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Is A Legit Site Or A Scam? We Investigated OurTime & Here’s Our Report

There is no reason why this could not be done successfully. This site is nothing more than an internet scam.

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The toolbars are self-explanatory and the matchmaking sections are well-organized. Profile management is also easy to understand, clearly marking which part can be edited in addition to a percentage highlighting the completeness of the profile. Managing your online dating adventures is fairly straightforward. The site keeps track of every interaction others have with you: Taking the initiative in your hands? You can either run a custom search by setting certain filters age, location, ethnicity, habits etc.

In this case, if you both say yay, the system will introduce you to each other. One noteworthy feature of OurTime. With a special currency called tokens the user can activate one-time or temporary benefits. PromoteMe puts your profile at the top of the search lists for an hour, increasing the chance of being noticed by others.

Lastly, there is NotifyMe. When it comes to reaching out to your beloved match, the old-fashioned route of sending a message or asking a question to break the ice is a tried-and-true method.

Of course, the fastest way of communicating is undeniably through the live chat, but unfortunately this is restricted to gold members. These are nice visuals that show your affection to someone without the two of you meeting in person. When it comes to real life encounters, OurTime displays several group events in your location.

If you and your sweetheart are ready to meet in person then just agree to attend one of these and have a good time together. Smartphone support is becoming a key feature when it comes to online dating since people like to spend their free time chatting with potential new partners. OurTime caters to tech-loving users with its mobile-friendly site and smartphone app, available for iOS and Android.

The app puts a new spin on the design, making it more stylish and compressed. Bear in mind, though, that only premium members have access to the mobile version. OurTime is the sort of service that is free-to-use on the surface but includes several paywalls at its core, hiding certain crucial features. In exchange, your messages and profile will be highlighted, while the NotifyMe feature will become activated for you, which would otherwise require paid-for tokens.

This currency can be used to temporarily boost your popularity or sending a virtual gift. There is one last issue worth highlighting. The site seems to use a rather underhanded tactic to trick seniors into purchasing the Best Value subscription plan by showcasing a minute countdown , suggesting that the deal is a limited-time special offer that they might end up missing out on.

Clicking on it leads to an FAQ that covers many topics with quite detailed answers. The link to the contact page is also hidden here, too. If you have any lingering questions or wish to report any concerns, the only option is to submit a ticket and wait for the reply. Since an account is free , there is nothing to lose if you sign up for OurTime. The site delivers on the promise of creating a matchmaking platform for singles above 50, but the quality of the service is more than a little shaky.

The design is perhaps overly simplistic, and most of the dating tools are unavailable for free users. The subscription plans are within affordable limits when opting for the longer subscription, but the site uses some underhanded tactics to convince seniors to opt for the more expensive plan. I tried for 1 month, sent out over messages and the only response I received was from a woman who I had seen on another site.

I was wondering why Salt Lake City was my default area. I went in and found the city and my pictures were not what I uploaded and the pictures were of a guy a good 10 years younger than me. I never got a reply again from anyone.

Well I went in today just to look around, never will I pay for this site again. My profile was still available but my pictures were gone.

The 5 pictures she originally had were there and her profile was not even close to what she originally written and I suspect her pictures are being used as a scam. The synopsis was not even a description of her. So be very wary of this site, waste of time, money and effort.

Lots of pictures, but few living active members. One man remained on a year after he died. He had a paid membership. I informed them twice. From a technical perspective, the site is clunky at best. The matching system is as useless as Trump.

At least the gender has been right — most of the time. I recently joined and within a couple of days have had some nice conversations with a couple local women that I plan to meet in the next few days. Life experience might be the best navigator through the bullshit that permeates these sites. My BS meter is reasonably well tuned and I feel…. Run from this site do not walk RUN!!! There is no way to know if you as a paying member are writing to a member who can reply!!

