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This is strictly forbidden as Mr Pierson takes care of all such disputes Audrey is a top call girl from the agency known as "The Experienced. Audrey makes a very good living but as part of her contract she must submit to company discipline. Audrey knew what was coming when Mr Pierson showed up. She was told to turn around and and put her hands on the bed.

Her panties were lowered, and a hard bare bottom spanking was administered. As Audrey's painful spanking proceeded, she was informed by Mr. Pierson that her client was watching her punishment. This made her feel even more humiliated. To conclude her punishment, Audrey was informed that she was to be spanked very hard for one or two minutes. Audrey inquired, "that wasn't hard? Audrey screamed as spank after hard spank fell.

Audrey then agreed to leave all money disputes to Mr. Failure Audrey had planned to sneak out of the house and join her friend for a night out. Unfortunately, Audrey's friend was caught in the process by her mother and spilled the beans on the plan. The friend's mom informed Audrey's dad and Audrey was sentenced to a spanking with the old paddle.

This was not the night Audrey had planned. Audrey's dad spanked her bare bottom until she promised not to sneak out of the house during the week again. After her spanking was over, Audrey was required to lay across the bed with her punished bottom exposed. Kitty was summoned to Headmaster Pierson's residence after being disrespectful to one of her instructors. Breaking Curfew Joelle has broken curfew on exam week and Headmaster Valentine is waiting for her in the student lounge.

He is not very happy to find that she is once again not taking her school career a seriously as she should. Graduation Day It's finally graduation day and Joelle is moving on to study at a fine university. But before she leaves, she seeks guidance from Headmaster Valentine one final time.

Valentine applies the strap to her bare bottom, Joelle learns that the most important lessons in life often are painful ones. Housemaid Pandora has taken a temporary job as Veronica's maid. Veronica is a tough, demanding boss with an impressive collection of disciplinary implements. Pandora is in for a difficult employment period. Color Me Red Pandora is not off to a good start in her new job when she fails to separate the laundry properly.

Veronica ends up with all of her whites being dyed in the wash and now she is going to make sure Pandora's bottom is just as red as her formerly white shirt is now. Grievances Veronica and Pandora are having a disagreement over everything from reasonable expectations to the dowdy maid's uniform. Finally Veronica has had enough and declares Pandora may remove the offensive uniform as she'll have little need for it for a while as her bare bottom is paddled.

Curiosity Pandora spies a strange object sticking out of one of Veronica's dresser drawers. She decides to have a little peek when Veronica catches her snooping red handed. Veronica takes one of the straps Pandora has found and lets her experience first hand how it is used.

Tic Toc An antique clock has suddenly stopped working and Veronica is sure Pandora mishandled it and broke it while cleaning. Will the truth of the matter come out while Pandora takes a five minute timed spanking? Unwinding Pandora's temporary assignment working for Veronica is coming to a close. Figuring she has nothing to lose, Pandora decides to give herself a little respite while Veronica is out for the day and indulges in a glass of wine and a hot bubble bath in Veronica's tub.

Veronica returns home early and uses the cane on Pandora's wet bottom upon catching the willful maid taking advantage. Audrey reported to detention with Dr Pierson as was required. The Past Is Prologue: Joelle is a senior at an exclusive boarding school. She had a rough time when she first started attending but soon became a model student.

But recently, her behavior has been slipping again, gaining the attention of Headmaster Valentine. Joelle will need to be on her best behavior for the remainder of the year or else she will find herself bottom up on a regular basis.

Bullying Joelle has been picking on the junior students and Mr. Valentine is going to teach her that bullying hurts.

Joelle is learning first hand that bullying hurts. It not only hurts those she picks on, but it hurts her bottom when Headmaster Valentine gives her a hairbrush punishment spanking. The Interview Joelle put very little effort into her first college interview. After such a painful paddling, Joelle is sure to fully apply herself in her next university interview. Running In The Halls Tara was running in the halls desperately trying to make it to class on time. When a teacher catches her and tells her to slow down, she calls the woman an unkind name.

Tara is immediataely sent to the main office with a disciplinary note where she is introduced to the painful punishments delivered at this prep school. Too Casual It's casual dress day at the prep school, but Tara takes it too far when she shows up in a tight, low cut, leopard print dress!

