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Not all the sites that offer easy hookup dating are secure enough.


Screenshot of the pretend email messages we received. We touched on the subject of phony profiles being used on SPDate. This is a fact. Unfortunately we tried to find the terms and conditions page which many times will reveal that a dating site is creating fake profiles but we can't find any terms and conditions page or privacy policy or even any way to contact the website. But I really didn't matter because we found what we were looking for using reverse image software that helps us to identify if profile photos are being copied or taken from other sites.

Below we have five different profiles that we know for a fact are using images of celebrities and pornstars to bill for new profile Pages. You can see the corresponding links where the fake profile pictures are found on other websites. We provide this information is just more proof of how fictitious and phony SPDate. Also take no these were just a few of the profiles and if we wanted to list all of the phony profiles they would take us all day.

This is Sophie Mudd a model and Instagram star. Do you think she actually joined SPDate. Her photo has been and used to make a bogus profile page. This is Dillon Harper an American porn star.

We would say very, very unlikely. She isn't on SPDate. Her photo has been hijacked and then used to make a fake profile on the site No one would ever believe. Another way to spot a fake dating site is to create a profile which doesn't have pictures in it.

This is a great way to spot scams because in reality we shouldn't get any messages on SPDate. Why would any women want to contact us when our profile doesn't have any pictures in it. They don't know what we look like and we didn't put any information so they have no clue about our job occupation or anything else related to our profile.

But it didn't matter because the site is in a real dating site. This is always one of our best tools used in uncovering pretend dating services.

The use of an empty profile page and still getting messages is a big red sign that the site is going to be a con. That's exactly what happened on SPDate. Screen shot of our blank profile page. The website has no way to contact their customer support, no privacy policy and no terms and conditions page.

On top of that through our investigation we've proved the site has countless fake profile pages. All in all this this site should not be trusted, even if it's free. The ability to meet real women on this site are nill. While looking at the women assemblied I came across 3 women utilizing my fiances image Rita Gambler. Maybe you will get lucky and meet someone sexy online. So, give it a try! It works like a social media, and I love that. SPdate definitely varies from its competitors.

You have to enter the service, and you will be surrounded by dozens of attractive women. Hooking up is an art, really. If you think that it is easy, you are wrong. But what makes it a little bit easier and excitable is SPdate. Just start using it, and you will understand, what I am talking about. Thanks for your reply! How To Unsubscribe from Emails. If you want to find real women on genuine dating sites go here. I want this site removed asap from my cell phone.

I do not want to receive no more emails from this site. Other than the models all the profiles I have found are fake. Please erase my account from this website and my profile too as soon as possible.

Tim you are spot on who ever profides the questions but never answers must be "ZOMBIES" and definately, nefer get to talk to the girl you choose, bloody agrevateing. Tim you are spot on who ever profides the questions but never answers must be "ZOMBIES" and definately, never get to talk to the girl you choose, bloody agrevateing.

You can find some of the girls named on this site has been sourced from other porn sites as I have found some by there pics' but under different names where you still can't contact them. I too wouldime to be removed from this site immediately. The girls are so young tbat thwy could be my. Too young for me! I want to be removed from this site all together delete my profile an my email from the site.

Site is all fake and con's. No matter who you talk to there answers are the same. Send me money to help me out. It's a guy in Africa using you. I have deleted my account and unsubscribe from it and my friend shows me it's still on the site. And people are responding to it. Remove my name account from your site and any others. I will contact a lawyer next. I will go to the Attorney General.

Please stop sending me stuff I never ask for it I'm tired of it popping on my phone please no more it's pissing me off. I do NOT want to become a paying member!! So do NOT use my creditcard detail to charge me!! The crdit card was only to verify genuine age!! It sure is per cent fake I had no photo up of myself and no profile what so ever and was getting bombarded with messages saying you look really hot not picture? When I questioned then about this they couldn't answer they would say how are you today there Muppets.

Everyone asks the identically worded questions over snd over again and requests to meet consistently ignored. This is a con through and through, avoid lime the plague!

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