There is no time stamps on messages Its not cheap and check the auto pay and your bill they charged for a 1 year membership another user was charged I also canceled my subscription Matches not matching search requirements for age or distance Message infolder OMG does not indicate new or old messages If someone is logged into the chat feature and they arent a paying member they cant see or respond to your chat message so I dont know why they are even allowed or said to be active I can go on but like i told the customer service rep this is by far the most antiquated dating site on the web.

After reading favorable reviews about OurTime. Within an hour of paying my money I realized it was a scam. OurTime is an online dating site targeting the over 50 crowd. It seems like a good idea, but the system lacks a great deal of functionality and the number of people you can contact is limited. Anyone can sign up for a free account and view profiles, but they can not communicate with other members. Anyone who is curious about the site must create a free profile to see if they will like it.

This creates the illusion of having many members on the site, but in reality most are no longer using the site and even if they are, you are not able to communicate with them. Free members are able to send Flirts and view profiles, but you must be a paid member to use any other feature. Once you become a paid member you will be able to receive flirts from unpaid members which means your inbox will be cluttered up with flirts from people cannot reply to any message you send them.

The flirt function is a simple one click button so you can click on hundreds of profiles in a very short time — even though you did not read their profile and not able to follow up with further communication.

To make matters worse you have no way of knowing who is a paid member and who is not so if you see someone you are interested in and spend the time to read their profile and send them a message there is a very good chance that they will never see or read your message. As a paid member you will be able to see if they have read your message, but that is after you have already invested your energy into writing to a person that you think you might like.

However those matches have nothing to do with the search criteria you are using and therefore are useless. The software runs slowly and even though I am a paid member the site contains ads that clutter up the screen. The chat feature will allow not allow me to enter more than about 8 words without locking up, so I need to type a few words, hit enter, and type a few more and hit enter just to type a sentence. Along with the ads that clutter up your screen there are popup boxes that popup every time someone views your profile.

Once you become a paid member you will have the opportunity to pay for extra features by buying tokens. The one plus of this system is that customer care responded to my concerns very quickly. They were not able solve any of my concerns but they responded very quickly and confirmed that there was no way for me to know who was a paid member and which members were no longer active.

There are better online dating sites out there that are more user friendly operated by companies that have more integrity and value your time. I would definitely give this site a thumbs down. This was very helpful. I subscribed to match. I keep getting emails from Out Time and am so glad I read your reviews. Is there a legitimate dating site out there one that is actually truthful and trustworthy?

Thanks for your honest review. Lots of creepers who made me want to take a shower. I set up a free account and was enticed to join by a large number of fake messages. There was also a solicitation for sex. Really a distasteful site. I was a member less than an hour before canceling my account.

OurTime customer service is inline with their site. My request for a refund was rejected. Avoid this scummy site. I meant to type scammy site, but autocorrect gave it what it deserves. I meant to type scammy site, but auto correct gave it what it deserves.

Totally agree with all the negativity on these reviews. Impossible to contact the site to complain one on one. A completely useless site. Will contact Better Business Bureau with my complaints. I would not recommend Ourtime to anyone. I really think they need to do a better job in screening the profiles. Since I joined last year I have come across tons of scammers and fake profiles.

I am a women looking for a man and they send me matches for women and men that are way out side of what I am looking for. I send and reply back to emails and get no replies, I noticed most men just want to chat for hours and never met up with you. Every time I sign in there are lots of profiles they say I viewed and I never viewed them, I delete them and there are more the next day. So is Ourtime adding them because I am not viewing them? I took my account off of auto renewal and will be deleting my profile at the end of the month.

What a waste of money and my time, I have reached the point that I hate signing into their site. One user had my profile removed and when I contacted Our time and asked why they told me they could not see why it was removed and put it back. Then the next day is was removed again and I called them and they put it back. I told them I knew who reported it, they asked me the username and told them.

They told me I was right and that they have had lots of complaints about the user. They asked me about my experience with him and I told them I went out with him two times. The first time I had a good time with him and the second time he acted like he was off of his meds and I felt scared.

