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We like things spicy, so I added a full tablespoon of Sirachi to my sauce and I double the sauce.

By Some Lady on March 18, Biggest waste of money! I bought this and was very excited. It arrived and my husband and I assembled it at tried it out. After about three pumps, it broke! There is no longer any spring action.

Not worth the money! Top rated Most recent Top rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. There was a problem loading comments right now. By Andy Snap on August 29, I read the reveiws here By john gallagher on June 22, Bought this for my wife after we watched Cathouse on HBO and saw some girls using it. Wife said she'd love to play with one someday so I surprised her when it arrived in the mail. First off it's fun to use on her and watch her use it.

Adjustable so that is good, my wife is 5 feet tall and there is plenty of room for it to go up or down. Lots of different ways to use it which makes if fun and exciting in the bedroom. Hands down it's our favorite toy in our collection by far. By BlkKtty on June 4, Certainly does NOT work as advertised. Waste of money, do NOT buy this. You'd be better off buying a real pogo-stick. Difficult to position and noisy.

By Cristina Kennington on June 26, Color temperatures in the yellow part of the spectrum are ideal for fog lights because of significantly reduced backscatter from the water droplets. Other temperatures that produce blue, amber, red or green are important for LED lights being used for alert signals. All you need to be concerned with regarding IP ratings are two numbers.

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For more than 50 years, Federal Signal has been in the business of offering comprehensive lighting and alert solutions for emergency and work vehicles. Two of their most innovative technology solutions are in reflector design and an 85 percent reduction in connection failure points in light bars.

The build quality matches or exceeds that from any other manufacturer on the planet. If you want the brightest, toughest LED light bar that is budget-friendly, this is it. This D-Series inch light offers three beam patterns: The latter delivers an industry-leading 11, raw lumens of night-to-day K illumination.

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These lights are crazy bright and designed to stay that way for the life of your vehicle. Black Oak is the new LED light bar market leader with top-quality builds, super-bright, long-lasting LEDs and hugely competitive pricing. It absolutely provides the highest value in LED illumination and durability bar none. These will outshine your normal headlights with a broad beam. A pair of these draws 4 amps and puts out lumens more than a 35 W HID lamp. You can order the housing in black, chrome or white.

This inch light bar is powerful enough to stand by itself on the hood, bumper or grill of your vehicle. It features a rugged enclosure rated at IP With the option of either white or amber LEDs, this light bar is an excellent choice for mid-range illumination of the road ahead. This Australian LED light is a premium light for trucks, off-road vehicles and heavy equipment. The heat sinks are double-sized to ensure the LEDs exceed their expected 50, hours of operation.

It is encased in an aluminum housing with a polycarbonate lens. Each bar has dual power inputs that allow daisy-chaining multiple light bars. It includes their patented hybrid optics that utilize computer designed reflectors and front lenses that shape the combo beam. It draws under 9 amps and just under watts to produce lux at 10 meters. I will definitely try your recipe next time. I prepared the noodles by boiling water like it said on the box… my noodles got overcooked and a bit pasty- otherwise it was very tasty!

Gonna try your way next time! I have eaten pad thai at home, and really have been wanting to try to make it for some time. But all the recipes I was finding had odd ingredients in it like fish sauce, or others. This one was just perfect! I added bean sprouts, carrots, and snow peas, along with a little ginger. It only took me 30 min to make, and I halved the recipe, but it still fed three.

Thanks so much for this great recipe! It will go into my regular meal rotation. Made this tonight…it was pretty easy. It was definitely good! I doubled the sauce and it was still a little dry for me. I like a lot of sauce. It was really good though and I will be making it again! Thanks so much for sharing it! If adding chicken, should i cook it in a separate skillet and then add it in when tossing the noodles? I tried this recipe last night with chicken and a few different ingredients.

I doubled the sauce which turned out a little too salty so next time i think I will double everything again except maybe less soy sauce. I added a spoonful of peanut butter to the sauce and I think this made a great addition!! I then cooked some chicken with it frying it in sesame oil to add flavor then just added it to the mix. Thank you for this post! I made this recipe. I know I am going to love it…one BIG problem.

What did I do wrong? I used all 16 oz of noodles and soaked them for 30 minutes. The flavor was good, just gummy noodles.

