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Also, ladies and guys, make sure you show your profile pictures to a close friend so they can give you an outside opinion on how they look.

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We have 2 pages and want to consolidate as one business non profit Fan page. There are risks involved. Hence the the update at the beginning of the post that has been there since May Can you migrate a business profile to an existing facebook page?

For example you have a business profile and created a business page. How can you merge an existing one? I set up a new account for my business but did not set up a personal account first, just went straight into the crate a page section. Now i am having loads of issues with pages not loading, unable to share content, interact with other apps, see certain sections of timeline etc.

Basically i need to start all over again but guessing that i need to do it with a personal profile first, and then update to a business? HI everyone explains how to convert from a facebook profile to a page but then how do you upload the downlaoded archive of information from your profile to the new page?????

What if you already have a page? Can you convert people from your personal profile to an existing fan page without creating a new one? Apparently there are ways to merge a facebook profile with an existing facebook page. How can I find something that is now a fan page? OK everyone on this site has the same problem.

Migrating a Fanpage into an existing FB fanpage is trixy Phil. I found a post that talks about this: Not sure if the app aspect plays a role.

What i should do now, I need to convert my profile to page immediately. I created a business in under my original account.

So I have my own personal account and mange the business page through it. Is there a way to move the business page to its own account? I follow the above instruction and now I have two different pages can I migrate also this two pages? I have converted a profile into a page but first downloaded the profile data ready to upload to the converted page, but there are no instructions on how to upload this can anyone help?

Thank you so much for giving us lesser geeks your time. I am helping an author friend promote her book. There are links to her Facebook page, a personal one, from promotional websites: That would mean that you have two options: In regards to option a after converting your profile to a page, you have the option to change the URL of the page. You then need to check the availability of the new page user name.

This is the tricky bit. It should be, because your old personal profile is not online anymore. If FB indicates that the requested username is not available, try again in a few days. They will automatically go across but will no longer be friends — they will just be Likes. Hello Michiel , thanks I successfully migrated to a business page , I also downloaded a copy from my profile before that.

Sorry for my late reply! You have to start with content from scratch! Then why download an archive — so you can scroll through memories?? This is ridiculous and you would think Facebook would be smarter than that!!! I followed the above direction and I am receiving the following error after I have picked my page and entered my password: Creating content with this name is not allowed.

When I change the name I get this error: Please keep it same or similar and retry. Sorry to hear about your troubles.

All you can do is contact FB. I want to change my personal profile to business account. I am afraid as I have both personal profile and page with same name. Several months ago I set up a new facebook account since I thought I had lost my original facebook due to some computer problems.

However, I was later able to retrieve all of it. The one I set up does not have a profile picture and has a different email address since I have been changed over to a new company since setting this one up. I have had people using this one I set up not knowing it is my main facebook page. I hope you can help me. I have question like this,,,i have downloaded a copy so now I do not understand how to put all information back to my business account!

I need again post all this pictures etc??? Can anyone give some direction on how to upload the data file that you have Facebook create??

There is no help from Facebook. Bad luck Linguini — there is no way to upload — they only get you to do that so you have a copy — but u cant do anything with it. Ridiculous, Complain and complain loud!!!! An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.!!!

When i try to migrate Creating content with this name is not allowed. I coverted my personal page to business as you instructed. Made a copy of my account to save all my post pics. Got my email confirmation. How do i transfer back all those pics back to my new account its there a task i can do or do i have to upload then back manually one by one please help you can email me at marioone yahoo.

I cannot seem to do this conversion Profile to page as Im told the name is not allowed, if I change it Im told I cannot change it. I tried to migrate a newly established personal profile to the associated fan page but kept getting error messages to log into the original computer used. I never wanted to set up a new personal profile but a business account but something went wrong.

I only use one computer so am at a loss and not FB has blocked me from going into that new personal account. Fortunately I had added two new admins to the account so they can access it. Is there any way to correct this.

What I would really like is for the fan page to act as a stand alone business account — is there any way to accomplish this. I converted my profile to A page but my album doesnt not follow through. Why is that sooo? Hi thanks for the great info. Is there any way to upload the info i downloaded from my profile back on the new page?

What to do now please anyone help me!! I read through this article and some of the discussions, is there a way yet to integrate personal page followers into an already existing business page? It looks like this question was already asked a year ago…. Is there any way at all to change a business page back to a personal page if you converted it accidentally? Before we can unlock it, please verify your identity and change your password. Your account will remain hidden until you complete this process.

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