I left and never looked back. Told them I did a background check on him and everything he told me was a lie. His profile status states widower, he is not a widower, he is divorced. I also found out more about him and I really think they should check everyone out before they let them on the site.

They told me he has violated the sites standards and he will be removed. Well guess what he is still on the site. I know the dating sites tell us to be careful and met in a public place. But they need to screen everyone better, keep the scammers and fake profiles off. Why should we pay and have to deal with these people? Personally, I did not have a positive experience on this site. This was mainly due to heavy advertising on my personal home page of OurTime.

I have been on several dating websites that are fantastic, and no advertising! I can understand that free dating sites use advertising, but when you are paying OurTime is not free , then having to put up with advertising is just tacky.

Because of this I only visited the OurTime website a few times and ended up wasting a bunch of money. I do not recommend. I had great success I answered everyone. Find what makes u happy. My time on OurTime was a joke to say the least. What kind of meds are these woman on. My profile was deleted twice and a totally new one replaced and composed of complete garbage. I am assuming this was all the doings of employees of OurTime.

I would think a lawsuit should be forthcoming, what with all these negative and fraudulent money withdrawals. I have since deleted my account with these predators and are keeping a watchful eye on my cc account. I was talking to a Veterinarian from Texas, who turned out to be a Nigerian scammer living in Malaysia. Total profile, including pictures, were fake.

When I emailed his info to Romancescams. Dating sites need to: Sure wish they gave a 10 day free period before we pay to use a service like this with predators on women, especially widows. I found a man and wanted to cancel my account.

Before doing that I wanted to look at his page one more time. That flashing sign was on telling me that he is online. So, I thought he is lying. And we had a small fight. Later, we found out that the flash was just flashing without him being online at all. So, why would the system set up deceiving the clients?

To break emotionally and make the clients to keep looking; hence, keep paying. Their match algo sucks…sends men matches who are men or women matches who are women…. I just joined this dating site 2 months ago for 6 months.

I have to ask how can you trust any of the dating websites? How do you know which ones are genuine? My conclusion is they could all be greedy and crooked. Read bad reviews of other date sites also. My husband used this site to cheat on me. Watch out ladies there must be a lot of cheaters on the site.

The service is very unsatisfactory. The site is maddeningly fragile, and lockups may occur at any point. The is no time indicator, so it is often awkward to find an unread message.. Finally, drop-down ads obscure a large fraction of the screen, thus compromising information gathering.

I feel that I just wasted a hundred bucks! I have only been on this site for few days. I have been involves with 3 scammer all three were out of state. One said he lived in Canada but is phone number was from Ohio I guessed him and off the radar r he went I had another one that I told about the guy from canada and off the radar he went, so I am very concerned and I may lose my money but it is safer to be then sorry.

Please any older female that sign up go with caution. I think their website is down. I tried to log it but a sign in request for Cyberoam. Oh well, and I thought I would give it a try. Sorry everyone is so disappointed and lost money. I had the exact same experience from the rip off web site. I think the must just make up profiles and get some photos off of google images or something. I think I will have to change my credit card too. I feel it a scam becaus they dont even answer the questions you ask.

I have not used your services for several months. I contacted you several months ago asking you to cancel my membership but you are continually withdrawing money from my account at times twice a month. I am retired and cannot afford this. I will contact my lawyer to bring closure to this also to have my money refunded. The worst part is having someone from your site scam me for money.

I signed up for a 6 month subscription because I finally saw one profile out of hundreds I wanted to reply to. I called them a few days after I saw the charge on my card — not only did they NOT refund my Going to a bar to meet people is more friendly! The matches are always with people too far away..

Tonight, I kept getting bombarded with malicious code attempts. The prices are now almost double what are posted here and not worth it at the lower price. All of the commentary here about the misleading nature of the site are true. If you say yes, they send messages to the individual without your explicit permission. And even if you say no the same people are presented to you over and over again.