Pierson attitude when told her outfit is offensive and she is made to bend over the desk to receive a spanking with the leather paddle. Can You Hear Me Now? Tara is once again sent to Mr. This time her teacher suspects she has a cell phone on her in class which is not allowed. Of course Tara denies this vehemently, but it's obvious she is lying when her phone begins to ring in the middle of her argument.

She has to surrender her phone and take her punishment with the school strap. The Dare Tara ran through the boy's locker room on a dare and came face to face with the head coach.

Her little stunt doesn't seem quite so funny when she is over Mr. Pierson's knee getting her bare bottom spanked.

Perhaps she had been paying attention in economics class? To improve her profits even more, she sourced her goods by stealing from a local store only to be caught on camera in her school uniform. Rather than get the police involved, Mr. Pierson handles the situation himself and paddles the girl until she is sobbing. Processing Hunter has been brought to a reeducation center in which those who rebel against the new government are given the proper motivation not to do so again. At first, she was relived but she was informed that the court had ordered that she suffer through three sessions of corporal punishment.

After her sentence was read, she was left in the hands of Miss Bianca, the head counselor. Hunter was required to remove all of her clothing and was then subject to a body cavity search. Once Miss Bianca had finished with the search, Hunter mumbled 'bitch. She had violated a major rule at the camp in doing so. The punishment for this is a spanking on the spot. As the head counselor spanked Hunter to tears, the other girls on the unit could hear her cries and pleas for mercy.

As a member of the resistance, she was seen as something of an heroic figure, but there she was crying and begging for the punishment to stop, promising to never again disrespect any staff members.

Sentenced to a Caning After obtaining the truth from Mari through intense and painful interrogation, Mr. Pierson informed Mari that he had negotiated her return to her colony. However, a price needed to be paid for her landing on Earth without permission while her colony remained at odds with the government.

She was sentenced to twenty five strokes of the cane, and her torment was to be transmitted back to her colony as a warning to others. Mari was aware that this punishment was being broadcast back to her colony and she was determined to face her ordeal with as much dignity as she could muster. Despite her determination, she could not help but cry out as her bottom was welted with twenty-five strokes of the cane. After the caning was done, Mari learned that her ordeal was not over.

She was made to sit upon the spiked bench while Mr. Pierson made arrangements to return Mari to her people. The College Girl Michael has received all kinds of bad reports about his daughter Audrey while she's been away at college. There is only one way to deal with her misbehavior and that is an over the knee hand spanking. Cheerleader Lies part 1 Adriana lied to her mother claiming she was at cheerleader practice when she was really hanging out with her no good boyfriend, Scott. When her mother catches her fibbing, she gives her an OTK hand spanking followed by a hard hairbrush spanking given standing up.

Cheerleader Lies part 2 - Daddy Is Home Adriana lied to her mother claiming she was at cheerleader practie when she was really hanging out with her no good boyfriend, Scott. Spanked At School Adriana has been bullying some of the freshman girls by posting inappropriate pictures of them on the internet. Audrey makes sure to teach her student a painful lesson about how to treat fellow her fellow students. A Strapping Before Bed Adriana was caught sneaking out of the house while grounded.

She is strapped by both her parents right on the open bottom of her drop seat pajamas. Adriana was caught sneaking out of the house while grounded. After she was strapped by her mother, Adriana had a few choice words to say about her experience. Unfortunately, her father was walking by as she hurled epithets towards her mother.

Her father felt that she needed a few more whacks with the strap. When Adriana refused to roll onto her belly for her punishment, her father folds her backwards and she is strapped in the humiliating diaper position. Overheard By Mom Audrey overheard her daughter Adriana speaking disrespectfully about her on the phone. She wastes no time in disciplining her and takes puts her over the knee on the spot Adriana screams in horror , as her mother threatened to invite her boyfriend, Scott over to watch her punishment.

Adriana promised to be good if only this humiliating and painful punishment would stop. Her mother placed her in corner time with her bare, spanked bottom on display for all to see. Kitty was not happy that she was being sent to school and one that required the wearing of a uniform.

Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a futuristic setting that tends to focus on "a combination of low life and high tech" featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements, such as artificial intelligence and cybernetics, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order. As a major fan of the concept of cyberpunk, I needed to put something of that into our work here at Punishedbrats.

