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I always was Wondering 4 Years ago I was utilizing Amolatina agency Services a lot in I first found out about them back in but never really well you know Joined because I thought I was too young at the time I must say I'am 30 - Years of age and I'am getting tired of being lonely the its seems like the fellow Women here in United States are getting to be in my opinion not interested in Nice men who have really something worthwhile to offer and I do not mean money either!!

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But she is the real deal, has money and therefore is not wanting mine and we are presently arranging for a meetup face to face, YES!! Off to Colombia in January. Please don't write off the many lovelies on there just because of AmoLatina, there is a goldmine of fine ladies on there who are none the wiser of how the system works.

A bit of makeup goes a long way, accompanied by professional photography, videos, and suddenly the website is full of stunners! My lady included one photo of herself in "ordinary" mode and yet she is still beautiful. Don't fall for the sugar daddy trick. I got heaps of ladies young enough to be by daughter looking for their "soul-mate" offering everything from penpal to explicit sex, mostly tthe latter.

I'm reckoning they are there for two things: Yes, it is quite true that all of them are chasing the green card, but who wouldn"t. In fact if my lady was not prepared to relocate to Australia, I would have already lost interest.

Go for ladies close to your own age; my lady is 50 and I am I like to be realistic. If you are still unsure, LatinAmericanCupid and ColombianCupid are the real deal, they allow personal email infor on 1st contact, and there are many fine ladies on both of them.

I would have gone for any one of several in a short list I had made on LAC, until the lady from AmoLatina came through. She did so without being offended, knowing where I was coming from. She is the real deal. Good for you Billy, other comments tell us otherwise. But you have a right to an opinion. Anything having to do with the Russians is a ripoff! File your complaint today with the BBC. Instead there are many fine ladies on LatinAmericanCupid, ColombianCupid and Every Other "Cupid" sites which are transparent in their approaches to members.

I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of registering on AmoLatina site. Although the information in my 1st 2 posts were factual as far as I was aware, I have caught them out. After paying for the privilege of obtaining the lady's personal details, I used the WhatsApp to make contact off-site. I gave my usual greeting on AmoLatina to get the ball rolling, all I got as a reply was 4 question marks. She also said she hadn't been on there for a few days, yet I was chatting with the noew deemed to be fake lady EVERY day without fail.

I will be immediately going to PayPal to see what monies I can recover, Maybe nothing, maybe some of it, I'll find out. I'm just glad I used the PayPal option, to have some recourse of refund and reverse payment if there is fraud involved. Apologies if I have misled anyone on here or anyone who read my slightly positive review. I hope no-one else has been duped. I read a lot of complainings about this "amolatina" website and many doubts about it and even worst, "people" that deffend it and encourage others to give it a try!

I am going to write the other side of this situation, the side from the people who work behind the computer making u believe you are talking with the love of your life. Few months ago, august , I was desperate to have a job, I was searching for one on this very famous south american website for job searching and then I found an ad, a very important company they didn't write their name wanted translators, people who could speak english to work between 9 pm and 5 am.

Now some of u may have been very naive to believe in these websites, well, I was very naive too when I aplied thinking that it could be a good thing. They called me on a saturday morning for an interview for that same day. I thought it was very weird that people make job interviews on a weekend but was so desperate that I decided to attend.

The interview was in a very pretty house, in a very luxurious neighborhood in my city. Inside the house there was an office and on the living room, there were 6 computers. The interviewer, let's call her Maria, I don't even remember her name, presented herself, she was supposed to be the woman in charge of human resources and said that the company was small, just starting in my country, but have been very successful in the short time they have been on business.

Then, she ask me a few questions about my english skills and other stuff. Next, she started talking about the vacancy. This "agency", according to Maria had at least 15 profiles and behind them, 6 girls that managed them.

What do these "translators" do? The website offers virtual gifts options, and yes, there's a commission for that everytime a guy buy those for the girl they are trying to know. Then, they have to translate and answer letters, of course for that there's a very little almost miserable commission. If the guy come to visit the woman in the pictures, if that ever happens, the agency reaches that woman and she will be there to receive the guy they dont even know and don't even care, and the translator that have been talking to him, well that person obviously will have to be there too yep, that's one of the highest commissions they can receive.

And there's one even worst: This agency make tours. Tours where those foreigners come here to visit their ladies. And well, of course, there's a very very little rate of success.

Because let's be honest, these ladies and this agency just like many others that do this same scam don't care about people finding the love of their lives. There's a sad part for the people in this agency, mostly women that work there.

The first month they don't have an income, only the "shitty" commissions they get from all the money these people with no heart charge foreigners. The shift I was supposed to do was from 9: As I was leaving this place, another girl came to an interview with a friend of her, maybe they had that feeling that it was a weird thing to have an interview on a saturday as I did….

I left that place feeling really bad, I have been a foreigner living in another country, never scammed or betrayed by locals, always respected.. S there's a documentary about this "agencies" on netflix, totally recommended!

Scam — Stay Away…. I wasted a lot of money…all the testimonials above are true. Gorgeous women just want chat, chat and more chat.. All have the same "safety concerns" as if they've been "coached' by the site….

There is this female name Luisa Tamara, she is fake!! Is like she never run out of credits. She did a video of her walking on the beach, I thought she was real! I found out she is not real! She send the same message to some of my friends! Site is a Total Scam run by Chinese. I know some of the Filipina Girls who work on this Site. They live in Cebu, Philippines, not in Colombia. They are Filipina, not Colombian.