When I hid my profile and deleted that section content, when cancelling my paid subscription, they auto filled it.

I enjoy my whiskey and my jazz. I love a good night of music and talking. Love classics and authenticity. It also portrays me as an alcoholic. I will be forwarding this to Internet Fraud agencies as well as using all Social Media sites to spread the message. I regret ever trusting them. Stay away from these guys. I only average about 1 or 2 views of my profile, per day, when I have a Ourtime subscription. I might get 1 message every week or two. However the day after my subscription runs out I am suddenly averaging about 20 views of my profile and several messages per day.

Once I renew my subscription I discover that virtually all of these supposed messages are bogus. In addition as soon as I renew my subscription I immediately drop down to 1 or two views per day and 1 message ever week or so.

In addition several weeks ago when I still had a paid subscription I was suddenly no longer able to view profiles that did not have pictures posted.

Customer service was of no help whatsoever. They suggested I try this and that, and none of what they suggested fixed the problem. I tried opening my profile in different browsers and even with different computers. Nothing fixed the problem. All they told me was that they would report the problem to their technical section. And after enduring a few weeks of not getting the service that I paid for, my subscription ran out.

At that point I deleted my profile and then created a new one from scratch. In addition I can no longer choose how I wish to view my supposed matches. I also get the same matches all the time. And now they are pushing me to subscribe again, since I supposedly have numerous messages waiting for me in my inbox.

I have profiles posted on other sites and none of them even remotely come close to being as bad as this site is. However there comes a time when one has to stand up for what is right and identify a scam as a scam. I have had pretty much the same thing happen to me as my subscription was ending.

OurTime is actually a terrible site. One of the big problems is their marketing schemes. I can only see a part of the people that fit my requirements. In order to see new ones I have to block some old ones. Most sites let you see ALL of the potential.

I am not going to renew my subscription and am sorry that I wasted my money here. This business has very dubious billing practices. What they are doing is not fraudulent, in banking terms , but very bad business practices.

Use your billing rights under MasterCard and Visa to fight back; each chargeback against a merchant costs them more money than what they are billing you for, and hurts their relationship with their own bank. Good for you, bad for them.

Eventually they will lose the ability to even process payments from Visa and MasterCard if enough people file disputes against them. The reason I had a case for dispute is because they did not disclose the amount I would be charged prior to processing my payment. Merchants can challenge any dispute,and if you have used their services AT ALL, they can and will say that although the services were not what you expected, they were still available to you. This makes the charge valid.

Horrible site, false emails, poor sorting, double flirts and emails, false views…more and more issue. I deleted my profile and its still up and can be viewed. Met men looking for casual sex, regardless of what their profile said. Like another reviewer I just need to vent. I set up a profile just answered some questions, nothing written or a picture. Then looked — no one interesting.

They sent me a potential match and he looked great so I joined. Call center in Philippines so I finally got my money back. Does anyone there exist in the world of the living? Overall, the experience turned out to be your run-of-the-mill dating website.

Our Time is a scam. They have the most unattractive people on the site and most of them are fake profiles. Please call your credit card company and see if you can dispute the amounts they charged you. I called mine and they should issue me a refund in days. More like Outta Time! These money hungry morons couldnt get a date in a leper colony so, while crying in their beers, they concocted this bunch of dribble to torture the rest of the known universe in retaliation instead of actually getting a real job, taking social interaction lessons and taking shower once a day.

These bozos deleted my written profile 4 FN times! More like Sour Time, not Our Time. It must mean Our Time To stuck it to the rest of humanity for the shit hand life dealt them. Some goofs named Eric keeps actually apologizing for the same damn screwup 4 times. Anyone with a tiny flake of self respect would just fold up and quit but no OOOOO Eric just keeps on apologizing then you pour sand in the wound they bend over backwards and punishment me with a 1 week extension.