Made this again for the 4th or 5th time and it just keeps getting better! Thank you so much for this recipe. Made this last night… great find via Pinterest! It was really nice to be able to make Pad Thai without having to have specialty ingredients that are hard to find where I live. I added a bunch of extra vegetables red pepper, mung bean sprouts, and brocolli. My husband and I really enjoyed this meal. Thanks for the recipe! Would I completely butcher this recipe by using regular thin linguine pasta?

Or even whole wheat, for that matter…? I made this tonight! It taste so similar to the pad Thai I ate in Canada and have not had since!!! Only thing i did different was i used garlic chili sauce instead of siracha bc its what i had! My family loved it! Thanks for the great recipe! It printed 56 pages of recipes, pictures and comments! I only wanted the 1 page recipe. Look forward to trying this, though. I love pad thai. Unfortunately my 2 year old has egg and peanut sensitivities — crossing my fingers that he grows out of them so I can fix yummy things like this!

Just made this tonight. I did boil the noodles. We will definitely have this again! Made this tonight for dinner and it was surprisingly good! As simple of ingredients as it uses I was a bit skeptical, but it tasted great. I think I would still prefer the phad Thai at my favorite Thai restauant, but for the price and simplicity of this dish, I can now add a new favorite dish to our dinner options.

I hate what people put in the description box on Pins most of the time. My most loathed is: Thanks for this because I needed a good giggle and also and easy pad thai recipe! Saw your question about boiling the noodles… I use this type of noodle all the time, gluten-free since even in Italian dishes. I always boil them. Depending on thickness, it takes minutes. I tried it tonight and was absolutely delicious and very simple.

Thank you for sharing!!! I love Pad Thai and have tried making before with no success. My 6 year old twins loved it and my husband has not quit talking about it. I added pork which I grilled in bite size pieces before adding. My only thing to change next time is soaking the rice noodles longer. Thanks so much for this easy recipe! The first time I made it, it was really good but there was something missing. Last night, I substituted fish sauce for one of the tablespoons of soy and it was perfect.

Thanks again for sharing. Looking forward to trying your pho recipe! My first ever attempt at Pad Thai which I am a big fan of and it was fantastic! Kids loved it too. Thank you for the easy to follow recipe. I love you for this recipe! I love all the street vendor kind of thai food you get so easily on the roadsides of Bangkok and since my parents live there and I only get to visit every 6 months, I crave for the food all the time.

I had pinned this recipe a long time ago but just today got around to cooking it. And it was brilliant! I had to do some substitutions though like I used wheat noodles mama noodles that are easily available in Thailand.

I didnt have salted peanuts so I used regular peanuts instead and I didnt have brown sugar so I used regular sugar. I also tried out using shrimp. I had the dried variety which I added to the onion and ginger as they were cooking.

Thank you and I hope I can get more recipes from you! Wow what a delicious pad Thai recipe. I am always on the hunt for yummy Asian dishes and Pad Thai is a staple in my opinion! Also your step by step directions and pics are great!

You have quite the sense of humor-it was fun reading the recipe. Excited to make a good version at home but if you are ever in the Denver area, make sure to look up Star Thai restaurant in Lakewood, CO. It was my gateway to real Pad Thai and nothing has compared since. Even friends from Thailand rave about this hole in the wall, 2-table joint.

I made this tonight and my husband literally licked the plate clean! It was soooo delicious! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I will be making this again and again and again. I can honestly say this sounds awesome! My Bf and I have been making a similar dish for awhile now. But we add in some shrimp to our pad thai!

We also add bean sprouts, water chestnuts, and occasionally bamboo shoots. Just discovered your blog via Pinterest and am enjoying browsing. Your Pad Thai looks awesome and easy—plan to try it soon! Stop by and visit me when you have time.

Fellow bloggers are the best! But I moved 3 years ago and i miss it so much. I actually spent an extra hour downtown last week between parking and traffic bullshit and paid for parking just to get my old fav cuz no one in the burbs can compete. I had to use lemon juice, had no cilantro in house, and also no bean sprouts which i never liked anyways and it is still absolutely amazing!

And i know everything thats in it, no mystery ingrediants fish sauce, gross. Hey—I also came here through Pinterest. Thanks for sharing, this is great! My husband is recently on a low sodium diet, and we loooooove pad thai.. I often would make my own with of course fish sauce, which is mg of sodium per ONE tbsp! Now I know I can make it without the salty ingredients, and have it still be tasty and enjoyable: Will definitely be making it again.