Cyberpunk is set in a not too distant future in which the social order has been disrupted by the tech. Often countries have dissolved into warring factions. This brings us to 'The Pet'. Penny Stone is first daughter of the ruling family and her capture was considered essential in winning this long war.

Penny is captured by the first Daughter of the ruling family who makes the girl her pet. There is a subplot to this tale. Lady Bianca had done Penny a great kindness in doing so. By claiming her as her own, she would not be subject to torture or rape by her captures. That being said, Penny will need to be trained as would any pet. This story is set two hundred years in the future. North America has broken up into many rival sovereign states. The United Northern states have the forces of the Eastern District on the run.

On a special mission is Penny, first daughter of the ruling family, and Adriana, the leader of her personal guard. They could hear the soldiers of the Northern State bearing down on them as they fled through the woods. Knowing that she would be a special prize, it was Adriana and Adriana alone who knew of the plan to save the day.

After Adriana was sent on her way, Penny was captured by Lady Bianca, a member of the ruling house of the North. She decided to make Penny her pet. Ordinarily a pet undergoes much training, to brake their will, before being handed over to their new master. Bianca decided that it was she who would train Penny. This rebellion allowed Bianca the opportunity to start the training with a spanking. Bianca spanked her new pet until she promised to do as she was told.

Once her spanking was over, Penny was horrified to learn that this training session was not over. With her freshly spanked bottom she was made to sit upon the chair of punishment. This was a wooden chair with sharp spikes affixed to the seat. Penny cried out as those points penetrated her tender, spanked bottom.

Adriana had killed many of Bianca's guards prior to making her way into her residence. She informed the good Lady that the United Northern States were now at the mercy of the Eastern District as they now had control over their power grid by inserting a program on their own, whose codes Adriana carried with her.

Once Penny was freed, Adriana decided to give to Lady Bianca a taste of her own medicine and transmit it to her nation via her communication system. Bianca, a genetically enhanced fighter, found herself easily overpowered by General Adriana, a cyborg. In front of her nation Bianca was spanked; a punishment that started over her pants, then panties and then bare bottom.

The humiliated Lady felt more than a little abused. Here she was humiliated before her nation when, in truth, she had great affection for her pet and saved her from the training horrors suffered by all others when she trained trained the girl herself. Of course she could not say this in front of her nation, otherwise she would have been seen as a traitor. In front of her nation and the world the powerful Lady Bianca had her bottom spanked by the cyborg known as Adriana.

When she left, all Bianca could do was cry and attempt to rub away the pain. Suddenly she realized that this was still being transmitted to all. She crawled across the floor and finally turned off the transmission. She was to be punished for their loss by being stripped, humiliated, and subjected to three series of physical torments as this, her punishment, was broadcast to the world.

Ordeal Three Lady Bianca found herself dragged into the punishment room, dreading that which lay ahead. She was restrained and fastened to the leather table. Suddenly panic set in as her legs were lifted over her head and leaving her fully exposed and vulnerable.

She begged and pleaded to be let down, but all she received were several hard smacks to her bottom with Veronica's hand. In this position her tormentor had access to every position and crease.

Once Veronica had gotten her victim's attention, she pulled out a crop that would fit into Lady Bianca's most sensitive area even better than her hand. All could hear the good Lady's screams as her torment proceeded. Despite her begging and pleading, Lady Bianca's ordeal did not ease. At one point, looking through her legs, she was required to apologize to her nation for failing them.

Once the council had sent word that her ordeal was at an end, Lady Bianca was freed from her bonds. Now she had to worry about her life as the council may fear that at another point on time the good Lady may seek revenge on them. She knew that Veronica was but doing her job, and if she desired, her torture could have been much worse. Perhaps she could defect to the Eastern District? She may be free from her parents, but now she is expected to follow Bev's rules. Beverly Takes Control Lorraine moves in with her sister Beverly to be closer to her college.

When Lorraine stays out partying and sleeps through her first class, Beverly lays down the law and gives her little sister a big spanking. Call from Collections Lorraine went into major debt buying designer fashion clothes and other school "essentials" and ignored the bills. When Beverly starts receiving calls from collections agencies at the house, she paddles little sister's bottom to a glowing red.