Probably laden with more technical flaws than a betamax. Were there justice in this world these losers would be forced to watch porn 24 hours a day with their hands cuffed behind their backs! More like Your Time To Suffer! Fake profiles, even when you just look at a profile , it sends a note to that person saying that interested! Chet you are an asshole. Go back to school and learn something. While Our time informed other sites my card info and all were declined.

I called and they refunded on my new card and no more charges. Someone screwed up but not everyone. I have found the site to be a joke. Have never been scammed so many times in my life. What a waste of money. At this age, a simple answer that you are not interested would be expected from adults. Ourtime has a lot of members but most will just view you and not put in the effort to date. However if you contact them they usually do make some arrangement for a date.

I guess a lot of them are shy. I had a very disturbing experience on one date and it still haunts me. After the date he walked me to my car and tried to twist me around to kiss him. I said not on the first date. He then struck he on my back and backside and walked away. I reported him on our Time. I hope nobody meets Chester as this was his name. It has put me off dating completely. This is one of so many bad reviews that I doubt it will get much attention, however I have to say my peace. This is the worse excuse of a dating website ever.

The pictures of the men are either fake, blurred, gross like needing a bath…or downright stupid. I fee like I need to wash my hands after scrolling through this site.

I tried it for a whole year now I had it way too long and it is truly a rip off for an intelligent woman looking for honesty and decency. I find myself wondering and almost knowing that there must be a site that weeds out all of these nasty flies that are online at our time.

More than half of matches where not real people. Beware if match looks to good to be true it is. Glad I terminated my membership. I wish I would have found these reviews before I signed up. The perspective from me male is no different. I have been on the site for four days. That does not seem to do much, because the bogus profiles keep coming. The women who were legit were not even close to what I was looking for. Stay away from this site. Unfortunately, this is my 7th site, and most of the ones I have been on are the same…but Ourtime.

I just tried this and am wasting more time than ever. I am not a computer whiz ;chatting online,texting is not for me. Noone wants to speak on the phone.

Even if you said No. I could go on…not worth my time. Maybe I should run a dating service…… hmmm…Nope! You are spot on about some of the men —also, if you are a widower, leave the pics off of your wife. I told one guy that you are on a dating site to meet women and you are displaying pics of your late wife and you—that type of man has built an altar to his late wife and pity the woman that gets involved with him!

I was just scammed out of a lot of money. I will not ever use this site or any site from hence forth. These things do no work. They breed liars and scammers. So going back to the old way of finding a mate. Well I joined earlier this year for one month talked with a few women took out one. But I think she could have been married and her and her husband date others but that is not the sites fault nor can they stop those games..

So thought I would give it another try rejoined for free a few months later put off paying for a few months needing to take care of some business…Joined the first of nov. The 44 were included in the There was one girl 33 lives miles away…Of the other 36 messages there was maybe Okay maybe people have dropped out.. Just lies and deceit to get you to join.. I will be out end of month as I have already gone in and took off automated pay.. They did the very same thing to me. I did not press the button for the They ARE thieves and their website sucks.

My ratings for this site is minus stars for overall, features, price and customer service. I wonder where these people come from, the gutter? Clearly not a match but they send them as such. Such a rip off and a insult to our intelligence.

I finished the end of the month and I have only been with them a week. I spent good money to get nothing in return,after getting no responses,meeting no one. I quit and i hope everyone stops throwing their money away.

I changed all the settings to stop automatic billing to my credit card not once but twice and they still billed me. I fixed them, I canceled the card so no more billing me! I was constantly contacted by foreign scam artists who are too stupid to realize that a highly educated person wont fall for their games.

The needle in a haystack was just not worth the time wasted. When I choose not to meet someone,I was accused of being too picky or thinking I was better than.. Why do males fee they have the right to choose one they feel is a good match, but females are accused of being picky or stuck up when we reject those who we feel are just not a good match?

