to fulfill Satan's conspiracy of the ages is fueling the current campaign to issue I. For years now, this hunger to control the masses-almost a bloodlust-has built up in the polluted minds of bureaucrats.

Martin Anderson, a senior advisor on the President's Economic Policy Advisory Board during the Reagan administration, recently described this curiously oppressive, bureaucratic mind-set: The smart card is an open, engraved invitation to a national identity card.

In the early s when I worked in the West Wing of the White House as President Reagan's domestic policy adviser, I was surprised by the ardent desire of government bureaucrats, many of them Reagan appointees, for a national identity card. Brushing aside any concerns about personal privacy, a powerful array of government agencies-the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the State Department, the FBI, the IRS, the CIA-each with its own special reasons, lusted after a law to force every American to carry a national identity card.

Such a law was within a whisker of being endorsed by Reagan's Cabinet in July and was stopped only when President Reagan personally vetoed the idea on the grounds it was a massive invasion of privacy. The idea of a national identity card, with a new name, has risen once again from the graveyard of bad policy ideas, more powerful and virulent than ever.

Unless it is stopped quickly we may live to see the end of privacy in the United States, all of us tagged like so many fish. With the Clinton administration, Anderson adds, "The smart card idea may have taken an ugly turn.

The word has been given to the politicians and bureaucrats alike to tout the benefits of mandatory I. The truth is far different. With such a system, people can be controlled unlike anything Hitler's Third Reich could possibly imagine.

In , the federal government apparently was on the very precipice of forcing this I. Smart Card on us by executive order of the President. The card was to be called the "U. Card would be interlinked electronically with a multitude of government and private databases.

The agencies and databases would also be able to insert new, updated information on the cards, downloaded from central computers. Banks would have access to the information, and a central database of digital signatures would be used to validate peoples' authorizations for electronic mail and financial transactions.

After reviewing the Postal Service's glowing, euphoric report on its wonderful, spanking new U. Card, one startled authority, dissenting from the common view, observed that: In the not-too-distant future, you are likely to find harmless looking Smart Cards in the mail in an official envelope. Card or whatever the Smart Card is ultimately called you won't be able to own property, receive government benefits, get medical attention, conduct bank or credit card transactions, etc.

Without it, you can't do anything! Your life will be completely controlled Executive Orders have already been drafted to adopt the cards and force them on the American people without congressional approval!

Clark Matthews, a respected writer in the technological field, concurred with this analysis. In an article entitled, "Danger in the Mail," he wrote: Don't look now, but Uncle Sam has some shiny, new shackles with your name on them There will be one, personalized envelope for every member of your family. You will find a harmless-looking Smart Card contained in each envelope The government is preparing to reduce every American to total dependence-and near total surveillance through these infamous cards Matthews stated his belief that the development of this I.

Card was introduced to a gullible media and unsuspecting public, Matthews noted that the system is a joint development of both government and corporate overlords determined to set up a police state to keep close tabs on a beleaguered citizenry. In other words, the corporate sales managers are more than glad to sell high tech tools to the government which can be used to electronically strangle us! Matthews wryly observed that: As Matthews reports, even as they rake in their brisk profits, you can expect the corporate marketing and sales representatives to agree with the politicians.

They will assure us that we are to be electronically branded, surveyed, and spied upon "for our own good. Card, they will tell us in reassuring tones, will be a humanitarian thing-a service item to ease us of so many woes and difficulties. The devil does, indeed, often come disguised as an "angel of light. The Solution to Our Immigration Problems.

For example, the Smart I. Card will be portrayed as our salvation and cure for the horrendous plague and flood of illegal immigrants violating U. The truth is that our politicians care little that we are besieged by illegal aliens. They viciously attack anyone who opposes foreign influx as an "ethnocentric, narrow-minded, antiquated relic of bigotry.

These politicians love illegal immigration, make no mistake about it-it feathers their political nest. What they also love is control, and under the guise of controlling immigration, they know they will be controlling us, the bonafide citizenry, not the waves of foreigners preparing to crash our borders.

That is why we must be wide awake when we are propagandized by the media with reports that high tech holds the answer to the illegal immigration crisis. McMaster, in his insightful The Reaper newsletter, keenly analyzed a news item from USA Today on a gigantic, new government computer project by reporting: The INS claimed the contract as its biggest ever and touts it as a model of the Clinton administration's effort to "reinvent government' and as a way to reduce paperwork. The computer system will take three years to be operational.