Boredom Strikes Lorraine is tired of being grounded and decides to constantly interrupt and annoy Beverly as a means of revenge. But Beverly still has the upper hand plus a stingy wooden hairbrush and spanks the obnoxious brat until she calms down. Careless Brat Lorraine not only borrowed Beverly's camera without permission, but she then lost it! Beverly is furious, bends the girl over a chair, and straps her naughty bottom.

The Curfew Beverly has been up waiting for Lorraine to come home. When little sister trudges in well past curfew, Beverly has to once again give her a painful reminder. It's OTK for Lorraine as she ever so slowly starts to realize that it is in her best interest to play by Beverly's rules.

Critical Mistake Julie took Nikki along for moral support as she had an important exhibition of her photographs at a major gallery in town. She took Nikki and bent her over the arm of her sofa and gave her a very hard spanking. Afterward, Nikki was made to face the wall for the rest of the night so Julie could admire her handiwork.

Instead of having her pose, the irritated artist instructed her model to lift her skirt and lower her panties. She placed her difficult model hands on the wall of her loft studio, and spanked her very hard, all the while giving instructions as what a good model does and does not do.

Audrey had been asked by her parents to care for her younger sister who was out of control and heading for serious trouble. Audrey had always been properly disciplined as a child while her sister ran wild. Shortly after arriving at Audrey's house, Kitty was instructed that she had lost all of her young adult privileges and would be treated as a child. Poor Work Ethic Nikki is a model notorious for being late and with a bad attitude to match.

Being as she and Nikki had been friends in the past, the legendary photographer Julie Simone hired her for an early morning shoot. Nikki showed up hours late, as is her way. Nikki was found to be worried as Julie returned to the studio from going out for coffee. What was it this time? Julie decided to press on with the shoot and instructed the model to prepare for the shoot a series of nudes.

When a naked Nikki returned to the studio she quickly found herself over the photographers lap for a very hard spanking. Julie was unmoved and continued to spank the bratty model while explaining how her behavior cost her money. After the spanking, Julie made Nikki pose for picture immediately after the spanking with tears streaming down her face and her red bottom on display. Nikki felt humiliated and worried as she had no idea what Julie intended to do with the photographs.

During their first session Julie gave her bratty muse a hard spanking in hopes of improving her attitude. On This day, Nikki arrived late and seemed to have exhausted her energy at a party the night before.

Soon the panties were lowered and Nikki screamed as the irate photographer gave her model an intense lesson in lingerie. As Julie spanks the model with the bad attitude towards work, Nikki promises to improve if only this painful lesson would end. The theme of the day was energy. Julie was called away for a quick phone call. When she returned she found Nikki sleeping. Julie decided to instill a lot of energy into this shoot by giving her model a bare bottom spanking.

A Found and enhanced Pixie and Beverly Bacci Movie Beverly was tired and upset with Pixie after having to cover another extra shift for her negligent roommate. Pixie's time that evening was spent with a boy while Beverly slaved at the eatery.

When Beverly attempted to express her displeasure with her friend, Pixie responded "Hey, you're not my mom. Soon Pixie found herself over her roommates lap with a large wooden spoon striking her bare bottom. Audrey was feeling the rebellious brat and brought a knife and BB gun to school. To motivate her, she took Erica over her lap and spanked her. She started the discipline over her dress.

After a time, the aggravated artist lifted the dress and spanked the exotic beauty on her panties. Erica let out a gasp as Joelle lowered her panties and spanked the model on her bare bottom. Joelle was perplexed by this herself. As she spanked the ill-behaved model, in many ways she seemed to be pleased in providing this act of discipline.

After the spanking was over Joelle decided to shoot the spanked model in the nude. All would see that she was spanked. The Girl with Something Special Erica is a genetically enhanced human with strength and speed far in excess of any other human.

She works for a secret organization whose mission is to keep the country safe. It had been a long time since she had made such a blunder on assignment and needed to be extracted to a safe house by her handler Bill. Erica knew that she was in trouble and dreaded the arrival of Bill. She was shocked when, instead of Bill, Joelle arrived. She had only accepted punishment from Bill before. When Erica protested this situation and reminded Joelle that she is a genetically enhanced human, with a threat implied; Joelle responded that she was a Cyborg with strength far in excess of hers.