I found most on line dating sites about the same. Chalked full of social misfits, narcissists, liars, cheaters and sad sacks. So few good men. Ourtime sends fake flirts and slammed my account with photoless profiles. The males who did write me obviously never read my profile, they simply looked at the pictures. I am dating in real life only now, at least I can see the real person rather than a 10 year old photo and watch body language and hear tone of voice before deciding whether or not they are safe to meet.

Dont waste your money on this dating site or any other unless you have unlimited hours to waste weeding through the wackos. Auto Renewal was automatically set without my knowledge! I agree with all the previous comments on this page. Then I met one who claimed to work for the UN and he had a supposed car accident and he said that the UN personal took him to new York.. Then pay a token for his release. So you never get to meet them face to face.

This is what you get when you start pressuring about a face to face meeting. As a guy, nothing but interest from pictureless, informationless profiles from people out of state, out of the country, who flirt you, like you, favorite you, email you.

And I know every site has some, but SO many obvious fake profiles and scammers on here. I feel sorry for the OurTime women if it is like this for them too. I fell for this piece of crap and gave up by the end of the first day. This site is a joke. Do not waste your time, energy or money! This site is a scam. It initiates emails to members that were never authorized including flirts, favorites and indications of interest. It has no customer service — just FAQs, no email address or available phone number.

The Our Time dating website is a total scam. Within one day of subscribing, they sent numerous emails out to other members saying that i liked their photo, flirts, and adding members as favorites, without my knowledge or approval. Class action suits are useless. For starters, I had one of the guys tell me that they pay people on the site to send emails to keep you hooked. The other problem, and I realized it is not the websites problem, but out of the dozen men I talked to, most were married.

If anything we need to have a site to report these losers to so their wives can find them. Probably the men have had the same experience. There has to be a better way….. I wish I had read the reviews before I decided to give it a try. It took me 5 min to sign up, I spent 5 min on it before I got a weird feeling about it, I tried to get a refund.

The woman I got on the phone after that first 5 min said since i used the site, i could not get a refund, and she said the only way to speak to her superviser was via email. Unable to log on …always invalid..

Class action lawsuit sounds pretty darn good,Far to many people are being ripped off.. Class action suits are useless because these bozos are based in Costa Rica and therefore outside of any North American legal jurisdiction.

Although I am a straight woman, over 50 [which is what they claim the site is about], they sent me women seeking men! And they sent me profiles of young guys — obvious hustlers. Worse -they mistakenly changed my profile name to something very sleazy. Worst dating site ever. The site sends auto flirts and messages from profiles of people who are not members. When you respond to the flirts or messages you never hear back from the person.

I think there are a bunch of fake profiles and that most of the messages and flirts are fake to get you hooked. Class action lawsuit sounds like a good idea because there is no way to get a refund and you think your purchasing one thing but you get something totally different ,annoying and frustrating. I met about a dozen people through Ourtime. There was dishonesty in height, weight, age, education, marital status, health, and even hair and teeth.

I was very disappointed and feel this was a waste of time and money. Also, I was told by others that they had an option to join on a monthly basis. That option was never available to me. I had to commit for 6 months. Also, even though I checked the box regarding not sharing my contact information, I am now bombarded with e-mails from Christian Mingle, Match and others. We should all create our own dating site. Everyone of you that negatively reviewed the site in question sound like the good guys.

I balked from joining it, as it had a cheezy feel to it. I did not know it was this bad however. Good luck to all of you. This is the worst website of this nature I have ever seen. I, too, wanted to get a refund, but NO! This could be someone who lives across the country no matter what you specified ; it could also be a woman again, I specified I was looking for a MAN , and many of my profile features were totally ignored. I recently was going to opt out as soon as my subscription was done in Oct.

I was clearing the Promote me screen when at the same time as hitting the X to get out of that the reactivate my acct popped up and was hit while hitting the X to get out of a different screen. Complete scam, renewal policies will get you sucked in for life.

