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Do not even sign up because they will charge your card long after you quit. Your credit card become their bank account. The men are mostly fake, scammers, too young or old, too far, too ugly, worthless, uneducated, unemployed otherwise unfit. Signed up for a six month membership. Every time I log in I receive 15, 20 messages that someone flirted or messaged me. Stay Away and save your money.

Might as well throw it out your car window on the freeway. Had to reply to appr. Guess they really need my 30 dollars.

Also automatically hooks you up with their other websites that sends you profiles but when you click you have to pay AGAIN. You got my money so what do you care? I have been trying for six month to cancel.

My niece set this up and I never wanted it. Do not know log in info. I have to go to bank and file a dispute every few months! I've paid for all the top dating sites, and by far, this is the worse of the top I paid for the 6 month special which I regretted within 1 week on the site. When checking the website via the APP, it always has the same "new members.

Are you telling me there are no new members within a 50 mile radius of my location? When I perform the search, it doesn't keep my original search criteria! I've blocked some profiles, however, somehow, they show back up a week later! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I joined for ONLY one month to see what it was about. When I called OurTime for a refund they only offered to extend my membership a couple of days. I was bombarded by scammers. I had been warned what to watch for, but I did find it easy to fall into their initial trap.

Things to watch out for are texting only, the texted grammar is not always correct, they say they are going away to a foreign country and then need money, they are widowed for 5 - 6 years, may have 2 children, are engineers, have several degrees, etc. I did not send anyone money or give out any information, except one of them got my email address.

I checked some phone numbers that I was given by the dating prospects to contact them. The phones all lead to landlines that they text from. I went on several phone line websites and posted warnings about some of the numbers as Potential Scam.

I don't think OurTime does anything to check their customers' legitimacy, I canceled my membership after two week. I have been on this site for about a month. The scammers are rampant and even though I cannot get a refund I will cancel my membership. I recently started getting emails from persons on OurTime.

How would they ever get my email. I never give it out. I have had only had 3 legitimate interchanges and although there was not a match it was such a relief that there is someone who isn't out for something. It is so obvious that the scams are happening. Another thing is that you will get "views" of people who really didn't look at your profile unless they viewed you as a daily match. BOTH parties need to be paid wasn't always this way ala Match. Recently my dad's OurTime account was either hacked.

One day he was receiving views from all over the US. When contacting People Media, the first rep we spoke to argued with us that if some suspicious happened they would have contacted us. We were never contacted. We wanted a refund and to cancel the acct but she would not let us. After giving us an temp password After an hour of being on the phone a different rep was able to get us into acct.

Come to find out birthday was changed, profile changes and pictures of another man was on my dad's profile. After inputting the correct information, the acct was changed again and at the moment cannot get into the acct. We have to wait to call until our timezone matches theirs.

People Media oversees about 22 websites according to their rep. There is no supervisor you are able to contact. Please be aware and get your information off their sites ASAP. Went into site, thought after I filled all out and wanted to back out, I clicked on the wrong place by mistake. Saw I already had correspondence, so I clicked on it. I contacted them 3 minutes after all this and told them to please refund me. They said no because I opened the correspondence.

Sadly I stayed, to no avail. So that they would not resell my space and earn more money. My experience was negative all the way, and awful.

Profile was "woman seeking man" and there were so many woman hitting on me. Wasting my time and theirs. They kept on changing parts of my profile. Not worth the money.

I have had to report several scammers. There is no way to block users that are miles and miles away from you from seeing your profile and contacting you. I can't log in at all right now and I can't even google how to contact them. I don't know if it is their site or a hacker doing that. They lure you in by telling you that you can see who is on there but you cannot. So they post your pic and personal info when you aren't a member. Then they email you telling you how many people are messaging you.

Their website leaves a lot to be desired. Things that you think that would be included as a service to the customer show up as pop ups asking you to purchase as extras. It seems like at every turn, a pop up appears asking for some extra money for something.

I live in Arizona and wanted my search for a friendship person to be local. I don't want to have to drive across the USA to pick someone up for a dinner date.

No chance of that happening. When I got their searches these people were from all over the USA. The daily matches that they send are the same people over and over again.

One would think that if you looked at a match and didn't like it that it would not keep showing up. Deleting such unwanted matches is impossible. Selections on their website to isolate certain types of individuals that one is looking for is very limited. It seems like their selection process is non existent. Same old, Same old. I would like to have the option of selecting an age group of people that I would like. Their search for matches is based on your birthday.

I am a healthy individual and I have found that a lot of people my age are unfortunately bothered with severe age related illnesses and cannot do a lot of the things that I enjoy doing, yet I keep getting those individuals on my match. I could go on and on regarding their shortcomings, so do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. Do yourself a favor and save your money and your time by avoiding this site.

Having a one star rating is being very generous. I have been scammed 3 time on this site - all lead-up to requesting money. I have had numerous unauthorized log ins to my account. Twice I have had my profile changed by someone else. You have to subscribe to Ourtime. This dating site is no better than pof. Obviously, they don't screen their clients. I was also sent messages from scammers.

To top it off, my account was hacked. I called customer service only to be told since I used their dating site, I can't receive a partial refund. She reinstated my original profile and pictures. Currently the pictures are of me, but the profile has changed back to what the hacker wrote. Please don't waste your money on Ourtime.

It isn't worth it! As Bonnie has stated on the ConsumerAffairs website, I have also received messages from women, old men with no shirt no teeth, men who look inebriated or high on drugs? I received the almost same exact message from 2 men, with only a change in which they were born. The one I chose to respond to communicated that we should exchange email to communicate off the site.

The next thing I knew he was planning our life together, the same thing Bonnie alluded to in her post. At one point I discussed speaking with him on the phone to set-up a time to meet in person. I wanted to know he was real. He originally provided his number and I responded likewise. Chris, if that his real name?

After an email of a really bad day, I decided to call the number he provided. Go to the Events page to find out more. Safety is also nothing you have to be worried about on OurTime because the site has a ton of tools to protect your information and prevent scammers from taking advantage of you.

You'll remain anonymous until you're ready to introduce yourself to someone, and you can always block and report someone who's acting suspicious. After that, they won't be able to view your profile or communicate with you. Over daters will get a lot out of their OurTime experience. Not only is it free and affordable if you upgrade , but it's intuitive and really works. Millions of romantic connections have been made because of OurTime, and that includes successful dates, happy relationships, and life-long marriages.

You have numerous ways to look for that special someone and get to know them, and if you every come across any problems, the customer support team is just a phone call or email away. If you do meet someone you want to take things to the next level with, you have the option to make your profile invisible, so users won't be able to see you, but you won't lose your profile and have to start all over if you decide to come back.

Mature daters who are interested in those who are at a similar point in their life should give OurTime a try. It really is a great choice for all of the reasons above — and so many more that you'll discover yourself.

Ready to try online dating for yourself? Get started with OurTime. Match System OurTime walks you through the sign-up process, which includes sections for specifying your wants, hobbies, lifestyle, and goals. You can include all of your information right away, or you can always come back later. Search for your own matches based on your criteria, and the site will also recommend people to you daily based on that same criteria.

Other Features Add photos and videos, among others, to your profile. IM with other members in real time. Read dating advice articles written by experts. The prices are as follows: The simple layout makes it easy to get around and find the best matches. If you decide to upgrade, it's super affordable.

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