Suddenly, Erica knew who she was facing. Erica had no choice but to submit to her punishment as resistance would be futile. Joelle pulled out a leather paddle and gave Erica a hard punishment that proceeded in a methodical way. First , to the seat of her pants, proceeding to her panties and finally her bare bottom. Erica could only shout out with pain which brought much pleasure to Joelle. Erica promised not to fail an assignment again due to carelessness.

After the spanking was over, Joelle placed the genetically enhanced girl in front of the computer, pants down, to debrief Bill on the events of that day. She is a renowned mountain climber and is always looking for new challenges. After recovering from her most recent surgery, earned during a climb up a frozen waterfall, Joelle had been dispatched by their father and tell Erica that it is time to settle down into a real job.

Erica recoiled at the thought of the office. Joelle let her know that resistance to this request would not be tolerated. After Erica challenged her, Joelle took her adventurous sister over her lap and spanked her with a wooden paddle. The girl who had tolerated so many extremes now had to deal with the intense pain of a wooden implement.

It seemed that Joelle was making her point with the wooden paddle, as whimpers turned to groans, and pleas for the punishment to stop. Erica finally agreed to cease mountain climbing and join the family business. After the spanking was complete, Joelle placed her sister in time out with her red bottom on display. Just then, Joelle had a feeling of unreality and then awoke from her dream.

There was Erica her best friend asking if she was ready to hit the town. Pixie was always the mischievous one. When confronted by her father, he pointed out that she was the climber and that Pixie rarely ventures out in the cold.

Erica was taken over her father's lap for a lesson in honesty- a painful lesson at that. Session Two Today is the second of The Delirious Hunter's court ordered corporal punishment sessions.

She was to receive thirty lashes, from three different straps in ascending order of severity. It was during the third lash with the first strap when the convicted anarchist stood up.

This was strictly forbidden. She had been warned that it was acceptable that she cry or scream, but getting out of position or telling her punisher how to do their job was forbidden. She protested that the strap hit her pussy. She was made to fully strip and she soon found that there was no part of her body not subjected to punishment. After suffering the indignities of have her most private places punished before the world, the young cyber anarchist decided to just suffer through her strapping and be done with it.

The next strap was a weighted piece of that made an upstroke to the low and tender areas of the bottom. As she was permitted she screamed and cried but remained in place and did not offer complaint. For the final and worst of the straps, the Delirious one was made to spread her legs and hold her potion for this severe punishment. She screamed and cried, but the end was near when on the ninth stroke she suddenly felt the strap land on her tender anus. She screamed 'You hit my butt hole!

She was made to remain in position as her anus was cropped and caned. Then she was placed upon the spiked punishment chair. Her screams permeated the entire complex as Mr. Pierson continued to punish the girl now sitting on the chair of pain. Session Three The Cane Today is the convicted anarchist's final day of corporal punishment.

As with all of her punishments, this is to be broadcast to the world as a warning to all who have thoughts of being disloyal to the government. Although she had been punished naked many times, she felt even more exposed this time, affixed to the punishment table with her legs spread and her bottom thrust upward. She tried to control her fear, knowing that she faced 30 stokes of the cane.

Once her punishment began her screams and crying proved to be disconcerting to all in the facility. After all thirty strokes were delivered, all the convicted anarchist could do was cry. Then she was informed that she will remain tied to the punishment table for much of the day and soon all of the girls in the facility will be required to walk by and see what fate awaits those who oppose the government. There will be a few public tours at well.

A Found and enhanced, never-before-seen, Pixie Classic. Pixie and Lily Anna had parked in a space reserved for those with special needs.

This town has severe penalties for dealing with this. Officer Veronica noted that they could be given a large fine or in lieu of that, three weekends in jail or accept a paddling from officer Veronica on the spot. They chose the paddling and soon regretted this decision. Audrey had planned to sneak out of the house and join her friend for a night out.

Just You Wait Hunter was with her friends when one was caught shoplifting. Upon arriving home, she was sentenced to a bare bottom spanking despite her assertion that she had nothing to do with the theft of the expensive lipstick. She was sent to the master bedroom to await the arrival of her father, the parent who carries out the punishments for the more serious offences. Hunter's heart sank as she entered the room to see the "punishment underwear" she was to wear for her spanking.