Features of this site is very primitive, users interested in are usually from out of state. They do this to make you feel like action is taking place on their end. I was signed up for both of these sites which I believe is one and the same. I had married guys, foreigners with the same line I believe they must have some chain letter they circulate. They all have a dead wife, some family member die due to a violent crime , one child, born out of the USA.

Are suspicious of you. It goes on and on. The very worst thing that happened was someone hijacked me and I became a 6 foot 5 man. I had Amex cancel the renewal they hooked me once and surely they were not going to get me again. I think the only way to meet someone is to let it happen.

O Boy, I see by reading the notices below that I am far from alone. Today I had to cancel my credit card to disable their automatic renewal charges. The merchant phone provided to my credit company is dead. The credit company rep. And there is no way to block messages from people out of the area, so you get these canned messages from people all over the country.

This site is a waste of money, but worse, a BIG waste of time. Thus website is a joke. They steal your money and get away with it. I had someone hack into my PC and change my passwords. I get messages and when I say Hi they run the other way. Decided to read the reviews and could have saved my money. I thought POF was bad but at least it is free!! Live and learn read the reviews before you sign up I rate the site at You are absolutely correct.

You have to be quite careful in just moving the cursor. Set up a profile, uploaded a pix and then……all I could do is click on yes, no or maybe. I come to find out that in order to READ any messages, send any messages or use on-line chat, I must upgrade!

I sent an email to the help center- all generated responses and now they are sending it to their technology dept! I also used a Visa card with the exact amount so they could NOT renew anything. Boy have I learned my lesson! Will say this is a pos website…signed up for one month and billed me for 6.

They take your money and run,be very afraid! I also tried to sign up for 1 month but was billed for 6 months. I did call their customer service line and they credited me for 5 months. But I was immediately aware that when I viewed a profile the system sent out a generic message to the person viewed. Same when someone views my profile, I get a message.

This is the worst dating site EVER! And the following month, without my permission, they charged my card again! Did I have him then! I told him that I had supervised a call center before and that what his company had done was illegal. So I saw that it was still up and not completely erased from their system like I had asked.

I told him that there was no page that I had clicked on to renew my subscription whatsoever, and that they had just decided to steal from my account without my permission! He got scared and gave me a confirmation to return my money back to my account within 72 hours. They also have partner single sites that will start to bombard you to join them, so watch out for them as well as I found out they are all related to each other.

These guys are based in Costa Rica. If you flip down through this thread, there are numerous posts similar to yours, generally saying that refunds are impossible to obtain. I agree with many of the comments above. Almost all of the replies I received were very obvious scams. The addresses were all marked ARIPO whatever, wherever that is and numbers spelled out onesevensix etc. This should be very easy for them to create criteria to filter these very obviously fake profiles out. I got wind of the problem two days in….

I deleted my pics, and went thoroughly through my profile and deleted all, physically, then canceled my subscription, and they did that immediately. So we shall see on the 23rd of Sept if they try to get more moola. Oh yes, I sent some feedback to them.. This site is nothing more than an internet scam.

When you do they give you a clock to upgrade even more. I guess put your name at the top of the list. Once I figured out how to work the website one of the worst interfaces I have ever seen.

Now to the meat of the site. Over half the ladies that responded were sending personal emails or phone numbers and as the site says these people are scammers looking to pray upon you for money. Many of the responses I got were from people who never filled out their profile! Many more never read my profile! I could tell because we had nothing in common at all! Some were contacting me from the other side of the country!

Fortunately i found this page before a subscription. My intuition warned me insistently. They did not offer any test for 1 week…. I remember that they promoted with a sentence … you only get what you put in… something like that…. The site is uncomfortable — the pictures shown to you are very small thus you have to click on them immediately shown to the owner of the profile in concern. The site itself is very ugly — made up like advertisements for articles in a supermarket.