Commission on Immigration Reform will issue its first report on September 30 and is expected to recommend creation of a national database to prevent illegal immigrants from getting jobs My insider sources in Washington, D.

Their report is confirmed by an announcement from an international magazine in concerning a proposal-by two powerful U. The two legislators claim that only with such a gargantuan system as this could the United States put a lid on the illegal overflow of immigrants.

Card which they would be required to carry on their persons at all times under threat of arrest, imprisonment, and fines. I believe that the mind-warping, intrusive, six billion dollar computer I. The New Gestapo State Emerges.

Would they really arrest you if you failed to apply for and keep their Smart I. Card on your possession at all times? What will happen to resisters who have no cards in their wallet, purse, or pocket? Gary Pelphrey, of Georgia, writing in the Marietta Daily Journal, recently gave us a foretaste of the spellbinding days soon to come with a shocking, eyewitness account.

Pelphrey says that the current crackdown is on aliens, but "who will be rounded up next? I really expected that by now I would have developed what some might call a fine patina to protect myself against the onslaught of ridiculous sights and sounds.

This morning a fellow lawyer in our building came running from down the hall yelling, "You ought to see what's happening across the street at the new courthouse under construction. I followed him to a corner window. What we saw is something I had theretofore only seen on TV, and then only in foreign dictatorships. Overhead, a helicopter circled, at about I would guess to feet, well below any authorized FAA minimums for an area as congested as downtown Marietta.

The street between the Cobb County Courthouse and the new building under construction was sealed off by 8 to 12 cars with licenses ranging from Rockdale County to Dade County, Florida.

One was driven by a particularly snippy female agent wearing a black uniform and had no license plate at all. There was also a bus to transport the "guilty" off to somewhere. My call to the Marietta dispatcher yielded the news that the local police didn't know anything at all about what was happening about a block away from their headquarters. The agents all said they were too busy to explain what they were doing, and under what authority.

In point of fact, what they appeared to be doing was rounding up every one at this particular work site who had a Hispanic appearance, and, if he could not prove himself a citizen, trussing his hand behind him with. The four to six people trussed up like this no one seemed to know how many were whisked away, presumably either in the helicopter or one of the fleet of.

Do we have gulags? The time has come for us to realize that if the government wants to flex its enormous muscles, it will. And as long as we, the unaffected, stand idly by watching, it can. It's time, too, for us to realize that there are no unaffected. Those in authority in our government are not going to start out by rounding up the Girl Scouts or the Rotary Club.

But that religious group did, in fact, have rights, and probably one of them was that their children could not be barbecued by federal agents. These Hispanic-looking folks have rights, too. If they are citizens, they don't have to carry around identification papers any more than we do. I have on my person right now proof that I can drive a car, that I can gain entry into the Cobb County Courthouse and can buy food at a discount at Cub Foods.

But with what's on my person right now, I can't prove I'm a citizen. Now I find myself re-living the incident this morning and talking to others who were there. Each of us stood in awe, and, when we were really ready to admit it, frightened at being this close to such a raw use or abuse of overwhelming governmental power. What kept coming to mind were the brown-shirts of World War II, the black-shirted Nazis, the jackbooted thugs that spirited Anne Frank away.

Unfortunately, a dumbed-down, mass citizenry constantly fed New World Order propaganda by the media and being turned into unthinking, nihilistic "space cadets" and ruffians by the public education system, cannot fathom what lies just ahead in our radiant, high tech future nightmare.

I thank God, however, for those Americans and foreign citizens who do understand the deep prophetic significance of what is transpiring. Here, for instance, is what one of my correspondents, Mr. Steven Heinecke, of Columbia Heights, Minnesota, recently wrote to me: In my estimation, this nation and the world itself is poised at a critical intersection, and the coming months will determine the very nature of humanity's future Once this national I.

I have to wonder if these scanners will be used for the new I. My friend and correspondent is right. Every day, the press is pushing computer databank registries and Smart I. Cards as the solution to illegal immigration, gun control, teenage violence, hate crimes, terrorism, and other ills.

In a recent, Associated Press story from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we were told of how electronic fingerprinting and a national database could prevent welfare fraud. Representative Tom Petrone, of Allegheny, Pennsylvania, contended: In California, to prevent fake drivers licenses being passed off, the state recently implemented a color photo process for licenses, with magnetic strips, see-through hologram imprints, and other special features.