She thought that the waiting was the hardest part of the punishment until her father arrived, her bottom was bared, and her spanking began. Soon, her cries could be heard echoing in every corner of the house. As her spanking progressed, with tears streaming down her eyes, Hunter promised to never put herself in such a position again and she had learned her lesson. Her father was unmoved and quietly went about the task of punishing his daughter.

Once done, he dumped her from his lap and then placed the sobbing girl in bed. Detention with Miss Audrey Hunter was summoned to the residence of the headmistress. Miss Audrey confronted her with the fact that she had cut class and left the school grounds. Hunter thought she was to suffer through a week in detention, but Miss Audrey had other intentions. She reminded Hunter of page fifty-two in the student handbook that called for the use of corporal punishment.

Hunter was stunned and noted that she thought that was there as a way of scaring the students. Hunter soon learned that this was no joke. She was taken over Miss Audrey's lap and spanked with an oak over-the-knee paddle. By the time Miss Audrey lowered Hunter's panties she was already in tears and promising to be good.

Audrey spanked Hunter with the paddle until she was certain that the sobbing girl's promises not to skip school were sincere. After her punishment was over, Hunter was placed in the corner with her bare, marked bottom on display.

Session One It was time for Hunter's first discipline session. Knowing that her punishment was being broadcast to the nation, she wanted to face her ordeal with courage. However, once in the room, fear took over and she pleaded not to be punished in this way. Miss Bianca was having none of it. She was to be punished with a series of paddles. She was made to remove her pants and to prepare. Her punishment started with a leather paddle and then ten whacks with the meter stick paddle.

Her cries could be heard all through the building. Now Hunter was bent over for ten hard swats with a thick paddle. Each blow of the paddle made her scream out. After her treatment with the paddle was over, she was led to the spiked punishment chair and instructed to sit. She was reluctant to have her tender bottom touch the spikes, but Miss Bianca took her by the shoulders and pushed her down hard eliciting a loud scream from the convicted anarchist. Pixie was an awful intern. The final straw came when she accidentally placed a few of her spring break pictures in a major presentation David was giving to investors.

She was given the choice of leaving the firm, which meant that Pixie would not graduate on time, or accept a bare bottom strapping. Pixie accepted the punishment and her cries could be heard throughout the entire floor. Dahlia's Bedtime Spanking Dahlia was called to her father's room at bedtime. She pretended not to know why she was summoned and hoped that being extra cute would spare her the punishment. Her father was aware that she knew why she was there as she was dressed in just her bra and panties the way she was required to be for her spanking.

When she saw that her father was in possession of a hairbrush, she wanted to run away. She admitted that she deserved her punishment as she fearfully went over her father's lap. Dad placed the hairbrush in Dahlia's hand and instructed her to hand it to him when he requested it.

Then, her panties were lowered in preparation for her spanking. As her father's hand landed hard upon Dahlia's bare bottom a loud scream of "DADDY" could be heard throughout the house.

Dahlia pleaded with her father and promised to be a good girl as the hairbrush found its target time after time. After a while, she was stood up and believed her punishment over.

Instead, she was made to stick out her bottom and take several more whacks with the hairbrush as her father chastised her for her bad behavior. Chloe's Bedtime Spanking After putting a tearful Dahlia to bed, David calls Chloe to his room for her promised bedtime spanking. At heart, Dahlia is something of a little girl, but Chloe is a gifted person. She finds the entire idea of being spanked difficult to accept. She attempted to talk her father out of administering her bare bottomed punishment, but David was not going for it.

As with Dahlia, he placed a hairbrush in her hand and instructed that during her spanking she is to pass that dreaded implement back the second he asks for it. Her heart sank as she went over her father's lap and was overcome with a feeling on intense humiliation as her bottom was exposed. Soon, she was pleading for her father to stop her punishment. After a time David instructed his naughty, gifted daughter to pass the the hairbrush to him in the manner he requested.

After a few swats with the hairbrush tears were streaming down her face. David was determined that even the stubborn Chloe learned her lesson from the spanking. Her begging and pleading while the hairbrush landed time and again on her bottom let David know that her punishment was having the desired effect.

With tears streaming down her face, Chloe promised not to engage in such dangerous activities again. Chloe had done poorly on a test and felt she needed some discipline.

With no one else in the area, this was a job she needed to do herself. She lowered her pants and panties, and took a wooden paddle to her bare bottom. Audrey is a top call girl from the agency known as "The Experienced Girlfriend.