It is not worth it — and i feel really released having not subscribed there. I search for another one. It says when you read the agreements and about the site that you can not see your flirts etc unless you upgrade. If you are scanning and see someone that is really someone you would like to connect with, then upgrade for a month,. Good luck upgrading for just one month.

I joined the site in November of In May of I wished Larry a happy birthday and we started a conversation. We finally met the second week in June and instantly liked each other. Our relationship progressed and on August of we got married. One year later, we are very much in love and we thank Our Time for getting us together.

Congratulations to both of you. Your man is fortunate as the imbalance in numbers of men to women on this site is advantageous to the ladies as it is on all dating sites..

A man needs to catch lightning in a bottle so to speak to have a chance, obviously some do, most do not. I decided to do it after putting a profile and photos on for a week and realizing you cant even talk to anyone to see if real I got on for a special fee of Then all the replies i had 3 were real people the rest scammers i called about it and the over price not going to get my money back and said i had spoken to others they said they were billed for another month after putting the no renewal on the site so they keep billing you anyway.

I asked about all the scammers with some poor persons photos they stole I am sure mine will be in the uk or texas as well now as they teak them off these sites they said we get our customers to report the scammers i said i dont get paid for this ,you are being paid my me to have real people on there he had no answer.

They still wont refund me and take me off there so am in it for the long hall till sept 6th my month is up This is a terrible site and dont even try to compensate the customer they just take and take beware not worth it. Oh plus hardly anyone in my area then they send me guys form the opposite ends of the country lordy so blatant. I am sending a letter and contacting the Attorney General Fraud Division about this. You will be billed anyway, but at least you can print out the page showing the Attorney General that you have that option turned off.

That is my problem I requested no automatic renewal on May 31, only to find out that their records as per my account summary show I requested renewal on July 31, , which is not true. I wanted off this site and was billed for the next 6 months. Any help out there on how to be done with this OurTime site???? My account site shows that I declined renewal on May 31 then shows I changed it on July 31 …. I did not total fraud. I was scammed for a month subscr. I learned my lesson. Good luck to all you nice people out there.

Total waste of money. Matches sent are not selected from the criteria you choose. Many responses without pictures, many immediately asking for your email address. Customer service is absolutely non existent other than canned automated responses that have nothing to do with your questions. Save your money, you will have better look meeting someone in a grocery store or book store,.

Extreme caution on this site. If you use a pop up blocker or quickly delete the popup your service is renewed. I say promised because the credit has not shown up on my credit card statement yet. Site is very heavy on upselling and has confusing options. Some your are billed for unless you opt out instead of opting in.

I have encountered Fraud all the way fake profiles and you know the rest. The one advantage I have is that close relative is a Federal Officer they picked wrong person to screw with Ha. I just wanted go to dinner see a show have a laugh Not a hook up this site is a Ruuse. This is a horrible dating site. I would almost call it a scam. Stay away from it!

Just a big waste of money. The search results never cease to amaze with the bizarre profiles they return. Why have fake profiles? No one wants to be the only profile for a particular city on a dating site. There is a chat feature, and you will be shown many profiles on the side of your screen. The cost of ourtime. Be sure to take a look at the reader comments below, as many have expressed frustration with the billing process.

The email address we used to sign up for OurTime. After signing up for OurTime. As a member of OurTime. Not to mention that there are profiles for people as young as 18 on the site. See our review of SeniorPeopleMeet. The Google Trends graph below shows search interest in Ourtime.

Interest in the site has been up and down since being registered in April of , but appears to be fairly consistent. A peak surge of interest occurred in January of In fact, we found that most of the profiles of real people in our area already had profiles on free dating sites such as Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid.

Have you used OurTime. We want to hear from you in the comments below. Sponsored links Garcinia cambogia extract has been by far the highest-touted weight loss supplement over the past Sponsored links SeroVital-hgh is an anti-aging product which some have claimed can take make people feel decades This is our ourtime. These are the rates for OurTime.

This is the OurTime pricing structure as of February

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