Obviously, this is a precursor to the state's inclusion of its drivers license program in the international L. Many other states are also implementing new drivers license I. The new process involves capturing and storing the applicant's photo, fingerprint, and signature in digitized form The state will create a centralized data base which can be accessed by Headquarters Information Services Unit later to retrieve, display, or print documents.

News reports indicate that, like California, practically all of the 50 states are in the process of installing new systems for drivers licenses, often incorporating biometric measurements such as digitization of iris scan, fingerprint, photograph, bar code, social security number, traffic and criminal history, etc. This, plus the fact that steps are being taken to link and network computers for the 50 states, gives us an indication of the powerful grip our hidden controllers have on this nation.

Still, the maximum control can be obtained through issuance of a centralized-that is, a national, Smart I. This will fulfill the prophecy in Revelation 13 that all the world shall worship the beast and take his mark, name, or number of his name.

Healthcare Plan a Conspiratorial Fraud? Since total and absolute control can be obtained only by a police state bureaucracy, efforts have escalated in recent years to require a national I. When patriotic Americans rose up to protest, the U. Senate quietly shelved the deceptive Shalala-Kennedy proposal. The Clinton administration next surfaced with its mandatory healthcare plan.

A key component of this plot to socialize medical care was the requirement of a computer I. There is something in the plan that may be far worse than the new taxes that will be heaped upon us, or the increased physical pain and suffering we will endure as the result of endless waiting lines for health care. That something is a device that will invade our personal privacy as it has never been invaded before. President Clinton held it in his hand when he addressed the nation, proudly waving it like a small American flag.

Under his plan a new National Health Board would establish "national, unique identifier numbers" for every single one of us. Every time we visit a doctor or get a prescription or go to the hospital the records would be "captured, retained and transmitted" via the identity card.

Those records would feed into "electronic networks," and the federal government would set up "national standards for electronic data transmission. What makes this privacy nightmare possible are striking advances in technology. That pretty, red, white and blue card the president was waving around is called a "smart card: That kind of card is now, today, capable of holding thousands of pages of personal data, computerized fingerprints, a mug shot and even your voice.

Once in place, the card will be impossible to get rid of. The pressures to expand the uses of such a technological tattoo will be strong and inexorable. If everyone must have one, why not add our Social Security numbers to it, enabling government officials to correlate our health records with other personal records?

The government could require all who apply for welfare to produce the card to prevent fraud. We could catch illegal aliens with a "no card, no work" law. The police could use it to maintain a permanent record of all our parking tickets and speeding violations, checking the entire record every time a motorist is stopped. We could require all gun buyers to record the registration number of the gun on the card If President Clinton's so-called health security card becomes a reality, we can kiss goodbye to privacy as we now know it.

Of course, on the bright side, one can think of the card as an intimate, constant reminder of President Bill and Hillary, and all they are doing for us. Antony Sutton whose books, such as The Secret Establishment, are mother lodes of information about the global elite and their quest to enslave us, also issued a Red Alert concerning the Clinton administration's concealed agenda in the health card affair.

It is not our health care in which the elite are interested, he wrote. It is the tracking and control of we, the people. Moreover, Sutton says he finds little difference between the "internal passport" once required by the U.

Card to be imposed by the United States: Then we received samples of the health benefits card that Clinton proposes to distribute universally.

It is an extraordinary device-much more than an ID card. The card is about the size and shape of a credit card but is actually a data storage card up to pages of information using the latest optical recording technology. The card can record anything, i. It can be transmitted via any form of telecommunications or used off-line, i.

It is the ideal Big Brother tracking device. In case you need to know, it is manufactured by Drexler Technology Corporation, Mountain View, California telephone for the Laser Card Systems Corporation is , fax Now you know why Mr.

Nothing to do with health, but a lot to do with getting us all catalogued on Big Brother computers. Postal Service is all geared up to send out million such cards within a few months and Drexler capacity is million a year minimum. The computer press even tracked down already signed Executive Orders to farce the cards into use. PC Week asked the White House for comment and received a brush off "no comment. The next stage will be the ID biochip insert placed under the skin at birth. Elsewhere, we comment that Mrs.

Clinton is disturbed at public reaction to administration proposals. What does she expect? Is there any difference between the Clinton. Universal ID Card and the Soviet internal passport?

Except that Clinton's is more efficient! Why does the administration want voice print recognition capability on a health card? The latest surveillance techniques use a super computer hookup to recognize voice prints, and you can be instantly identified anywhere you accept a phone call? Invasive Powers of a Malignant Nature. If anyone doubts that the plan to require all citizens to carry a national I.

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