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AffairAlert Review — Everything You Need to Know

If you could send over some usernames that would be great. April 28, at


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Affair Alert is a fraudlent site as documented at http: We're sorry you aren't happy with your membership. I've cancelled rebilling on your account. Since we use 3rd party billing providers, all refunds have to be processed on their backends.

Only our managers have access to that functionality so I'll escalate this for you and you'll hear back from one of your managers within 24 hours. Is there anything else I can help you with today? Needless to say, I will be watching my email for the next few days and will respond with the results, thanks!! Got plenty of attention. But read the fine print of TOS states they use online cuties and bots for your entertainment only. Even tho the site states it is a very different online dating site.

In a above post admin states it's a smith status. What the hell is that? For myself, I was in a long term relationship for 9 years. We broke up last year. Before I met my ex wife, I was on adult friend finder. Real people and real hook ups.

But I did hook up with real live women on that site. Some were real freaky. Met up with a couple. The husband did not mind that his wife needed more dick the he could provide.

I met her in a public place , just by her self. Valley forge to be exact. She then told me they she and her husband were swingers. She told her husband either she wanted a divorce of he had to let her have lovers. She then told me he wanted to watch us have sex. I told her I was not gay and was not comfortable with her husband getting involved with us having sex.

But AFF is a real site real people. If you take your time and don't get too pushy about meet ups they do happen very often.

Don't give them a dime of your hard earned pay. I was able to determine within a few hours that this was a scam. I sent a note about miss leading and decpetive advertising and they immediatly refunded all my charges. I wish I had found Datingbusters. If you read their terms of business it states it very clearly what an FC is but you can only see this when you have paid, also the 3 Days Trial goes straight to one month at the same time.

Again a complete Scam. Where the payment system Epoch. They represent a number of sites and they are all a scam. Took a few day to discover what the FC were. It would appear that even those profiles shown as standard members are mostly fake profiles. You get a friends request, asking for email you can be reached at. Immediately, you get pictures, the first few, commonly clothed.

The only thing this will prove is you can get usable plastic. They are being paid to get people signed up. The site they want you to get on, is hookups.

My thoughts at this point. Furthermore, any pictures sent to these scamers, will end up being used to flesh out…literally…the fake profiles used to get others signed onto the next site.

Pictures of family, and in one case, a very young daughter. And to the fools who will say it serves people right, being on a site like this…make sure you know what your tossing out…you may have to eat it. Oh…something I forgot to add. My screen name here, is the one I used on the site. Who I am is not a photo. When you get a picture of someone holding a hand written note, look close.

If you want further proof, ask for the same picture, but choose a different facial expression. You can read our full review of AffairAlert. It describes exactly how their con […]. I am a legal professional and one can bring a civil suit for misrepresentation of advertised persons on their website.

Just curious as was reading it costs tokens to im and send gifts, how much money do they scam people to buy tokens? Yeah, there's the monthly fee, but on top of that if you want to send IM's and chat or send 'gifts', you have to buy tokens… like to send a picure of a box of chocolates or a drink or something will cost say 20 tokens, and every IM that you send costs 1 token.

Found the answer… So to send text messages via sms, to send virtual gifts, or to send instant messages you need to buy tokens from affair alert at the following package prices: Do they also have fake male profiles for women?

It looked like my husband set up an account complete with a photo and it also looked Like he sent out messages. Of course he denied this. Any similar experience s. ASAP please could be a separation.

So no male profiles fake as my husband swears he did not set up a profile but it has one. It says he has a basic membership, he also says yahoo stole his info and set this up. And does anyone know of the total basic amount charged on a PayPal or other account? That would help but I smell a pound rat. Chat session started at Hello, I'm Liz and I'm here to help you. Fc's are real people but they only provide online companionship, you won't be able to meet them in person, reason why they are called virtual girlfriends.

Standard Members or SM's are real people as well and you'll have a big chance to see them in person and all their accounts are being reviewed by the admin to make sure they are real. So if you've got some examples of members who you've suspected to be fake we'd love to get more details.

If you could send over some usernames that would be great. Thanks for posting your conversation with AffairAlert. Most sites are scams if you are in doubt just do a search on our website and we will probably have reviewed it. They have a set of questions when you visit their site that they want you to answer. In this particular situation we needed to answer 4 different questions. But as we found out it really doesn't matter how you answer the questions, you always gain access to the dating site at the end of the questionnaire.

This is because the questions are nothing more than a deceptive marketing tactic. In the screenshot below they ask us to maintain the identity of these women a secret. Logically if you want to gain access to the dating site you should answer yes I will agree to maintain the identity of the secret women.

But what we did was we answered the question no and we answered all questions that should have been answered yes with a no. At the end of the questionnaire we were thanked and then redirected to the dating service which is called AffairAlert. Your email address will not be published.

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March 18, at 9: April 13, at 6: April 27, at 9: April 28, at May 14, at 2: May 18, at 7: If you are new to hookup sites, you may find the feeder pages used by promoters of AffairAlert to route you to the registration page to be quite attention grabbing. At least, this is how our male testers described them.

Incredibly, they are all of attractive, large-breasted women ranging in age from their twenties to their forties. Are we to assume that this means that breast size and the proclivity to cheat have some sort of correlation? Our female testers were the first to voice trepidation about AffairAlert even before joining.

The site is keen on using urgency to push visitors to register. During our testing, we found that this clock is set to start at 45 minutes. The registration process for AffairAlert follows the path of other hookup sites that are more interested in drawing new users in, getting money out of them, and investing little in the actual service that they provide.

There are no in-depth questionnaires designed to build a detailed profile of yourself, nor are there any questions regarding what you are looking for in a match to help feed a powerful matchmaking algorithm, At AffairAlert, the barrier to entry is as low as those placed by a Bangkok strip joint when the fleet is in port. To newbies, this might seem like a good thing. After all, speed and convenience are always good, right?

Well, when it comes to hookup site registration, no. This made us suspicious about AffairAlert. Our suspicions were so intense, that before we began probing the site as members, we dug deep into its terms of service to see if we could find further warning signs.

Sure enough, we did. The TOS clearly states how AffairAlert may use fictitious profiles and automated messages for internal promotion of the site and its services, as well as to maintain an elevated state of fluidity and entertainment for its members. In other words, AffairAlert uses the two things we most dread on hookup sites — fake profiles and chatbots.

The navigation and features offered were generic. AffairAlert has an internal messaging system that consists of email and online chat. There is a search engine that uses the basic attributes of the members to conduct searches. The site lacks any proprietary or standout feature.

The look and layout make you wonder if they come from some pre-fabricated website package used by these types of hookup sites — hmmm. Of course, when you try to respond, guess what?

— First Impression of AffairAlert—

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