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Titles are accessible for 48 hours after a successful rental transaction has occurred.

Specific Steps To Cancel A Fling Account

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I do not want to be billed again! I have half a mind to sue them for internet fraud and identity theft. They are getting very close to it so they better not be pushing any of my buttons any longer! I'm fed up with this this!!! I'm a member of fling. Yes there are fake profiles on there where they try to get you to join a free 3 day trial on some cam site.

I don't even think thats fling, fling wouldnt gain from that. Now I never did start just a normal account so i dont know how many bs emails u get. There are a fair amount of actual people you can meet and hook up with if you have some game and some ok looks, or lowered expectations.

I've hoooked up with 2 in less then a month and i have several lined up. But i have to be willing to drive 2 hrs to do so. If you live in a big city, then i'd seriusly think about it. Otherwise, u have to be willing to burn some gas. Hey, I'm having trouble canceling myself. Ever finf out if that site listed works?

Hope i helped u. Im looking to cancel my account but its not letting me anyone lend a hand scot. Having a big problem canceling with this [censored]e website. Only wanted it to look up a friend and am being haunted by it. Can't get through on skype as they are never operating. Did not get an ID number therefore can't use epoch. Read through the information about managing your account and the instructions for cancelling your membership.

Click Customer Service Center to send a message to delete your account. Choose Other in the drop-down list box as the reason for your message, and type a message to inform the customer service representative that you want to cancel your membership and remove your account from Fling.

Click Send to send the message. For example, type a message similar to the following:. Please cancel my Fling membership effective immediately. I have already inactivated my profile on the system. Here are some instructions of how FlixFling interface works and how to search for subscription or premium movies. Or, go to our channels page and get a subscription to a select group of movies at various price points. Finally, if you see a couple of great titles you like and are not yet a subscriber, you can rent or purchase them at prices as low as.

Please contact our customer service department via this form: FlixFling subscribers are also able to rent and purchase titles outside of this channel. Premium content is classified as titles available exclusively for On Demand rental or purchase. MyFlix digital locker is a complimentary service that stores all your digital purchases and current rentals.

It may be accessed via any device FlixFling currently supports, including televisions, mobile devices phones and tablets , and streaming set top boxes.

Steps To Delete Your Fling Membership

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