This is strictly forbidden as Mr Pierson takes care of all such disputes. She was told to turn around and put her hands on the bed. Part One Both Chloe and her little sister Daliah were throwing eggs at cars at a major intersection on Halloween.

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But it's difficult to track who's using them and who isn't. It's also important for restaurants that pay Instagrammers to track the location of followers.

Once an agency or a business identifies a viable influencer, the results can be huge. That's what everyone is looking at. In early , Samantha Schnur was a serious premed student in Tallahassee, just a couple of years out of the exclusive Ransom Everglades School. While studying for exams, she got hungry one night and flipped a stack of rainbow pancakes in her dorm's communal kitchen. The name stuck, and she began posting dozens of photos of over-the-top foods, such as hot dogs wrapped in bacon and smothered in mac 'n' cheese.

No one had seen this stuff before. I was documenting food in a new way. After two months, she had 10, followers. It wasn't until I hit 30, followers about four months later that people stopped laughing. She lived with her mother, Donna Peyton, and her father, Dr. Steven Schnur, a cardiologist and author who founded Elite Health, a medical and wellness company with offices in Miami Beach, Davie, and Sarasota. When her parents divorced in the late '90s, Samantha split her time between them while attending Ransom.

She and several friends at age 15 created Tumblr accounts. But Samantha amassed more followers than the others — 30, in eight months — by reposting photos of grungy fashion, gloomy landscapes, and moody quotes. But it was what people loved on the internet at the time. I realized that if you post photos that people want to see, there was a way to gain a following from that.

When it was time for college in , Samantha chose Florida State University. She first majored in business and then switched to premed. She was always very visual. I saw her as someone who could become an entrepreneur.

After setting up the Instagram account while studying for exams, Schnur knew she was onto something. Though it began as a distraction from school, she quickly came to believe she could make money from it. It's a large audience that I basically have control over. One of her best friends at Florida State was Jenny Delgado, a business major, who was Schnur's pseudo-assistant during the account's early days.

And then one day to the next, it just blew up. Even as she studied chemistry and biology for three years at FSU, Schnur spent hours making do-it-yourself recipe videos of s'mores cookies and greasy burgers and then posting them on Instagram. Soon she had about 60, followers.

The summer before her senior year, in , she went on a two-week family vacation to Mykonos, Greece. She was bored with FSU and wanted to begin something new. One afternoon at a restaurant with blaring club music and free-flowing booze, Schnur mustered up the confidence to tell her dad of her intention.

She yelled across the table: So she moved back into her father's house on Palm Island and took the Naughty Fork full-time. At that point, food Instagrams were an untapped market. There weren't that many of us.

While running the Naughty Fork, she enrolled at the University of Miami in spring to finish her biology degree. When she wasn't in class, she was running to restaurants to photograph and film.

When she graduated in May , her account had boomed to more than , followers. Out back, small speed boats and large yachts float by on the bay just feet from a long infinity pool. When a van pulls in front and the doorbell rings, her colossal golden retriever, Kingston, dashes to the door and stares through a large window. Schnur, wearing a black long-sleeve shirt and dark skinny jeans, pushes the dog to the side and greets a delivery driver.

After collecting a large plastic bag branded with a sticker from Fireman Derek's, the famous Wynwood pie shop, she walks to a table, opens the bag, and pulls out two slices of pie. One is cookies and cream. The other, called sundae, is topped with pink frosting, heaps of whipped cream, and fudge. She places the pieces of pie on two sparkling white ceramic plates, smooths out the sides for five minutes with a knife, and adds rainbow sprinkles and Hershey's chocolate sauce.

She takes the pie outside and snaps nearly a hundred photos before posting one on Instagram. Within two days, it has garnered 6, likes. For many posts like this one, Schnur doesn't earn a dime. But attracting an audience and keeping it is all part of the process of growing her business. Philippe Khalifa, the tall and lanky owner with short dark hair, wants Schnur to promote the bar's new happy hour.

She wastes no time once she arrives. She quickly pulls out her camera and throws her Louis Vuitton purse on the floor next to a barstool. She spends 15 minutes filming an employee squeezing ketchup and mustard onto a hot dog and another ten minutes focused on a bartender shaking and mixing a fruity flamingo-pink cocktail.

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