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I got burned by the site, but was still curious about Ukraine, so I took a few weeks, and went to Kyiv. This is not the case with charmdate.

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These women have strong family values, traditions, they are good in household and cocking experience.

Russian and Ukrainian ladies are very pretty and intelligent, but unfortunately single. This auditory needs special attention, therefore, gathered under a single website. The users are mostly from Ukraine and Russia, but males from Europe and other parts of the world are becoming more and more interested in these ladies. Love has no borders. IF there is a chance to meet someone abroad, why not using it? The west supports the only traditional type of relationships; moreover, it is oriented for foreigners who seek love among Slavic culture.

CharmDate offers various communicative opportunities such as live chat, emails, cam share, and calls. The service seems to care about the clients and has represented many communicative options. Cam share is one of the most connecting features. It is very important for potential partners to hear the voice, see the gestures and enjoy moments. It is much more connecting than live chat.

The registration process starts with a notification of personal verification. It is the best evidence of the high level of security on the website. According to the information stated on frequently asked questions, the service uses a cutting age technology during the usage including registration to provide the highest level of security. Payment procedures are also protected by GoDaddy and McAfee systems.

Safety is provided by various system security systems. However, the importance of a strong password, VPN, confident usage of public WiFi, and other safety measurements should not be neglected. It is prohibited to share any type of personal information via personal messages or video chat. Scum is a serious problem for the modern world. CharmDate is checking every new member manually to recognize and prevent scam users from accessing the site. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that there is a scum account on the site.

For that reason, it is not allowed to share a second name, phone numbers, address, and credit card details with other members on the website. CharmDate has collected all the singles with serious intentions from Russia and Ukraine in one place.

CharmDate is a service that connects hearts of people with different mindsets and background. It is a positive aim for the service. Taking into account, that most members are Ukrainians of Russians, the service acquires special idiosyncrasy. The place is safe and convenient to use. Customer support works to provide the best level of security by checking every new profile personally.

Despite inconvenient credit system, the prices for special services are not expensive in comparison to other services. CharmDate is recommended for single men and women. What is the service for? Site Description, ease of use CharmDate has positive vibes.

How to register The registration process is very simple. Navigation site CharmDate has a simple and convenient navigation system. Filtres Filtering offers to find the right person faster. How to pay CharmDate website has a credit system. Once the account is approved, you can buy credits and start enjoying all the features of the service such as: Purchases All the services on the website have its price.

User Region The users are mostly from Ukraine and Russia, but males from Europe and other parts of the world are becoming more and more interested in these ladies. Might as well go to the local strip club and spend your money there. At least there is flesh involved. Same pictures over and over, with different profiles, and different answers to personality profile questions.

I am so tired of wasting time and effort on these scam sites! One of the clean sites. I had no luck there either. A friend of mine says dating sites are a conspiracy. Thanks for the heads up. I feel like such a fool. Maybe I will wake up now…I knew the chances for a scam were great, but I stayed anyway…So stupid. Just save your money up, go to Ukraine for a sex holiday and pay beautiful ukraine hookers and do to them what they did to you.

They sure is purdy! Some are really good, although one actually hung up on me and called me a coward, for not rushing over to Ukraine. They must be delinquent or very poor to be able to rip people off. Easy to run up a big bill there. Disappointed in them and myself. This site is a host of the local agencies in Ukraine and Russia. I got burned by the site, but was still curious about Ukraine, so I took a few weeks, and went to Kyiv. While there, I started digging.

I found many of the local agencies, that are working with Charmdata, Anastasia, and the list goes on and one. It is all about the money period. Men even work for these agencies. I found a very large number of the girls listed are either married or have local boy friends. All of the sites, which make a guy pay for letters or chat are nothing but scams sites.

I have returned to Ukraine about 10 times in the past 2 years. Curiosity drove me to dig really deep into this corrupt industry. It is bad, but no one in Ukraine is going to do anything, because it brings money into a poor country giving people jobs. I to have fallen , stupidly for charmdate, I actually went to Ukraine twice.

The first time was quite an adventure, never visited a country like this. I still communicate with a woman there, but we talk on Viber. Sheesh , such bullshit.

Yep totally agree with all the comments so far. Eventually got details after much harassment on my part. Got a phone number but then that changed three times. And every call was hopeless. Then she said she wanted me to prove that she was the only one I was talking too. Gave her details then she said I had betrayed her. So only way in the future to talk to her was through the site. Ha same comment as others. I challenged her and some others about the payment and of course total denial.

And their hours were totally stupid too. So learn by my stupid mistakes and go to one of the recommended sites from here and give charmdate the widest berth possible. Charm Date, scam date is ine of the biggest lies I have ever encountered. I first started out at Asiame. I after hundreds of dollars and what turned out to be some woman who was some drama queen I left the site. Not knowing what was going on I went to Charmdate. Well it took anout 2 months and about five hundred dollars to figure out that it was all a show.

This beautiful blond who claims to have a daughter in Boston kept my attention. She said that she wanted to meet me in real life and was selling her hostel after which she was going to Boston to see her daughter and then was coming to see me.

She was always intrested in going to talk toe on chat. So I used the 3 credits to write her and did explain to her that in a letter I could get more words in. She agreed and said she would always wait for a letter from me. She wanted again to go to chat about her travel plans and I told her that her travel plans was up to her, just call me and tell me when she would arrive.

She again wanted to go to chat to talk about our real communication. That is when I hung up left the site. She could never get whatsapp or skype. She would claim to go away on the weekend to see her mother and would read my letter when she got back.

She did admit that it did not cost her anything to talk to me. One young lady did warn me that if I visit there to be careful. Does anybody knows if there is a collction suit against this company. My name is Andrey and I am also victim of Charm Date. I am from Europe. Do you know if it is possible to get money wasted on this scam site back somehow?

Do you know if it is possible to get money wasted on this scam site back? Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted. July 3, at August 4, at July 22, at September 8, at 4: October 27, at 3: November 9, at 7: December 5, at 5:

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