It is a Total Scam. The photos of the Girls on the Site are stolen from Facebook. Well, I must say I also feel this site is a scam together with the other sites connected with it. I could not find any buttons.. The first words she wrote me were: Please write slower … Why would i write slower? If I do not want to receive mail from anyone I can just block it and that would be all to it. I am latino also and let me tell you , laino girls are anything else than shy.

And with the photos some of them have on the site and introduction words they say, where the hell is the shy part of them there? If love would cost money then it would not have been love or you have never been in love. I guess trolls are everywhere.

I will investigate some more and come back later, without spending any more money , with some details…. In the spatter of my life, your banana is my favorite fruit.

Hi honey, do you want to do rich things under the sheets? Do you want to get in bed with me? I think it is better to do things in pairs or individually? I want to meet you, darling, let's talk, kisses. This is clearly one or two operators that write messages.. If I don't write because my innitial free credit is exhausted, they never write back.. And by the way, the photographer that makes the photos for this site is http: Is a Colombian company, they build websites for instance for colombianmodels.

Most of Colombian girls pictures come from http: I meet some of them in person but their public info and pictures are used to create the fake profiles on amolatina.

Plus, if these girls seems to work oin what they have in the profile, for example on banning companies, how are they signed in all day in the website? Can you recommend some safer and more reputable dating sites, whereby you can eventually obtain their private email or phone texting contact, to arrange a meeting or a date? This site should be shut down since none of the images correspond to those who are responding to you as documented in the many prior posts.

It clearly applies here as well as, "If something seems too good to be, it probably is. I am not spending a dime to chat with phantom women. My Mama didn't raise no fool!!! In the email, I got back a letter from Amolatina, welcoming me to her through their website. Probably some boiler room phone system where you chat […]. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Real Reviews This review claims that AmoLatina. Other reviews that seem honest and legitimate: Contact support Final Decision: File A Report Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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For example, you can specify the age, profession, and even hair color of your ideal partner. Then, create a personalized message and the website will send it automatically to all potential matches that fit your criteria. You can find this service at the top part of your screen when you open the Menu button. Those who wish to get real-time replies from members who are online can use the AmoLatina chat feature.

The service only works, like the name says, one way. The Two-Way Video feature is similar to the one-way video option, but the main difference is that it allows both people who are chatting to view each other via webcam. Members will be able to chat, sending and receiving messages in real-time, while seeing each other on video. The cost of this feature is six credits per minute. Members are still able to receive messages whenever they are offline with the Offline Chat feature.

You can see if a member is online or not on their profile — their status will be displayed. Even if they are offline, you can still send them messages. They can read your message will as soon as they come online.

As part of the monthly membership, 10 FREE offline chats of up to three chat messages with characters are available. In case, I would save money and time to find my wife here. I just went for a trip to Brazil and met my wife. She was our guide. But still I recommend it to you, friends! Latin girls can help you to open up. They are like from the other planet. YES, I am in love. Never thought, that I can say so…especially in love with someone you are chatting with online.

I read a lot about dating sites and honestly, was scary to register. There only real and honest girls. I have written 3 letters to one lady on this site.

I am 55 years old, divorced 11 years and considered reasonably good looking for my age and actually have social skills. Her profile caught my eye, as did a couple of things she said in letters — if indeed they are really her letters. I have written her detailed, rather lengthy letters, which I have translated into Spanish with an online service — I do this for her convenience.

The letters I have received back just two, waiting on the third are short and while she addresses a couple of things I brought up in my letter there is much she has not commented on or answered in a specific way.

I told her of the translation I could do online so she sent me a letter in Spanish along with an English version I assume is from a translator — done on AmoLatina, of course.

The English version was quite disjointed and with sections of sentences and also I suspected there were even words missing, I double-checked this by translating her Spanish version into English online with a mostly identical result. I find this VERY weird — if the letter is an accurate representation of what the lady wrote, then she has to be semi-illiterate and I do not think that is the case.

I think the letters are heavily edited — hers and probably mine — and I wonder if they are even hers after reading reviews on this site. I like the idea of meeting her there IF the correspondence piques my interest enough to travel there and meet her.

I am not looking for a desperate young woman to use me for the purpose of coming to America. Get real guys, woman half your age do not want to be with you because you are all that. Anyway, that is my take on AmoLatina so far — the jury is out until I receive a response to my third letter and I am not optimistic. Fair enough to say you need to meet in person — and this is where the real money is made, no crime in that.

The Best thing to do,Dan, is what I plan on doing: I will retire soon and can spend weeks if not months in Colombia. I am Latin so Spanish and their culture is not an issue here. I can continue on AmoLatina and chatting with these women and if one is living in or near the city I will be living in I can meet them in person.

That to me is the only way to find out if this site is a scam or not. Recently, I went on a tour to Columbia. I had a great time with, Daniela, the woman I went there to meet.

She was really kind and had the same beautiful smile that was on the photo that I have of her. Before I settled on Daniela, I was planning to meet up with a couple of sexy ladies. The women here are of high quality. So, choose wisely on who you want to have a deep relationship with. Other than that, this place is awesome place to meet real Latinas. This site is a scam!!! That is stated upfront, so you cannot say it is a scam. I joined the site purely as an experiment.

I never put a picture on the site, yet several incoming chat requests commented on how attractive they thought I was! Without exception, every woman who successfully received my email address refused to send me an email, each with the same excuse being that they want to get to know me first.

On ANY other dating site, members will gladly exchange email addresses, but not on this site.


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