I boiled the noodles which took about 5 minutes and they were perfect. I found that using more oil made the noodles very moist!

I added chicken and doubled the sauce recipe since I used the entire box of noodles. When the dish was done it tasted great but I felt like something was missing the peanut flavor I love in Pad Thai. No yucky orange sauce for me. I felt that those recipes were beyond my scope of capabilities. I am on my way to the store right now to buy the few ingredients to make this. I made this a few nights ago…It. I like my pad thai to burn my face off so I added a healthy squirt of saracha and two thai chilis.

Thanks for a simple and delicious recipe. I doubled the sauce and also added some shrimp to mine! Thanks so much for this recipe! I was blown away how delicious this meal was! If you love the magazines, you will live their cookbooks. Big, beautiful pictures for every single recipe. I think I over cooked the noodles in the water. I used almonds in place of peanuts and keylime juice and extra sugar instead of lime juice and instead of the chili sauce I added cayenne at the end. I really like it.

This recipe will be in my pocket for awhile. Thanks for the recipe and great pictures! I was excited to try it. I like my pad thai with a lot of lime, so I used about 2 whole limes for the sauce. I never comment, but this dish has become a staple in my dinner recipes. My husband and I both love it, thanks so much for sharing! You must live on the West coast where Pad Thai is indeed orange and scary. In the Northeast it looks exactly like this.

I found you through Pinterest. Pad Thai is our families favorite that we make sure to have at least once a month. I saw your comment about your noodles, and I just wanted to say we always place our rice noodles in a large pot of water and bring that water to boil. Then we let them sit to the side and hang out while we are putting all the other ingredients together. Ours always turn out well. Just thought that maybe this could help.

According to Pinterest, I pinned this recipe 17 weeks ago, and finally just tried it last night. I wish I tried it sooner! I did 2 skillets of this which used the total box between the 2 , one with tofu for myself and one with chicken for him. I made a full serving of the sauce for each add in and let them marinate while the noodles soaked.

This recipe has been bookmarked since last year when I was pregnant and craved Pad Thai 3 times a week. Nice to see the updated page and congrats on all the pins! My husband is allergic to peanuts so we skip those, but the other veggies give it plenty of crunch. Thanks for the pics and detailed cooking instructions! Found this recipe on Pintrest. I used the whole box of noodles, tripled the sauce and added small pieces of chicken that I cooked in garlic oil.

Loved it, it is very easy to make and I will definitely make it again: I found the rice noodles at Kroger in the Asian section.

I made this recipe and have a brand new favorite dish. It was easy and turned out great! Thanks for the great recipe. I wanted to thank you for this incredible dish. Let me tell you why! I have 3 kids and I thought as I was making it … Oh lord! I just bought a my-tho noodles.. Can you tell me where you buy the flat rice noodles? If your grocery store has an Asian or International section, you should be able to find.

Another option would be to order them from Amazon. I came across this on Pinterest. Very easy, quick and tasty. I added cooked chicken. Next time, I will half the sugar and add more spice. But this was not right. We had to throw it out and eat frozen waffles for dinner. Soy sauce overload and the noodles were just icky we used trader joes rice noodles. While a lot of commenters say that is the way to go, I find it a little too overpowering when doubled.

I took the advice and doubled up on the sauce, I just added some fish sauce. After I made the sauce I soaked some thin slice of beef and then followed the rest of the recipe..

This has become a staple in our house now. I always make sure I have noodles in the pantry so I can throw this together in a pinch. Wait I have a question though: Someone said to put cilantro in the freezer to keep it good. But I tried that and when I pulled it out and defrosted, it was all soggy and gross: The way I usually keep my cilantro is in a jar with water like cut flowers , but it gets a little soggy and icky after a week like that.

Does anyone know if doubling this recipe in one batch will negatively affect the outcome. We are a family of five 3 of which are hungry teenage boys and we love Pad Thai. I say try it and adjust as necessary. Made this last night, my hubby was skeptical, but ended up loving it!

He had one bite while I was swapping out laundry, when I came back he had eaten an entire bowl!! Next time, 5 mins. I made this tonight and it was wonderful!!! I did add shrimp and tofu to it and everyone loved it!

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